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Valeria University +18,
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Valeria University is a prestigious school established in 1974 and located in Tokyo, Japan. The university's intentions allow all of its applicants to graduate with the guarantee of a well-paying job. The entrance exam isn't easy, and the acceptance rate is small. But that determination to succeed has given many who have failed the chance to attend this wonderful university. Students who attend also venture into the city for leisure or work. There are available living areas for those on a budget or who want to live that college high life! Plenty of opportunities are available for everyone! We're a small +18 story-focused ERP forum-server. This means we do try to focus on forming a plot even though we're an ERP server community. The staff is friendly and always welcoming new faces of individuals who love to write. We can't wait to see you at Valeria University. 

The server also doubles as a forum, as Guilded's platform allows us to create a forum community without the need for a physical forum. Everything works the same way as specific channels that are RP allow for the creation of topics and no waiting for others to finish using the channel to have a turn. The same goes for the Affiliate, First Link, and Link Back channels. We even have a channel for Member Availability where members can log what days they're free to write or free to hang out with everyone and vibe. There are additional channels to ask questions. So come and join us! Login: [email protected] Password: vu051927889

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