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new places and new faces — Paradise Falls 
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Jethrᴏ Kane
Her story was hard to listen to, but it did at least answer the most pressing questions Jet had. Luca was not her father, or so it seemed, if Pan was referring to him as just a friend. The idea that it might’ve been some kind of rehearsal briefly came through his mind, but…

The child seemed too young, and to innocent, for that. Besides, her state did truly seem to indicate she’d been alone for a while. Whatever doubts or feelings Jethro had for Luca, he certainly didn’t believe the man would let a child starve.

He smiled a little, at the thanks. ”You’re very brave to keep going, and to come here on your own, Pan. I think your family would be proud.” And hopefully one day arrive to claim their lost child.  

”You’ll be welcome here as long as you wish to stay. And.. once you’re done, maybe.. Miriam could show you our home?” Jet would look back to the elder wolf silently, seeking confirmation that she’d be agreeable to the idea. He didn’t wish to pawn the child off on Miriam if she wasn’t, but maybe Pan would be more comfortable with someone closer in age.
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-think I'd be good to fade here if you are c:

She tried to listen, tried to acknowledge the adults as they spoke. But.. after so long without consistency between meals, food was simply too tempting. Pan was a bit disappointed to find most of the mean gone and her teeth scraping against bone so quickly, but it would be rude to ask for more so soon. Wouldn’t it?

With all of their words and assurances though, Pan wanted to believe she would be safe here, and that her family really would be proud of her for surviving this long. She wished once more that she could just see them again. Or if nothing else, somehow let them know that she was safe.

Jethro’s suggestion had her starting to smile, and brought her focus to Miriam as well. ”Oh, yes! Luca told me your home was pretty, and that.. you have a waterfall here? I hoped I could see that. Please?” She inquired, throwing the last word in there as almost an afterthought, but in the face of all of this kindness, Pan couldn’t forget her manners too.
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Miriam Faith

Miriam was prepared to do whatever was needed of her. As Jethro looked to her, asking if she would show her around, the girl offered an eager nod. “Of course. There are so many nooks and crannies in the territory.” She offered with a kind smile as her gaze focused back to the girl, feeling a protective nature about her towards the girl because of the state that she had found her in… no doubt she was hungry. She made a mental note to swing through the caches once more and fetch her more food as a result. She would need it to regain her strength.

“We do! I’ll show it to you while I give you the grand tour!” She offered up, moving forward to lightly bump against her in a friendly manner before motioning with her head, flashing one more respectful nod to Jethro before she would depart from the alpha in order to face her new task.