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Shadow Weyr (newly opened!)
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Welcome to The Shadows

Link: https://theshadowweyr.jcink.net/
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/9UADdXpMhp

The world as we know it has ended.

The last of the true dragonriders has passed, doing their best to fend off Thread after their numbers had dwindled thanks to a man-made disease, created and curated by a fanatical group that saw them as usurpers to the human cause.

As if dragons and humans didn't have a common goal.

Those left behind, scattered, few in number, are secluded and protected in the weyrs that guard them strenuously. They grow fat and lazy in the Pits, and, decades later, become tools of the Maesters - the armies of the weyrs that begin to pressure their Holds for tithes, serving as warriors and gaolers and, on occasion, executioners.

Sadly, they are now living up to the very fear that fanatical group, now eradicated, once held.

Now Thread is feared to be returning and the weyrs hold their small numbers of dragons as bargaining chips in the long game. Those who swear fealty and bend the knee shall be protected. Those who do not are lost.

But recent rumors speak of a coup. A small group, children and handlers and the lost souls, have somehow stolen a clutch of eggs - some say with the help of the Queen mother who laid them - and a hidden weyr that seeks to rival the world's current powers.

Who they are, what their goals are, and what they intend to do with the stolen eggs, remains a mystery.


The Shadow Weyr :
-Is open for business
-Accepting new players
-Looking for staff
-Has a clutch on the sands to kick things off right
-Heavily plot focused
-Noncanon, introducing several new dragon ranks, wher subspecies, pet species, no-Aivas-ever plotlines, fluid gender 'norms', and more
-Allows for independent whers outside of bonds, heavy focus on wher 'partnerships' versus simply bonds, and even wild whers
-Unique backgrounds
-And more!