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twiddlin' my thumbs, yeah, I've been patient — Paradise Falls 
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Paradise Falls VII. Guardian
Isla Valle

Isla had no want to stick around now that it was over. He had pulled back and so she had managed to stand back up. Rather crouched up. Posture still low to the ground enough that her belly still brushed the cold ground below. No words or looks of perhaps genuine concern would keep her around. She immediately made to slink off into the evenings shadows.

While she had received no physical wounds, her ego was certainly bruised enough.

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Specter Winterfall
As soon as she was free she was slinking away, belly brushing the ground. Specter stood silently as she made her escape before he let out a soft sigh. At the very least he could take comfort in the fact that she looked like she was moving fine. With one last glance towards where she had disappeared into the trees he turned to go back to the borders. Silently wondering if he could expect another challenge from her in the future.