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Meraki Weyr
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(Fine no images at all >:( head to Meraki Weyr I promise we got good graphics...)

Responsible for the territory once protected by the fallen Igen and Telgar Weyrs, Meraki has survived its first three turns and  become a bustling Weyr in its own right. Those turns were full of twists and surprises, but now the fighting wings are robust, and have proven themselves able defenders against Thread.

Meraki continues to see a steady stream of transfers from all over Pern. Be they disenfranchised, curious, or hopeful for a brighter future, riders and crafters alike have found new opportunities at the Weyr, and at the neighboring Elessar Hold. Anyone seeking a fresh start can find one at Meraki, should they seize the chance.

The Weyr is anticipating the arrival of its seventh dragon clutch, but it remains to be seen what else might be in store - for better or worse - as spring arrives, and Thread returns.


We are a non-canon Weyr with a vibrant and active community. We have regular staff- and member-run events, interactive on-screen Threadfall, and wildly unique hatchings. 2024 will bring more dragon and wher clutches, as well as new site plots and events open to dragonriders, wherhandlers, and Candidates alike.

Not familiar with Pern? No problem! We have resources and documentation to help introduce you to our setting, and a Discord server full of people happy to help with any questions you may have. Come join us!