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Dead Empress Backwater
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Name: Flywolf
How long in the Lore: Since birth

Going down the mountain was so much easier than going up. She much preferred this trip, and not having to drag an injured girl with them either. Not that she was upset with Magg about that; it wasn't her aunt's fault. But it had made the trip far longer than it would have been and Ally just wanted to see her dad again. Uncle Eros had said he wasn't home, but that was when he'd left to come check the Cove for her. Maybe dad came back while he was gone, and he'd be there to greet them!

She wasn't entirely sure how they'd gotten separated but one moment Ally looked up and her uncle was gone. They'd reached the bottom of the mountain, at least, so she tried to continue on the same direction they'd been heading. She had to admit she took her time, though; she wanted to see if she could find any sign of her dad. She didn't, of course, and was left wandering back and forth until she thought she saw something familiar and followed the scent to what was clearly the border she was looking for. She could smell Uncle Eros all over the place. Elated, she tilted her head back and called for him.
At this point, Eros was having a hard time believing that Ally actually wanted to be in the Backwater. His assumption was that she had lost him on purpose, it had been so sudden and thorough, and he had been so intent on not letting her out of his sight for even a second. It had been days more before he'd come home, in an absolute panic and only able to give @Viorel a jumbled explanation of why he'd been gone so long, and why he would continue to do so.

Every day that passed was torture. Would he find her body? Would Archer return first, would Eros have to tell him that he'd had his remaining child but somehow managed to lose her? He searched the forests and mountainside for her relentlessly, every waking second.

He came from behind, racing toward the territory when he heard that call. The relief was immense, but still confusion and concern both crumpled his features as he saw her. Eros fell into line directly beside her and motioned forward.

"We're going directly to the main den, right now."

Thank all the gods in the ocean for giving them so many chances, but that luck would run out. Clearly, he and Ally needed a talk.

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