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Character name: Nori
How long your character has been in Relic Lore: Close to two months this time?
Post prompt response:

She'd been looking for that kid for nearly a week now, and it'd been a bust. Her injuries ached and pulled with every movement - it'd be a shock if the one on her shoulder wasn't infected. Nori knew good and well she should've been resting, but she'd messed up with who she assumed was her relative, and she wanted to fix it.

But she couldn't keep going on like this.

Nash's voice called to the pack and Nori sagged with relief. He was back, and she could call for him without having to worry about another angry teenager coming to fight her. She didn't want to interrupt the meeting, though, so she waited... and waited... and waited.

It was bordering on nighttime when she finally gathered the courage to call her uncle, and when she spotted him, it took every ounce of self control not to break down and cry into his fur like an upset pup.

"Can I come home?" she asked quietly, voice tight with emotion. She didn't know what else she wanted except to be with her family. Nori was tired of having to try and figure things out all on her own.
He was exhausted, and finally drifting to sleep when he heard the call, but he dragged himself to his feet and went to meet his niece. "welcome home" he said wearily, embracing her, glad that the mountain hasn't claimed her as well.