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.... ooc name: WildFlower
.... current characters: Nia
.... how you found us: Prior member
.... your character's initial fight stats: Sharpshooter
....a role play sample (200+ words): The aging wolf had searched far and wide for her daughter, coming to find her in the least of expected places. She had been passing through the Lore for old time's sake. Nia had been shocked to catch wind of the faint trail. She followed it for miles, crossing through different territories within a certain range. Was her daughter a scout? The fresher the scent became the more aware she was of males. By the time she’d finally come close to her daughter’s pack, she could no longer smell her over the potency of the men. She regarded it as a safe move, one that protected against the prowling loners. To that, she was grateful to the alphas.

The old wolf stopped far from the borders. She would call her daughter out of her territory and into mutual grounds. Where she could still control the tides, and hopefully not be interrupted by prying eyes.

During her journey, an oddity had struck the matriarch. She couldn’t smell the trademark in-season scent mixed with her daughter's perfume. Nia had a faint one this year, but that was per her age. Her brows furrowed. With the season grandchildren were heavy on her mind and she expected them. She wanted to see them come into existence before she passed on. Her muzzle lifted to the sky and her voice rang out for her dearest girl.
and finally a bit about your character... Oops ? I entered her right before the activity check my bad.
Hello, Euna's physique needs to be changed from Pup before she can be accepted. (:
Fixed :)
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