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Navigation & Terminology
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,800 posts.

Navigation & Terminology.

As you might have noticed, RoW's design is different to most boards. Most noticeably our In Character (Relic Lore) and Out of Character (Reality) sections are separate and depending on which part of the board you are in the design can change slightly. Though this may be confusing at first it is very easy to pick up and new members are often browsing the site like they have been here for years in a matter of days. However, to help you get used to this change quicker we have written this handy little guide for you!

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,800 posts.


The key things to help you browse RoW easily are the links that allow you to swap easily between the two board indexes — the in character and out of character sections. One of these links can be found in the top right corner of every page on the board and let you toggle easily by clicking either 'Reality' or 'Relic Lore'. The second are two bars on the sidebar that say 'Enter Relic Lore?" or "Return to Reality?" depending on which section you are in, and clicking them takes you to the opposing section. Below are two images to help you navigate both sides of the board.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,800 posts.


New to RP, or just curious about a Ruins of Wildwood specific term? Here's a small dictionary for you!

IC — This is an acronym referring to 'In Character', ie. to do with your wolf.
OOC — This is an acronym referring to 'Out of Character', i.e. to do with you.
INDEX — The main page of the forum, RoW has an 'IC' and 'OoC' index.
BOARD — The whole of RoW, both IC and OoC sections and everything inbetween.
FORUM — A section of RoW, can be either an IC or OoC forum, e.g. 'Two Cents' (OoC) and 'Ghastly Wood's' (IC)
THREAD — Contains any number of 'posts' or messages posted by members.
POST — An individual message created by a member, making up a thread.
PM — A "Private Message", an OoC message sent to you from another player.

Post Tags:
RE — Random Event, a bi-weekly occurrence which targets specific wolves.
AW — "All Welcome", meaning you encourage other wolves to join your thread.
P — "Private", meaning you have reserved your thread for one or more specific wolves.
Join — Your wolf is looking to join a specific pack; this thread is always posted close to the pack's territory.
PP — "Post prompt", part of a RoW Challenge type event.
Pack — An event for a specific pack. (see list below)
M — "Mature", meaning the thread might contain sexual content, gore, or violence that might be upsetting to some members so that they can avoid it if they wish.
S — "Swearing", meaning the thread contains adult language.

pack events

When the pack gets together for a hunt or other activity, or something major happens within the group, that's a pack event. These events usually involve the majority of the pack and posts in threads marked as "pack" are counted together every month to find the Pack of the Month - the one with the most posts made.

Below is a list of threads that should be marked with the "pack" icon.

  • Pack Meetings
  • Pack Howls
  • Pack Random Events
  • First Meetings with Pups
  • Welcoming of New Members
  • Lessons or Training - where most of the pack is present
  • Competitions within the Pack
*Posts in the official Pack Thread's for each pack also count towards Pack of the Month.

This list is open to additions. Do you have an idea? Post a suggestion here and staff will have a look.
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