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Join Relic Lore
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Want to join the world of Relic Lore?

If you want to see the rest of the board, this is the thread you have been looking for! Before you apply though, make sure that you have read through all the Game Information. It is there for a reason and not just for decoration.

Please note that while your joining thread accepts you into the game, it does not accept you into a pack. You enter the game as a Lone Wolf, and what your character does next is entirely up to you!

Complete your character vitals & basic appearance section, then create a new thread in this forum using your chararacter's name as the topic title. Your post should contain the following...
.... ooc name
.... current characters
.... how you found us
.... your character's initial fight stats POWER HOUSE, TANK, SHARPSHOOTER, GHOST, ROGUE, GLASS CANON
....a role play sample (200+ words)
and finally a bit about your character.

[b].... ooc name:[/b]
[b].... current characters:[/b]
[b].... how you found us:[/b]
[b].... your character's initial fight stats:[/b] (POWER HOUSE, TANK, SHARPSHOOTER, GHOST, ROGUE, GLASS CANON)
[b]....a role play sample (200+ words):[/b]
[b]and finally a bit about your character...[/b].

Please post your joining application on the account you are applying with. If posted on another account, we will ask you to repost it on the correct one.