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Joining Instructions
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OOC Joining Instructions

To facilitate the process of joining a pack, RoW offers the option for characters to join a pack OOCly. To join, simply post a new thread in this forum with your desired pack as the thread subject with the following information included:

Character Name:
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?
Post Prompt Response

Each pack has a specific post prompt that they ask all potential joiners to respond to. Pack leaders will use this response to gauge whether or not they think your character is a correct fit for their pack. Each of the post prompts are below. When responding to the post prompt, please ensure that your post meets the 200 word minimum. These posts should be treated like regular RP posts. How would your character react in the situation that the prompt puts them in? After leaders have read and evaluated your response, they will respond to your application and either accept or deny your character.

Pack Post Prompts