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Fallen Tree Cove Pack Thread
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Birtie Parlow
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She huffed as she settled her body against the cool earth. The sun was just peaking over the earth but she had already been up for a long while. Patrols had consumed most of her time these days after the border incident. She had a pack to protect, a family to guard.

Maybe that was what had drawn her to the pack den area. What better area to protect than any sleeping packmates in the heart of the territory? Granted she had no guarantee anyone was slumbering within, nor did she feel like bothering them if they were.

Her tail flicked idly as her good eye examined the light winter sky. The mountain had been awfully silent and she would be a liar if she said worries didn’t plague her mind. At least she had already discussed some things with Kajika. She was not totally alone in the silent storm.
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Kajika Tallis
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Even though the days had grown shorter in the winter months that didn't mean Kajika got up any later. The cove alpha had always been an early riser and had started on his duties early that morning leaving his family to sleep. Hunting had been top on his list after checking the caches. With the coldest weather weather however he hadn't had much luck. It was with empty jaws and disappointment that he made his way back into the cove.

He trekked his way through the familiar paths before coming across Birtie's scent. It was fresh and heading toward the main den. Kajika decided to follow it and see what she might be up to so early.

He finally found her positioned outside the den. He’d had his reservations about her taking the lead but he couldn't deny that she'd been taking her new responsibilities seriously. The dark man approached his lover with a smile. “Busy morning?” he asked as he came to sit across from her.

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