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i make my own luck — Willow Ridge 
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Elettra Archer
She could see the happiness dancing in his eyes, even at the mention of her daughter, Morganna, and how Elettra had felt she should have chose him as a mate. Craw was a powerful man, this was no doubt, surely ambitious and dedicated. Though there was something that made Elettra feel as though Renier was there for the long haul. That he would have been there even when Morganna faltered, even when she grew injured or old and was no longer the beautiful, mighty force she was now. Would Craw be her strength when Morganna was weak? Elettra did not know. Did not think she would ever known. Perhaps the aging woman only felt this way because she had barely known the scarred, pale wolf. Ether way, it mattered not. Her daughter was not here, but Renier was. 

Feeling his muzzle rub along under her graying chin, Elettra takes a deep and steady breath, exhaling with a nod of her head to his words. He should be going then, if he was going to get the pack into shape in the manner he wished. Elettra would be here when he returned, awaiting to see just how much Renier, the son of Elettra's longest known enemy, would prove his worth.