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please don't make any sudden moves — Hearthwood River 
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Last post from me! Feel free to tag on your own ending or leave this as a fade and archive?

So, it would seem another one of her wayward children had returned home – all of them had left at one point or another, but it was Aleksei who tended to drift away without word. Karina had left in a fit each time – Orren, unable to hide his heartache at losing his father. Inna and Lekalta had both come to her and told her of their departure prior to leaving, and thankfully, the former had returned when she had sated her curiosity.

Now, with her visit from her family over, and the need to finally put her pain and heartache to rest, the Baranski matriarch had returned home to where she belonged. As Inna greeted her, she embraced both children for a stolen moment – both far from the small cubs she had raised, and now fully grown, but still all the more considered her ‘babies.’

“Let me tell you about it,” she finally murmured, and after a few more stolen moments where her muzzle would drift to both, nuzzling against their cheeks and nape before finally pulling away, coaxing them to walk with her. She would tell them how her younger brother was now the leader of the pack – how if they ever had a chance, they should maneuver their way to Oak Tree Bend and way their relatives a visit.

But for now, she wanted to spend these moments with them – the remainder of Makim’s legacy.

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Inna's last post too so Aleksei you can post and archive or just archive whatever works best for you.

With her mother's return Inna hoped things could get back to normal, well almost normal. Now that Aleksei had also returned life in Hearthwood would be a little different but it would be a good different. Inna of course didn't hold out hope that her other siblings would return as Aleksei had but she would be happy if they did. For now she was content with their little family and was just happy to have them back in her life. She'd grown tired of being in a pack where she was the only Baranski left.

Inna fell into her mother's embrace easily taking in the scent she had missed during Kisla’s absence. The scent she had known for as long as she could remember and had always been a source of comfort for the ebony Baranski. A smile crossed her maw as she looked into her mother's eye’s. The prospect of hearing all about her mother's trip bringing a smile to her maw. She was eager to hear about her family in Oak Tree Bend.

The coaxing touched that her mother placed upon her were something she'd missed during her mother's absence. She was quick to follow brushing against her mother's side as she started to walk. A glance back at her brother was given to make sure Aleksei was indeed following them.

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