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Pack Creation Guide — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,570 posts.

Forming a Pack.


So your character wants to start a pack, but do they have what it takes? Creating and leading a pack is hard work that takes both experience and passion. Are you up for the challenge?

Yearlings often split off from their birth pack to strike out on their own, and even older wolves may feel the urge to wander. But life as a loner is rough, and wolves are social creatures, wanting to band together not only for ease of hunting, but companionship and family. The most common reason to found a pack is for breeding rights, as most leaders don't allow subordinates to have pups. But there can be many motives behind a group of wolves making a new home for themselves.

RoW generally allows for this to happen in the natural flow of role play. That being said, staff will evaluate on a case by case basis whether there is room enough for another pack. You can check out the current stats here to get an idea of how many packs we currently have room for based on the total active wolves in Relic Lore. Be aware that these numbers are only guidelines and staff retain the right to deny requests for new packs.

So if you're looking to start a pack, message staff to let them know your general plans and hear what they think.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,570 posts.

Creation Requirements.

It takes more than wishes to found a pack. A leading pair must have experience as well as enough followers to claim a territory for their own. Even with these ingredients in place, it might take both time and trouble to achieve your goal, without losing resolve.

To be eligible, a founding pack must meet the following criteria:

  1. There must be one male and one female leader
  2. At least 4 members over the age of 1 (played by 4 different people)
  3. One leader must have either
    100 Pack LP, 100 Development LP, and 100 Skill LP
    200 Development LP, 150 Skill LP, and any amount of Pack LP

Once you meet these requirements, and assuming you've gotten the go ahead on your initial PM, message staff again providing the following information:

  • Location/parent territory
  • Pack territory description
  • Pack name (remember that names are typically based on the territory landscape)
  • Packs primary and secondary colors
  • Founding members
  • Territory image, for the forum header (1200x100)
  • Information for the pack guide
  • The OOC join prompt to add to the Join a Pack thread
  • Details about how the Leadership Roles are organized.

  • As well as links to any relevant threads.

Additionally you should be prepared to fill out the pack library article. One will be set up along with the pack boards and roster, and it will be the responsibility of pack leaders to add the information and keep it up to date.

If you want a pack skin, featuring the packs pride colors, you must either provide staff with the images along with the application, or post them here at a later date; Where you can also find more information on Pack skins.

If/when the application is accepted, the founding members must all participate in a "claiming" thread – doing things such as scent marking, howling, hunting out threats etc. – in order to officially found the pack.

New leaders be sure to check out the Leadership handbook to get acquainted with the rules and responsibilities.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,570 posts.

Activity Requirements.

On RoW, we require all packs to be active, meaning that there should always be a minimum of four adults (with four different players), with at least one male or female, on the roster. If a pack drops below this requirement, they are given until the next activity check to recruit enough new members, if they fail, the pack will be disbanded.

If a pack wolf is removed in an activity check, they have 5 days to reactivate their character and be added directly back into the pack, otherwise they will be considered gone and have to rejoin the pack upon reactivation.

In addition, leaders are expected to post 3 times every 15 days to maintain their leadership position. If a leader goes below the required 3 posts 2 checks in a row, they will be demoted to second rank and will not be allowed to reclaim their rank for a month. After a month has passed they may challenge their replacement for leadership, but the replacement leader is under no IC/OOC obligations to forfeit leadership automatically.

Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,570 posts.

Life Points.

Forming a pack is a big deal and as such some special instances of LP apply to pack founders. Below is a list of the points you can claim for creating a pack:

Leaders can claim the following  for completing a claiming thread:

  • Create a Pack +50 (Development)
  • Create a Pack +50 (Pack)
  • Leader of a Pack +100 (Skills)

Founding members can claim:

  • Completed a thread +20 (Development)
  • Join a Pack +50 (Pack)

If a pack moves location, the roster is carried over and points for obtaining leadership, leaving/joining a pack do not apply. Leaders may claim creation points for the finished claiming thread. Regular members will claim normal points (i.e. Completed Thread and Thread with Pack Mates)

!Note pack territories are not eligible for "Discover subterritory" points. If you had previously discovered your pack as a subterritory, let the staff know.