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my baby you'll be — Hearthwood River 
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Kisla Baranski
Birth thread for Matheo and Risaela! Sort of a Read Only! Kisla wouldn't let anyone in the den, so if you want your character to cameo as a visit to the den entrance, feel free to post up a reply of them in quiet support. <3 Otherwise, read only and I'll be archiving this soon.

It had come through the night. Before, her mate had paced just on the outside of the den entrance – allowing her the space she needed and yet still a solid presence, offering his strength through his support to her. She was alone now – but never before had she been more determined. These were her pups – this was her moving forward in life, for she was youthful yet. She had many years before her – she needed to continue as such.

She had bore Hearthwood River two cubs this year. As dawn broke across the sky, they lay nestled to her side, suckling at her milk and eliciting tiny whimpers every so often – such a tiny sound that her ears would strain forward to hear them, as if reassuring herself they were indeed healthy. One was a darker brown – the color of earth and sun, and as her tongue smoothed across his head, she whispered to his folded ear, despite that he would not hear the words yet – “Matheo,” she named him, pulling back and releasing a gentle sigh. Next was a pale girl – blonde and silver, snuggling closer to her mother and seeking warmth. “Risaela,” she rumbled, her nose dipping down to push the girl closer. Rihael had been blinded by their father, certainly – but he had been her littermate, and she would honor that. Rissa, who’s life had been cut too short – surely her spirit could grace her daughter now.

Fatigue pulled at her, and her ears would swivel to the sound of her pack mates pacing outside the den. Lekalta’s scent was apparent – among others. Any who dared try to get too close to the den entrance received a warning growl – they would meet the apck’s newest in due time – but for now, the tired mother rested with her young.

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Runi Leto

Over the past month and a half Inna felt like she'd been through so much more than she ever thought possible in such a short amount of time. In that time she had never let her mother run far from her thoughts especially once she realized she was going to be a big sister again. At first Inna hadn't liked the idea at all for a couple of reasons. Her father wasn't the father to these new pups which left the ebony Baranski with mixed emotions about it. Now it was in the back of her mind, of course, but they were of her mother's blood and therefore of her blood too. The second was what always was on Inna’s mind, what if something happened to her mother and she lost her, this was the thought that scared her most of all. She loved her mother more than she felt Kisla ever knew and she hated the fact that her mother was angry with her. Inna didn't know what she would do if something happened to Kisla especially without having a chance to rebuild the relationship she had with her.

While she had been worried about her own pregnancy Inna had always kept an eye on her mother. She wanted to know that she was okay especially as the date of her father's death grew nearer with each passing day. Over the last few days however, she'd become more worried, something had seemed off so she'd kept a closer eye on the Hearthwood alpha. Even with her pregnancy having progressed to the point her sides were so swollen she spent most of her time in an uncomfortable position and her teats had become more pronounced Inna had kept a close eye on Kisla. She did keep her distance unsure if her mother would want her around but when Kisla went to her den Inna followed.

As Kisla had disappeared inside Inna dare not follow and instead took up a place a comfortable distance outside the mouth of the den. Laying down on her side she waited with Lekalta and listened hoping her mother knew she was there in quiet support. She may not have been there for her mother properly when her father had passed but she would be there now for whatever Kisla needed her for. Even as the sounds of pups reached her ears Inna didn't move except to change positions as she gave her support through the day that broke after the birth of the pups.

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Aytigin Delaney
-awkwardly throw Ayti in bc he's nosy and worries himself sick-

Aytigin loved puppies - always had, always would - and he would never, ever stop being worried about expectant mothers and labor. He didn't quite understand it, but having witnessed a live birth a few times the previous year with his gypsy "pack" had given the dark man a different view on the subject. The women there had been unconventional and open with just about everything, and Aytigin had literally freaked out when he witnessed actual puppies coming out of another wolf. And then, when it went wrong... It was disturbing, and frightening, but it was beautiful when it resulted in no death. It caused the mocha-colored man immense worry and concern for any woman carrying new life.

Flirting was the last thing on the Casanova's mind as he paced back and forth several wolf lengths away from the den. He'd been trying to think of things that Kisla would want, or need, or what to do if something went wrong. Finally, he'd had an idea for something he could do that might not be unwelcomed in the situation, and had run to get a massive mouthful of soaking wet moss that he put gently as near to the den as he dared go. Then, he nudged the clump with his muzzle so that it rolled closer, so that the alpha female could come get a drink, if she desired.

Then, he flopped himself down on the other end of the clearing, flashing Inna a soft smile and touching her cheek with his nose briefly before going to his own corner. He lay his head on his paws, ears perked forward to listen for any and all noises that might come from the den. And, eventually, the waiting was rewarded, as soft squeaks and whines sounded from the entrance - the telltale sounds of new life.
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Lorcán Artemieva
Whilst Lorcan did not often spend time with Kisla, the Hearthwood subordinate did notice her increasing absence around the pack territory. The agouti male knew that was she expecting pups and judging by her size she was due any day now. So when he happened to traipse past the matriarchs den on his morning patrol around the territory and found Inna lingering concernedly outside the entrance to her mother’s den, he knew it was time.

Catching the bright orange gaze of the raven as he wandered in closer, his nostrils flared as he inhaled the scent which drifted up from out of the dark depths of the birthing den. Russet ears pressed back against his head anxiously as he remained beside Inna for a moment as they listened out for the sounds of new life, brushing his muzzle through the soft raven fur of her neck in an attempt to comfort her.

When no sounds came, Lorcan figured that he had enough time to actually make himself useful and stepped away from Inna to head in the direction of the medicinal cache. “I won’t be long.” He assured the young female, before moving back into the shaded canopy of the trees in order to make the short trip to the nearby cache. He hadn’t been gone long, but upon his return he found that Aytigin had joined the small gathering. 

Dipping his head towards the dark male who was settled down at the opposite edge of the clearing to Inna, he approached the den quietly with the sprig of sweetgrass clamped delicately between his teeth. He was surprised then to hear the sound of tiny whines and whimpers echoing out from inside the den and all of a sudden he was filled with delight and also disappointment that he had missed the birth of Hearthwood’s youngest heirs. 

Gently he placed the sweetgrass at the entrance of the den and nosed it gently so that it tumbled part way down the main tunnel. Kisla would be able to smell it and could reach up and retrieve it when she wanted, but for now Lorcan backed away respectfully and took a seat beneath the trees which skirting along the outside of the clearing along with the others. He offered a genuine smile to both of his pack mates and an excited wag of his tail; pups were always a welcome addition to a pack and the sounds of their tiny whines only made him all the more eager to meet his own offspring.

Lorcan has offered up a sprig of sweetgrass to help Kisla with the afterbirth
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Lachesis "XIX" Stark

This was Kisla’s third litter that Lachesis would be present for and he was still just as nervous as he had been for her first. He knew that he worried more than she did. The tawny widow had been calm for the majority of her pregnancy, keeping to herself and staying busy. While they lead the pack together they were always respectful of each other’s tasks and worked well well together, for they both had the same agenda for Hearthwood. They wanted nothing more than to see the river pack thrive and make a name for itself in the north, and they would both do absolutely everything necessary in order to see the pack succeed.

The ghost had just returned from a patrol when he sensed something was different. At first he worried that the raven or the sparrow had given birth in his absence, panic gripping his chest as his pace quickened. Relief flooded through him once he realized the scent belonged to the river queen, although worry still gnawed hungrily at the back of his thoughts. Before arriving at her den he stopped to collect some yarrow and alumroot for the mother, to ease some of the pain that might have lingered after giving birth. He was pleased to see that there was a gathering of wolves outside Kisla’s den, observing the entrance with excited expressions painted across their maws. He placed his bundle of herbs beside the sweet grass that Lorcán brought before retreating to the tree line, his pale body folding down beside Lekalta and her dark sister (and expecting mother), Inna. When Kisla and the children were ready they would greet the packmates, but for now Lachesis was content in observing and enjoying the silent excitement that radiated off the river wolves. Their first litter of the season had arrived and (from what he could smell) they were healthy. 

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Aleksei Baranski
Everyone else just seemed so pleased, so happy, so irritatingly “oh isn't it exciting, la-dee-dah” that Aleksei wanted to scream. He wanted to tell them to shut up, to shove off, to sit in their little puddle of mushy gushy happiness alone. He'd welcome the joy after he was certain his mother was okay, that his siblings were okay (even if they only shared half of his blood).

One by one, the wolves of the River trickled in like water rolling down the window, curiosity most certainly piqued as the sounds of birth resonated through Hearthwood. Aleksei had run as fast as he could, to be there, to guard her, to protect both her and them. He was late, frustratingly—many others had already arrived, and god only knew what they'd been doing. Probably poking their heads in and having a lovely little sniff around the den entrance!

He brought about the anger—he had given himself the idea, after all—that forced him to make his presence clear; he snapped his jaws, growl rumbling in his chest with a fury. He didn't even register the fact that Lachesis was there (he'd realise and feel incredibly rude and sheepish later). With no father to protect them, Aleksei would adopt the role of guardian for himself. This time, he would not fuck up at being a big brother.

He slowly settled near the den, not too close as to provoke his mother into a panic or worry, but close enough that he'd be able to jump to action at the nearest sign of danger. He simply gave her a low whine to let her know he was there. Lowered to his belly, but still incredibly tense in his shoulders, he cast his sharp gaze across the gathered wolves. A particularly nasty glare was offered to Lorcán before Aleksei lowered his chin to his paws and curled a lip once more. It was clear what he was saying. You can leave at any time.
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Laike Artemieva
He had been feeling rather alive lately but still mostly kept to himself. As long as his scent was in the lands, he did his share of work and exchanged simple pleasantries he didn't feel like he was doing anything wrong. In fact with the females swollen and ready to burst he felt the need to stay away from them. The only female he felt comfortable mingling with at the moment was Adelayde but she was far from here for him to constantly busy himself with her attention.

His paws slowly came close to where many scents mingled. Some known and some a bit too foreign. It was obvious from the few sounds exchanged and the gathering group that perhaps he should peer from behind one of the trees for a moment. His eyes scanned around. He wondered if one of the females had finally brought children into the world or if something else was afoot. Regardless he didn't feel like he was needed.

Orange eyes tried to catch a glimpse at @Aleksei, perhaps the one wolf he felt the most comfortable with in Hearthwood, and offer a polite nod. He caught sight of his brother too. It came as no surprise that Lorcan was sticking his nose into something. Without much more to offer, the large man strolled off through the forest. He would be content to do a round of borders by himself.

-laike exit-
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