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April OTMs
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Congratulations Marina and Rosalind!

Of the Month Winners for April!

I am so sorry for the delay in posting this. I promise that the May OTMs will be more timely. Again, big thank you to Kydnt for the avatars!

Marina won MoTM last July when she first joined the site and made us all laugh, quickly becoming an integral member of the site. Well, she's still here and she's still funny! Even when she's going through a tough time, she tries very hard to see the bright side of things, and to help other people see it too.She's definitely one of the best spree-ers in the land, and has some great plots to boot. Always so much fun to read her stuff. Congrats, Marina!

Rosalind was a brand new wolf to Relic Lore in early April, and Maeby's recent return to RoW. There's a lot of intrigue surrounding her appearance, as she is the accidental daughter of Darrah Tainn--which of course means she's got quite a bit of family running around on the site. Her bright, eager,and self-deprecating humor is a treat to read as she attempts to unravel the legacy of her father and her family in Relic Lore. Most recently, she discovered her uncle Drestig but it remains to see if she'll find her grandfather or other relatives. We look forward to seeing what comes next!

And congratulations to Charred Ash Draw for winning Pack of the Month! They made 24 posts between their pack thread and other pack activities in the month of April. Please keep in mind that you should only be using the pack tag for:
  • Meetings
  • Hunts
  • Pack Howl
  • Pack Random Event
  • Disputes with other packs (Major ones, i.e. scuffles, fights, confrontations)
  • Pack-wide Training and Lessons
  • Tournaments
  • Pup-meeting
  • New member welcoming
If you would like us to consider other options please let us know.

Puppies Galore!

Most of the puppies are finally born, which means we're finally reaching the end of "Puppy Season." Already the first of this years staggering number of puppies have reached 3 weeks of age which means their accounts can be activated and their players can post with them! Please keep in mind that if a puppy is not activated within 2 weeks / turns 5 weeks without being activated the puppy will be considered dead. Parents have the right to re-adopt their puppies out if they are concerned that the pup will not be activated in time, or if they become inactive any time before the age of 8 months old.

If you've adopted a puppy and don't know what is realistic behavior for a puppy or what age they are able to do certain things, we strongly recommend that you read through our Puppy Development Guide. Puppies are fun, cute, and adorable, but they have their own restrictions when it comes to RP, so please keep this in mind before applying.

Feel free to consult the "May" portion of the infographic!

[Image: breedinginfographic2_by_euphoriclies-d9rgru7.png]Click to enlarge the image.Link to Infographic for Mobile Users