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leave the body and leave it cold — Hearthwood River 
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Lilya Valrorys

She wasn’t reaching him – none of them seemed to be and she let the silence hang in the air for a couple moments, noting Lorcan’s presence shortly after she herself had arrived. Her nose brushed softly against the fur of his neck once more, trying to coax a reaction out of the alpha beside her. She also knew what this meant for her, and how her crown was to weigh heavy with the responsibilities that had once befallen the matriarch in front of her once more. She glanced around to see the mourning souls, and she thought to herself about how she’d seen this before.

Why did pain always find those she was closest to? It seemed she held a curse in her heart, something she was born with or maybe just the bad luck associated with her presence. She could not be certain. “We should give ‘er a proper burial… near where ‘er mate is layin’.” She suggested, clearing her voice to break the silence that seemed to cut through the heart of the pack. Despite the suggestion, and her pushing herself up to her paws once more, she did not move… not until they all broke out of the shock to acknowledge what she had just said to them all. I hope you're at peace now, Kisla... and looking down on us. The thought ran through her head, though she dared not say it out loud. Her beliefs were hers alone, and she felt as if there was a new star in the sky tonight, running around with one that fit together perfectly with it.

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Lachesis "XIX" Stark
I'd like to get this wrapped up, so if you want to make exit posts we can try to get this archived soon! :B <3 @Inna @Lorcan @Lilya 
feel free to PP Lachesis helping move the body 
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Yes. Moving the body would be a good idea. She was quite a ways from the Ethos where her mate was buried, but the place seemed fitting. He knew it was what his former co-lead would have waited. He finally pulled his body away from the matriarch, his limbs sore from staying crouched in the same position for too long. His chartreuse gaze swept along the grieving wolves, his expression mirroring theirs. It had come out of nowhere—especially since the pack had begun to flourish. The remaining founder had passed, gone to accompany her mate in the great fields of the afterlife. Like Lilya, he just hoped that she was at peace and, despite the viciousness of her attack, that she had gone quickly.

His thoughts flitted to Lekalta for a moment but he knew he couldn’t look for her yet. Not until they dealt with Kisla’s broken body. She's fine, he thought assertively to himself, unsure if he was trying to convince himself or his mind was speaking the truth. He hoped for the latter, for he had always been rather fond of the Baranski. The thought of losing two wolves in one day was too much; therefore, he had to remain positive.

“Yes, I agree,” he mumbled finally, his voice hoarse. “We need to move her,” he added, addressing Lorcán and Inna, though his heart ached for the raven. If they agreed (mainly Inna) to move the body Lachesis would help, using his strength (along with Lorcán's) to move the beaten body of the matriarch to her final resting place. Beside her fallen husband, where she belonged. Where she had always belonged. At least they would be together again...

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Lorcán Artemieva
Lorcan remained silent beside Inna, allowed her to press her head into his soft fur as they both looked down at the lifeless body of her mother. The world around them seemed to grow quiet and after a while, the healer’s bright eyes glazed over as his mind attempted to process everything that had just happened. Everything had happened so quickly and in such a short space of time, so much had changed. 

Lilya’s voice broke through the eerie quiet that had lingered between the pack wolves, causing Lorcan to blink suddenly before glancing across to her as she moved to stand. She was their new leader now, alongside Lachesis – who spoke up in agreement. With a shaky sigh the healer turned back to Inna and offered a soft nuzzle to her cheek before he too rose up to stand. Lilya and Lachesis were right. They needed to bury her. However the thought of pulling @Inna away from her mother caused his chest to tighten and his heart to ache. It needed to be done though, there was no getting past it.

“I’m sorry Inna. We need to take her… I promise I’ll be careful.” He said quietly, for the raven’s ears alone. Standing over Kisla’s body for a moment, he glanced across to the two leaders and offered them a nod before he looked back to the fallen matriarch. Holding back the urge to gag, for the scent of blood was putrid, the healer stepped forwards to grasp – as gently as he could manage – at the woman’s thick scruff. Lachesis also stepped up to assist and together the pair of them began to carry their fallen leader towards her final resting place; amongst the fields of lavender alongside her mate. 
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Runi Leto

She could hear their voices talking around her but she couldn't understand the words leaving their mouths. She was aware of Lorcan bring there and she sought his comfort but her heart still beat in her ears. The visions of what had happened still going through her mind and the emptiness of losing her mother and her sister in the same day filled her heart. How was she supposed to go on without them? She had lost so much in the last year, she didn't know if she had the strength in her to go on.

Lorcan's nuzzle against her cheek brought her orange gaze to meet his as he spoke. She blinked at him blankly but finally the words registered. They wanted to move her mother's body from the place it had fallen. Her gaze went back to her mother laying so still beside her, “I can't,” she whispered. She couldn't help take her mother to the ethos to rest forever next to Maksim. She buried her nose into her mother's fur in last time, she knew Lorcan was right they had to move Kisla to a safer place. She inhaled her scent, the same scent that had been a comfort to her since she was a pup.

Then she slowly rose to her feet and backed away to give them room to take her mother away. Watching as the gently grasped Kisla, she knew they would be careful with her because she trusted them. She looked down at her paws as she silently said her last goodbyes noticing the bloody paw prints her feet had left. She didn't care but not able to watch her mother be taken away Inna turned and left the scene of her mother's death, she couldn't bury another parent.

Inna exit

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