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gold blood — Drooping Willows 
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Aurora Heights III. Subordinate
look what you made me do

The sun had not quite started to descend, but dusk was not far off. There was something tasty to be had here.

Audibly, he sniffed the air. The metallic scent of blood strengthened. Slowly, he inched forward from one tree to the next. Attempting to be a quiet hunter. To shut up his quiet stomach, and take his sweet time. He didn't think he could afford any mistakes. Surely, someone else may be eyeing it.

The cow still unaware, was several strides ahead of him. Why he wished to steal a sight of her instead he merely saw more streaks of red where she had changed course. Rather unfamiliar with the lands he wondered if she was going to a near by river. Likely, he thought. Could he steer her closer to the mountain? Could he wound her further and then howl for help? Would that just be a loud invitation for competition?

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Willow Ridge I. Leader
Ravenna Archer-Lyall
The lone wolf Summiter was not the only one to smell the blood coming off of the female deer just outside the door of Willow Ridge territory. Ravenna sought this as an opportunity to perhaps bring some food home before the sun fully descended over the horizon and she would have to turn in for the night if only to keep a further eye on Romanov and guard her two leaders. Once more it seemed that the members of Willowridge were disappearing. While the new wolf, Deron, had not been in the pack long enough to really miss, Ravenna was troubled with the fact that both Eskil and Ellie had gone missing. Although secretly she wouldn't assume that they just went missing out of the blue seeing as the older man was charged with carrying for Ellie and they had both left at the same time. Perhaps they decided to move on from this place together or perhaps the mother of that girl had not been killed to begin with and they had decided to go off together. Either way Ravenna decided that it was best to not think about what could have been and move on to what was.

@Enoki had not been seen by Ravenna in the past few days which the woman found very odd given the fact that Enoki had always been her guiding shadow especially after her mother's death. Ravenna could only assume that this had to do with the fact that not only had Ellie gone missing but Adeltra had gone as well. It was not uncommon for the silver woman to understand and accept both disappointment and abandonment but for an Eboki to do so seemed so very out of character. Ravenna could have been their scout. Could have went to her brother's pack or back up north again... Ether way, Ravenna hoped the answers would come to her soon, ether by @Nicolò or @Enoki herself upon her return.

For now, Ravenna's attention was solely on finding this cow. Perhaps she would call out for @Leotie or @Sven or even @Romanov so he could watch and learn. Though at the moment the trailed the deer swiftly, only paused by both scent and sight of the other wolf. For the time being she didn't know what she should do about the other wolf. Run him off? Use his help and share? In her mental debate about this she found herself simply staring at the male dumbfoundedly.

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Willow Ridge I. Leader
Sven Archer
the devil is & always will

Sven was far less indecisive about what was to be done. Like his aunt and the stranger both, he had been drawn in by the scent of blood. When also the scent of rogue had stuck in his throat, he had picked up his pace, but appeared on the scene with an open mind. Perhaps Ravenna had been recruiting? But by the blank look upon her face, he could swiftly tell this wasn't the case. Thus up went his hackles and black lips as he charged at the male.

Little thought was given to losing the meal; the doe was clearly injured enough that no head start could save her. She bleated pathetically as Sven burst past her, panicking and attempting to run. She would only shred the muscles of her injured leg further, perhaps do herself in with the blood letting. His snarls and threatening posture was for the black wolf alone, with every intention of cowing the man either into submission or away from the willows entirely.

be a gentleman.
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Attica Archer
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you're not the girl you think you are
Attica Grace Archer

The girl often left the heights in search of food, much preferring the open expanse of the rise to the foot twisting potential of the heights, today she was following a scent trail that wasn't entirely prey. It was the new guy, even newer than herself, and in an attempt to make herself useful she thought, well, maybe if she stumbled across him then maybe they could team up for a hunt, if she could rustle up the courage to open her mouth at all...

But her thoughts were dashed from her mind, the overpowering scent of blood, the new guy and an air ripping snarl in familiar tones that set her heart to racing for all sorts of different reasons. Shit, shitshitshit, she wasn't ready for this! But she couldn't leave her packmate alone to face the wrath of the willow wolves over what? A hunk of meat? She saw her brother move and altered her own course, but she wasn't sure she was fast enough. Her head tucked and ears folded back with every intention of head-butting her way between Sven and Summiter, her own growls and snaps and snarls added to the chorus.

A darkness was unfurling inside the girl and she was starting to lose control. This was why she had left in the first place.

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look what you made me do

So far so good. Wouldn't take too long to get where he wanted the elk to be. But, it was just like he only had to have the thought for it back fire.

A light figure caught in the corner of his eye. He had company. What did he do? Well he took a better look. She was a striking, silver beauty but, she appeared astonished to see him. The charcoal wolf merely smirked, giving a wink. Let her chew on that!

He was ready to advance, see if she as about to help him or what. That's when a rather larger, white thing came on the scene. He really should have hid better, but didn't seem to care about that. By the looks of him Summit could already tell he was a fun sucker. Heading toward him like a great oaf. Did he really just expect him to stand there?

Long, course hairs rose upon his neck, and his eyes narrowed. A low growl rumbling in his chest. He was ready to make his own move. But, a mass of black and brown came between them. What the hell?! Clearly, she was on his side. The scent of the Heights accompanying her. But, he wasn't exactly lifted by the thought. Greer probably wouldn't appreciate him getting his pack mates torn in pieces. So, he lifted his muzzle, letting out as loud, and long a howl as he could. GET DOWN HERE!

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Willow Ridge II. Subordinate
Leotie Rhys
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Here patrol had been interrupted by the scent of blood, though she was still recovering Leotie thought she could check it out. Maybe it could be something she could deal with on her own or she could call in her packmates. Following the trail more scents mingled with the blood, Ravenna and Sven’s she knew but the other two she didn't. The closer she came to the scene she became curious and then worried as snarls and growls reached her ears.

Picking up the pace she soon found a scene that she knew she couldn't walk away from. She came up behind Ravenna head low with ears back, lip curled, and hackles raised. Her posture clearly showing she was ready to back Sven up if he needed it against the black wolf and the girl that seemed to be his companion. She didn't stay back no matter her condition her pack came first, always. Leotie stepped up to stand at Sven's flank a snarl, a warning, sounding from her.

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Pyriel Albarn
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It had been a normal scouting trip nothing exciting and too be honest the pale male had grown bored. Perhaps he was just too used to action all the time and the quietness of his pack was starting to get to him. He'd once thought that he would enjoy the way the new pack was but truth he told he was a warrior at heart. It was all he knew so training and orders were a part of who he was and he was starting to crave it. Now with Tinley gone he'd started questioning returning to the bloodbreakers as much as he hated what he had done and would have to do. He knew it would satisfy a part of him that he just didn't get in the heights.

A eventful trip quickly left the ordinary when the sound of his packmates call reached his ears. He could already tell it was the new guy and he seemed to have gotten himself into some trouble. Pyriel didn't hesitate, this was the kind of thing he'd been trained for. He charged down to where the call had originated and found a scene that reminded him much of things yes seen in the past. With tail and hackles raised he came up beside his darker coated packmate ready to defend him against the white brute and the female next to him. He was ready to do what he was trained to do if necessary. The female that was new to the heights as well seemed to have her own idea of how to handle things, she deserved her chance.

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Ravenna Archer-Lyall
A wink? Hey head tilted, she snorted at him. As if! But his playful attitude was secretly accepted and liked. Life had become far too serious for the woman far too quickly with the death, the abandonment, the betrayal... She was not even three and already life made her feel old.

Then Sven's pale off-white frame sped past her so suddenly, she could not help but remain struck for a moment longer. Ravenna slowly then began jogging into both the direction of the doe and the two males. Her every intention was to go after the elk,
seeing as Sven was now handling the unknown male that had strayed into the willows. Although the darker colored wolf was by no means intruding on their Pack's territory, these grounds were Willow Ridge to hunt upon and Ravenna could not pass up this kill us winter neared. He could have perhaps helped in the hung, though it seemed Sven had other plans. Ravenna charged towards Sven, though instead of passing the doe as he had, she veered her course directly after it.

That is, until a third wolf (not including herself) came into the picture, clearing trying to break up the party. Ravenna's attention on the wounded elk would have remained had the girl not been familiar to her. "Attica...!" She breathed, her heart skipping a beat. She was both happy to see her again and both heartbroken she was only now knowing she had returned to the lands. Ravenna loved the girl so much, had missed her so much ... Did she not feel the same?

Then Leotie came up from behind her, moving forward to protect Sven. And then another, to the other wolves in aid. Three on three. Was this really happening? She moves in closer to the side of her comrades, taking in the scent of the wolves grouped together. It was obvious Summiter was not some loner, but a pack wolf and these his pack mates. And what was more important, they were Greer's members. "ENOUGH!!" She rages, with a snap of her jaws and a growl loud enough that she would hope to capture their attention, if only for a moment. "I wouldn't think it a smart move to pick a fight with my brother's pack- @Greer'S pack. We ARE family after all." Attica, Sven, Greer, Revon, herself... Her muzzle juts, pointing to the direction the elk had run off and the blood trail left behind. "Shouldn't we be focusing our strength and aggression towards that?" She had never quite played the leading role before. She had been a student to her mother and father, a teacher to Attica and @Romanov, a guardian to Enoki... But a leader? We shall see.

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Aurora Heights I. Leader
Kyna Argyris Archer

What was this madness? All these wolves, growls and blood – a hunt gone wrong, an injury? Kyna could hardly tell for the scrabble and sounds, no actual words exchanged as posturing and wrestling took its place. She could only be thankful her young daughter hadn’t been outside Aurora Heights today to visit her cousins down in the willows; Kyna couldn’t say why she herself had gone wandering down this way, but when she heard Summiter’s call, she was quite glad she did.

“Enough!” the redhead roared, echoing Ravenna in short order. The white she-wolf appeared approximately the same time as the Aquila heiress did, snapping her teeth as she moved to insert herself in the certain of the brawl. She did not know the white she-wolf, but brother Greer spoke plenty. It was an Archer, and one her mate loved. Kyna circled closest to Attica, most concerned for the yearling, and inserted herself near Summiter and Sven; they would go through her, first.

“If your wolves promise to behave, I do not see why this aggression cannot be worked out over a good hunt,” she said quickly, aware they had no time to lose. “I can assure you personally the Aurora wolves will mind their manners.”

No harm would come to Greer’s family while the mountain queen was afoot.

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