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Happy Easter!
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Happy Easter Everybody!

Oh! Would you look at that, looks like the Easter Bunny has visited RoW and worked his magic all over Relic Lore, turning all of our characters into rabbits for good! There are no more wolves anymore—only rabbits.
[Image: tumblr_m5ephyAKRw1ruikyvo2_250.gif] [Image: tumblr_m5ephyAKRw1ruikyvo2_250.gif] [Image: tumblr_m5ephyAKRw1ruikyvo2_250.gif]

But that's okay, the Spirit of Wildwood Peter Cottontail knows that we can all make do! We have, after all, survived vampire attacks, werewolf sightings, and sparkledogs, so what are a few rabbits? If you need to familiarize yourself with rabbit literature, we recommend checking out a copy of Watership Down from your nearest library. It is a great source of information on realistic rabbit writing. Or if you're not into or don't have the time for reading—we know, the book can be a bit slow at parts—we've heard the movie adaptation is just as good and totally not terrifying at all!

Easter Baskets!

To make this transition a little easier the staff has generously created some avatars for some members to use. Leaders, you should be setting the example and leading the charge on this new, lapine experience we are about to embark on. Luckily most of the puppies haven't been finalized yet, so you guys can all start looking for bunny pictures for them, too! Take a look below!

Easter Egg Hunt

And don't worry: the Easter Bunny didn't forget our annual easter egg hunt! Scattered around the site (in only OOC areas, don't worry, not IC threads) there are 8 little eggs that look just like this: [Image: egg_qfp6ft.png] If you hover over each of them (but not this one, because it doesn't count) you will see a letter. Put all the letters together and spell out the word! PM SoW to receive a special prize!

Aurora Heights
Greer Archer
Kyna Argyris Archer
Charred Ash Draw
Dread Flint
Treyah Tainn
Clearwater Tarn
Lorcan Artemieva
Piety Santoro
Driftwood Surge
Lachesis Stark
Lilya Valrorys
Fallen Tree Cove
Moonshadow Eastfall
Kajika Tallis
Oak Tree Bend
Serach Donata
Aponi Donata
Pookastone Scowle
Niles Lyall
Morganna Archer
Celandine Argyris
Skoll Archer
Shallows Edge
Askan Selwyn
Willow Ridge
Ravenna Archer
Sven Archer
Wild Rye Fields
Jessie Tainn
Adelayde Artemieva
Laike Artemieva
Lone Wolf
Sahalie Leigh
Kino Leigh
Willow Ruffles!! Oh goodness. Lol how cute.

I love the Celabunny you guys ;-;
This whole thing is making my heart hurt. I might die of cuteness overload.
Have you seen my OOC preferences?
[Image: YCWYGS9.png]
I love Aponi's transformation <3 xD
# P O R C A N
sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realise
how much they need to fall back together
I love this so much. I, for one, am ready to bow before our bunny overlords.
[Image: 1_by_gabrielledelyon-dbtdg8v.png]
[Image: cwt.png]

This is too good, love it!!!
[Image: ftc_by_euphoriclies-d8zepct.png]TULIPDAY   [Image: ftc_sig_by_becuffin-dax4amo.png]

Please note that Moonshadow, or even Kajika, are likely to pop into Tulip's threads at any given time. <3 Thanks
Warning: Tulip tends to have M rated flashbacks and nightmares
I love the new skin <3
let the stars above shine in your soul
Is this permanent?
Alvar Forsberg.
(Apr 02, 2018, 02:47 PM)Alvar Wrote:  Is this permanent?

Nope. It's just a fun little thing to celebrate the holiday.
[Image: 1_by_gabrielledelyon-dbtdg8v.png]
[Image: cwt.png]

Good to know! Don't want wolf turning into 'bunniewunnie' every time I type it. XD
Alvar Forsberg.