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grand finale — Wild Rye Fields 
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Wild Rye Fields I. Leader
Laike Artemieva
@Jessie || Morning, Overcast Clouds, 59 ° F, 15 ° C

Laike Artemieva

His last few days had been rather eventful. A scouting trip had turned into saving @Inna and while he truly wished he could have done more for her, he had his own situation back home. He figured his own wife would be due any day now (or so he hoped, unsure of how much longer either of them could wait) along with the leader duties he needed to attend to.

The large male had made sure to keep checking on the caches and borders, worry almost always gripping his features. If he wasn't already scattered with grey hairs one might have been able to joke that he was going to turn grey. Perhaps he'd turn all grey once the season was over. The thought summoned a soft roll of his eyes.

Perhaps he could find something to occupy his bustling thoughts at the oak tree.

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Wild Rye Fields I. Leader
Jessie Tainn

She returned from a scouting trip searching for a new herd they could take down. The Rye Queen did not get very far in her expedition, her discoveries disturbing. In her haste to block out the shifting world around her and focus on stablizing herself and the pack, she had been negligent towards the world outside the Rye borders. Heavy was the scent of coyote, decreasing their pack's chances of even attempting to go on a pack hunt in the future. She would not want to risk anyone getting injured nor did she want to put Adelayde's children in danger.

She was making a beeline for the oak tree, content with getting some rest before she confronted anyone about her findings. Her bones screamed and ached with each step she took - a reminder that she was no longer in her prime. When she arrived though, it seemed that another was headed in the same direction as she. Lips pressed together in a thin line as she turned to her partner, nodding to him in greeting. The man had gone away for a few days. While she was use to Drestig telling her when he went out, she knew that it might take a while for the two of them to find their niche, so she wasn't complaining. Grey ears twitched forward, "Laike, how was your trip?" Adelayde would be delivering soon, so it was no surprise that he returned.

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