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don't tell them anything — Shallows Edge 
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Dios mio, did he just manage to fuck up everything? Sure, he was annoyed, but this still wasn’t actually the outcome to he was aiming for. Reyes didn’t try to stop his mate (didn’t want this shitstorm to blow up in front of Sachiel), just exhaled slowly, heavily through his nostrils as he watched the man leave. Were he a man, he might have pinched his brow, rubbed his face – as it were, he just let his ears flick forward and back, a small sign of his flickering worries before he turned back to the kid. Poor guy – came here to report, and somehow got caught in the middle of a domestic row.

“Well. Glad you won’t be alone,” he murmured, making sure Sachiel at least knew he was heard. Approved of. “I’ll figure the out sooner ‘er later. Probably wouldn’t be bad for you or Hawth to come alone. I’ll letcha know. Now, go eat, clean up. Get some rest.”

Reyes had to sort himself out. Clearly.


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Sachiel Leigh Selwyn

His lips tightened as he listened to the exchange between the Edge Lords, his mismatched eyes averted to the ground. Askan seemed annoyed that the scouting trip had turned into a party, which immediately made the boy feel guilty. He had promptly excused himself, saying that he remembered he had to do something. He swallowed quietly, his gaze still glued to the ground. Oops. He hadn’t done something to anger the yellow-eyed leader… had he? Or was it between the two males? He hoped for the latter only because he didn’t want to be the reason behind Askan’s bitterness. The last thing he wanted was to get on the wrong side of his grumpy Edge Lords.

He only raised his gaze when Askan took his leave. Sachiel nodded softly to say goodbye before turning his focus to the scarred male, his expression still tight. He nodded once more, a faint smile finally breaking out across his stoic features. Rest. Now that was a good idea. Then he’d seek out Hawthorne to tell her what had happened… although he hoped she wouldn’t be upset with him for going out without her. He uncoiled from the ground and began stalking toward the communal den—but not without a quick wave of his tail in Reyes’ direction. Thanks, he offered, his tone warm before he picked up speed.


ridge is a mature character
aka he curses a lot due to his frustation with his memory loss
ridge associates colours with moods/feelings & uses them to describe others

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