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Shelter in Place — Charred Ash Draw 
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Nauja Mizuno

Dark tail swept across the ground all the while her orange gaze focused on the squirrel as it searched through the grass. This scene had been going on for the better part of the past fifteen minutes. Nauja had come across the tree rodent while learning the territory that she now called home. She'd left Zale with his father so that she could get a little more acquainted with the the draw territory for when she was really ready to get back to work.

The squirrel had been a lucky accident, she hadn't yet decided if she was going to actually try and catch it or not. She did need the practice after being out of commission for awhile while she took care of her son. It wouldn't hurt to watch the squirrel a little longer anyway.

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Garmir Ghostpaw
OOC: Throwing Garmir here since its been empty for a while. I have not forgotten Elyan too. ^^<3

Next in his list was Nauja. Garmir had begin to discreetly follow her as soon as he had noticed she was alone. He could have approached her anytime before but he was seeking for more private conversation in a setting that would not cause suspicion. A pretence of chance encounter would suffice in this case. He only needed few moments after all.

Garmir had one agenda - one purpose in this pack, and it was to ensure that Treyah and her family would remain in power. While he was now free to do his own decisions, Garmir was still victim of his prior mentality - one where he was a follower and his leader was held in a position of worship. He did not worship the alpha female because of her strenght or her will, but because of her kindness. To Garmir she was so pure it was... unpfathomable.

Of course, part of him also genuinely wanted to get to know the new member. Not everything was work for Garmir although few things were. He begin to walk towards her, trying to seem as if he was returning from partrol of hunt or somewhere, next casting a passing glance at her with a.. quite honest smile. "Hello Nauja." -he murmured with his usually rough voice. Garmir almost always seemed little bit angry or too serious so him playing nice would pass as neutral to most.

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