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horses in the drift — Turtleback Lake 
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Mako Coho
Attn: @Nineva @Elias and other VK wolves. They're right on the borders about to trespass. Please let @Lachesis and Jynx post first tho. Other DS wolves welcome to join left it kinda vague if others are there but let me know.

Mako crashed through the underbrush, heart beating hard in his chest and pink tongue flopping as he panted. They'd been playing a bit of cat and mouse with this herd today, but once the chase finally kicked off there was no holding him back. Something about having Lachesis there with him pushed his need to succeed towards a need to impress. The young male was putting his all into it as he dashed along the lakeshore, pinning the deer the pack had managed to split off from the herd between the rising cliffs on one side and the shoreline on the other.

Mako took little heed of the fast-approaching border of the neighboring pack. With adrenaline running hot and heavy in his veins and success literally within reach now, there was no way he was stopping even if he had noticed the invisible boundary he was crossing. Gods, they almost fucking had it, he wasn't giving up now. Lachesis was just ahead of him, a little bit faster and so a little bit closer to their prey. If his leader could manage to put the brakes on the speeding deer, Mako would be able to catch up and overpower the thing into submission.
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Jynx Myrddin

In the midst of the chase, in the thick of this hunt, Jynx was right there with Lachesis and Mako. She was spending more and more time with the gray male. His passion for the hunt, for providing for his extended family, seemed to run as deep as her own. She wanted to see him flourish, to come into his own. Every chance she got, she accompanied him. Be it on a simple scouting mission to check the status and health of the local herds, or for a full on hunt such as this one.

Creamy paws tore carelessly over pebbled beaches, leaving in their wake a mighty splash of lake water mixed with silt. All that was on her mind was the rush and the veering visage of the deer ahead of her, frantic for escape. Her pink tongue lolled to one side out of parted jaws, her spine flexing while all four legs propelled her forwards like a bullet. With her was Mako and Lachesis, working in sync like a well oiled machine. In this hunt she chose to hang back, playing a less active role than usual, allowing her un-official apprentice the chance he yearned for to show off.

By this point in time, since the first day of discovering the new pack, all the Driftwood wolves should be well aware of the situation. But today, while hunting, even if she had known she was about to barrel right into neighboring territory, Jynx couldn't give a damn. They had laid claim to the lake first and it's prey. They were no pushovers and she would fight for what was theirs. Breaching the border without care, she circled around to the far left, her intent to cut off the deer from afar while Mako and Lachesis closed in from behind.

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Lachesis "XIX" Stark
i'd like to request that we keep to a posting order please and that people holding up the thread will be skipped. please do not join unless you can keep up. i personally will not be available (unless needed) from June 30 - July 2 due to IRL circumstances but i would like to NOT be skipped.

The disappearance of Lavender weighed heavy on his chest, as he worried what had become of her with the abundance of coyotes lingering around the northern territories. He hoped that she had gone to look for her twin, or was on a personal quest and able to evade the coyotes. Her trail had disappeared into the trees, lost among the thick foliage that surrounded the mountain haven. It did not stop him from searching—and neither did the coyotes.

A hunt was a good way to keep him distracting from the ravenous pit of worry that settled within his stomach. Especially when it led him close to the borders of their new (unwanted) neighbours. Lachesis could have introduced himself sooner, but it was not his responsibility to chase after the newly established pack. Driftwood had made their rounds after they had settled; it was not up to him to seek out the leaders of a pack that settled so close to his own borders. He wasn’t interested in making friends, or being courteous. Even a nose-blind wolf would have been able to tell that a pack had already established themselves on the lake. The river wolves had already been chased from their home once, when they called Cedarwood home; it would not happen a second time. Lachesis would die before that happened.

He tore across the shoreline with the charcoal youth and the russet hunter. Lachesis remained a few strides ahead of them, desperately trying to catch up to the long-legged creature as determination wrinkled his handsome features. The trio made a good team, especially Mako and Jynx, and he was confident that they would be able to fell the deer and return it to the pack borders without issues. Not even a group of coyotes could slow them down.

The ghost watched as Jynx carved to the left, a smile tugging at his pale features as he increased his speed, his jaws snapping just inches behind the deer’s hindlegs. He could smell the stench of the new pack below his paws but he did not care—not when they were so close to knocking the deer to the ground…

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The scent of a large band of coyotes is on the breeze.
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Ellery Prudence Hervok
@“Nineva” @“Elias”

Ellery was keen to explore the territory, but only when she could find an adult to go with her. Of course, this wasn’t very hard as there were plenty to choose from. Her favorite was Papa, who was silly and fun, but Mother was good too. She made her feel secure. Perhaps to others the silver female might come off as...a bit dry or serious, but to the girl it was all she’d ever known and it was comforting. Not that Nineva didn’t have a playful side. When she wanted to, she could be just as entertaining. Her parents were stark contrasts of each other, but in that way she got the best of both worlds.

This day, Ellery had the pleasure of her mother tagging along with her. They’d gone out to the borders, the trip requiring frequent stops so that the small, platinum girl would catch her breath, but Ellery had persevered even so. It was the farthest she’d ever been in their kingdom and her first experience with a border. Nineva explained to her what it was and had her give a good sniff so she knew what they smelled like. She obliged obediently, because if Ellery was anything it was a good noodle.

Nineva was in the middle of explaining something else to her when the thudding of pawsteps came along, shaking the ground like thunder. The young girl whipped around, tucking herself against her mother’s side when ordered to. Strange wolves were coming toward them, not looking like any that she knew within the pack. And they smelled different too. What that? What they doing? she asked, confusion evident in her gaze. Upon inspected her mother, she noticed she was using her “all business” posture. Assuming there was a reason for it, the little princess puffed out her own chest and tried to make herself look like the silver woman.
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Nineva Hervok
leader dem 1/3

It was meant to be a calm day, one to stretch her legs with her daughter and answer any one of the multitude of questions the youth most definitely had. She had already begun to speak, smart as a whip just as Nineva had been at her age. Even before, however, her wriggling nose and expressive baby blues didn't need words to be understood by the mother. With the infestation of coyotes still rampant, taking Ellery this far out was a risk, but Nineva would not allow the vermin to hamper her child's education. As requested, @Ramiel lurked nearby, ready to intervene should danger dare to come near.

It was not coyotes that would ruin their evening, however, but the wolves of Driftwood Surge. Fitting to their name they sailed across the clearly marked forest, after prey that had foolishly dodged into the pack's territory as if that would save it. Today, it just might, for it suddenly became a step higher on the food chain than the three wolves who so brashly spat in the Keep's face.

Ellery spoke up but Nineva's instincts flared and she did not answer, instead acting quickly to stow her daughter amongst the vegetation and hopefully into safety. Then her muzzle raised, a war cry to the pack; they had intruders, and they were to be dealt with immediately. There were no questions to ask, no sense in attempting to talk. She launched forth, ignoring the prey and railing at the wolves, teeth and eyes flared.

She would attempt to chase them out of her home without violence, but if they refused to acknowledge the Keep's claim, Nineva would not back down, even if it came to bloodshed.

nin is calling for the pack, everyone will be expected to answer. she isn't fighting yet, just aggressively trying to cut off/herd the DS wolves.
@Elias @Yuka @Aytigin @Aleister @Ramiel @Judas @Neha @Bellatrix
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Ramiel Minos Archer
I don't believe in no devil,'cause I done raised this hell

It hadn't been any surprise when the ghostly woman had asked him to stick close to her and her daughter as they ventured out. The Archer kept a good distance to allow them their time but not so far that he couldn't see them at all times. He took his duty to protect his queen and her daughter seriously. Especially with the coyotes around he needed to be extra vigilant. He also took the opportunity to refresh a few markers along the way.

It was as he was curving around one of the trees that sat right up against the border that he heard the beat if paws on the ground. Immediately he started to move toward Nineva and Ellery ready to back his queen up. He was right behind her as she hid her daughter before moving toward what he now saw as three intruders into their territory. Surge wolves, he recognized the scent from his hunting trips. He paused momentarily next to where the creamy cub was and pressed his nose to her crown. As small reminder for her to remain where she was.

Ince he knew she was safe he stalked up next to his queen tail lashing, ears back and teeth bared. A low growl rumbled in his throat. All he needed was a word from the ghostly woman and he would make these wolves rue the day they carelessly crossed into territory that wasn't theirs.

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Bellatrix Rigel
The call shook her to her core like none other. It was a rally call. A war cry. Intruders. The yearling was quick to spring into action. Her lean form almost seemed to glide across the earth at the pace she was moving. It was risky to be traveling over the lands so quickly but she felt the circumstances deserved it.

It was easy to spot the scene and without even a doubting question, Bellatrix would follow the Keep's sole leader into the fray. Her teeth aimed to snap at the slowest one. He was big and beefy but did not scare her off. She did not plan on making contact with him, merely herding him away by the flow of Nineva's own movements.

She was small compared to those present but she trusted the Queen and the Counsel to back her up if anything got to be too much.
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Neha Vuesain

Though secure in her new home, under the steady rule of Nineva, the fallen Vuesain was on edge. Other wolves were close by. A well established pack, a band of individuals that no Keep wolf had yet meet face to face. Today that would change. The bellowing war cry her matriarch sent heavenward made her freeze, if only for a split second.

In a dazzling flurry of pale agouti fur and pumping legs, Neha was sprinting towards the borders. Her paws, long since used to rocky terrain, maneuvered easily over the many dips and ledges carving through ground, be they earth or stone. She saw them, three rotten intruders soaring over their clearly marked borders. They were after a deer, but that was no excuse. Any pack with even a sliver of manners would've turned the other way. What made her temper flare was the sight of young Ellery so close with these strangers present. But Nineva was there, with Ramiel on guard. Hackles bristling, head lowered threateningly, Neha sprung out boldly from the shadows. Between Nineva and them, she maintained a safe distance flanking for several yards, teeth snapping repeatedly while frothy saliva pooled at the corners of her peeled lips. Before this point she may have been willing to meet with this pack peacefully. Not now. Now it was war.

Neha can often be found close to Aleister's side and therefore may appear in any of his threads.
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Lilya Valrorys

In all honesty, Lilya wasn’t particularly fond of leaving her brood with someone who wasn’t Lachesis, like she had an instinct to keep close to them to make sure nothing could bring them harm… however, Lachesis was hunting with others and she knew that it was on the side of the lake that had foolishly been settled in by wolves who seemed to think the Surge wouldn’t mind… and thus she trailed farther behind. She hadn’t partaken in the hunt, and was merely following them to make sure that no trouble would find them, or if it did, so she could help deal with it.

They crossed Keep borders, and so she did too, a scowl on her face as they were quickly met – there was a pup there, but they needed to learn a lesson. She didn’t wish for the child to see violence, but she herself had not been spared that. She growled at the woman when she raised a call for others, as if that would help her, her fur instantly bristling along her spine. She had fought wars surrounding these disputes before, and while not particularly fond of those memories (and still haunted by them) she would not hesitate to do so again to protect her family and her pack. One, two, three, four. She had a feeling the Surge wolves could handle this with very few issues.

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