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Follow the signs — Turtleback Lake 
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Elyan Myrddin

The grey yearling had ventured a little further from the lake then usual. He figured if they were going to be staying by the lake which seemed the best idea with the heat a little scouting was necessary. They needed to find more places to look for for prey though camping out next to a water source was a good idea if he did say so himself.

Elyan was sure that Aurek was somewhere nearby, he hoped his companion was doing the same as him. They would get more done if the two of them were both working on this particular task.

As he sniffed around the area that he'd found himself in he found something to be off. There were faint scents of his father here and there. Elyan didn't think that could be right so shook it off and continued on.

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Aurek Artemieva
Aurek had been doing his own little scouting, true enough, but fear of being mugged by coyotes had turned him around to chase after Elyan eventually after he had noticed relatively recent trail of them, perhaps less than day old. It could have very well been the same group they had encountered already before and if any of those particular bandits were around, they might hold certain notion of revenge over their lost comrade.

The pale boy had caught up with his friend pretty quick... as the two never separated too far from one another. Seeing his friend's rear was enough to calm Aurek's mind and the pale boy snuck after his friend, planning to bounce on him just for play, although not paying too much attention to stealth. There were punch of dry leafs and twigs that gave away his attempted approach. Damit....
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Emrys Myrddin

It wasn't often that the pale healer made the rounds of the borders. His time was often spent collecting the plants and herbs for the cache or time in the medical den clearing out what wouldn't be used and organizing what could be. When he wasn't doing that he was preparing some to be dried so they could he stored over winter.

With the heat there wasn't much to be done in the way of collecting and he'd already done all of the work in the medical den multiple times. He needed to busy himself with other pack duties and a patrol seemed to be fitting enough.

A scent of coyote had caught his attention so he followed the trail which eventually went cold. The best he could discern was that they'd come to the border but turned around. It was when he lost the coyotes scent disappeared that he found another vaguely familiar scent and decided to follow it, he needed to know who it belonged to.

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Elyan Myrddin

He continued on finding the scents of other wolves so he could only assume that he was close to a pack. He hadn't found any borders which was good in his opinion. He didn't really want to run into a pack. Still it bothered him that he thought he'd found a few trips of his father and even some belonging to his mother. Had he finally found them after all of this time?

The yearling didn't have much time to think about that as his attention was drawn away from his task. The sound of rustling leaves and breaking twigs caused him to look behind him where he found his friend. “Following me again Aurek?” He asked with raised brow. “It's just as well, maybe between the two of us we can find something larger than a rabbit for dinner.” A nice fawn would do them well, they could each have their fill for once.

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