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hold, hold onto me — Willow Ridge 
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Sven Archer
anyone is welcome after i post with scully. tagging everyone just as a heads up; this is the event that triggers @Blitz stepping up as leader. dated for the 15th. one eye is gouged out nearly completely, the other is scratched; its clear that both were injured simultaneously, making it essentially one wound.
@Ravenna @Leotie @Blackmoore @Reiko @Lilith @Enia @Enoki

His steps were unsteady, hesitant for the first time in his life. The world, what he could still make of it, swam amongst thick, dark red. It wasn't enough to really see, to trust where he was placing each paw. He thought he'd known this land more intimately than anything, even the inside of his own mind.

That clearly had been a fucking joke.

"Scull," he rasped, for the umpteenth time, reminding his son that he needed him. Seconds later he felt the growing boy's wiry but sturdy flank, heard the child's words guiding him home. They would get there. Slowly, but surely, and before he bled out. He just... didn't know what would happen after that.

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Scully Archer

He was terrified, covered in his father's blood and shaking like a leaf. Scully had never wanted to be scared, had always tried to act so tough. Hadn't even needed to try, really. Unfeeling had come naturally to him, but this was swallowing him whole. Do exactly as I say, his father had told him. Keep the truth to yourself.

He promised, it would be okay. Their little secret. Father had always been as good as his word, but... look at him.

Scully swallowed the concrete block in his throat as he was addressed. Already it had become second nature to gravitate to his father's side and guide his strides as needed.

"A little left. We're almost there."

Shouldn't he call for the others? He hadn't been told to, and so he kept his mouth shut, but that was hard to do.

"I can get mother. Let me find mother," he insisted, hating the waver in his voice as he began to pick up his pace. Sven didn't stop him, and so he jogged ahead, silver eyes searching frantically for any other soul.


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Willow Ridge II. Lead Scout
Leotie Rhys
not looking for some fairytale bliss

It had been pure luck that Leotie had been in the area and close enough to hear her son's voice. She stopped in her patrol wondering what her son was doing this far out without someone accompanying him. The closer she got to where she'd heard her son she gained more information. The scent of blood and Sven and her son it sent her into a panic, were they okay? Her pace quickened.

Only moments passed but it felt like a lifetime before her son's smaller frame came into view and next to him Sven. She stopped dead in her tracks in shock at the sight that met her blue gaze. Her baby was covered in blood and he looked so scared and Sven… she didn't even know if she could piece together what had happened to him.

Leotie went to her son licking his forehead, “Mommy's here,” she cooed to him gently before looking to Sven. She gently licked his cheek, there was so much blood she didn't know if he could even seen that she was there. “I'm here Sven,” she whispered. She so badly wanted to know what had happened but she was more worried he wasn't going to make it back to the ridge with the amount of blood that he'd clearly lost.

“Come,” she said moving to Sven’s opposite side, “We need to get to Rav now.”

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Willow Ridge II. Lead Guardian
Blitz Mizuno

After a long, hard day of patrolling the borders of the Ridge's expansive territory, Blitz had returned home to the communal den for some quality time with Ravenna and the twins. He was as dedicated as ever to his role, and while his paws and muscles ached, there was nothing quite as satisfying as a well earned rest with those he held dear. He anticipated a quiet end to the day, relaxing while his children fussed. He was even prepared to entertain them with one of his tales from his homeland, provided they would be settled enough for such a pastime.

But, ill fortune had a way of rearing it's head in even the most idyllic of times. He had been lounging in the mouth of the den, facing towards the daylight, his back obscured by the shade of the earthy overhang that made up the underground dwelling. Comfortably, his left side leaned against Ravenna's right, while his toxic green eyes hovered on Ragnar and Freyja (who were sprouting like weeds) fondly. He went to inhale through his dark nose, to take a relaxing breath. But what he got instead rattled him. On the air was blood. Not coyote blood, but of one of their own. Thrown into overdrive with a jolt, he ignored any inquisitive looks from the children or Ravenna, racing off in the direction of the iron like stench without so much as a word. What happened?! How? And to whom?!  Surely he couldn't have been careless and allowed a trespasser to slip by the borders. He was much too thorough with his work to allow for such a mistake.

The three figures emerged in the distance soon enough as he covered more and more ground. Leotie was there...and she looked unharmed. So was young Scully. But...wedged between them was the bloodied, pale form of Sven, his eyes shredded. His much respected Leader. Reduced to a stumbling, blinded mess. The Mizuno's throat clenched...his first instinct to cry out or even cuss whilst he rushed over to check on Sven. But he didn't. He reigned himself in and steeled his nerves, letting his common sense to override any sense of panic. As Lead Guardian, he had to set a strong example, especially in front of the children. He chuffed lowly, circling once around the distressed trio, briefly and delicately grazing his chin over the top of Sven's muzzle in a solid gesture of reassurance. He was no healer, but the Archer's condition was ABYSMAL and he needed care now. "It'll be fine." He rumbled in his usual rugged voice, his eyes landing on Scully in particular, seemingly un-affected by the blood. This was his father they were dealing with here, after all. "Rav is at the den. I'll go on ahead and let her know to have some herbs ready." He said with clear initiative, before turning away to sprint back. He had assessed the damage, assured Sven was in capable paws. Now to relay the message and get preparations underway. When he did arrive back at the communal den, he was out of breath, eyes deadly serious. "Rav...it's Sven. He's...." He coughed, unable to finish his sentence. Recovering, he shook his head. "It's...it's bad. His eyes....they're..." He had to get it together. He grit his teeth. "Leotie and Scully are on their way with him."

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Adeltra Archer

Despite the still mildly warm air, Addy felt a chill in her bones. She paused in her patrolling, nose twitching and auds swiveling in an attempt to figure out what was putting her on edge. Coyotes getting a little too brave, perhaps? No, that didn’t feel like the answer. Something more ominous was setting in. She picked up her pace.

Dark hackles rose as the scent of blood drifted in the breeze, her heartbeat picking up and before she knew it she was running. She couldn’t tell who’s blood it was, Scully’s or Sven’s, but either way she didn’t like it. The scout was quick to arrive, catching the rump of Blitz sprinting away in the direction of the main den. Next, her attention turned to Sven and her breathing hitched. It was gruesome and horrible. Please don’t let him be blind, she prayed. The girl moved to the side of her adoptive brother, pressing her nose to his cheek in support. If the boy wanted to switch her places she was there. After all, he was still a pup and Sven was a large man. He had to be tired. But, at the same time she wouldn’t push him to. The girl knew that if her mother had been the one injured, she’d want to be the one to stick by his side. In that moment, Sven needed those closest to him anyways.

“What happened,” she asked, her voice gentle but firmly prodding. The question was meant for either the pale leader or Scully, whichever would answer her. If they were to be expecting company from whatever had done this, she wanted to be prepared. And whoa be the being that had dared lay a paw on her family.

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Willow Ridge I. Leader
Ravenna Archer-Lyall
There was a sense of contentment this day as there had been for quite some time now. Despite the hassle with the coyote preventing them from hunting, scouting, searching for herbs far off or hell, even visiting the neighboring packs, the Willow Ridge pack had found a small measure of peace. A measure which they had dearly needed and deserved. They had made themselves a sanctuary in this bubble of theirs, growing stronger, closer.... Yet all good things would one day be balanced with the bad. There would be happiness and horror. Mother Nature would always make sure life kept equally balanced. Today would be that day.

Laying on her side with Blitz leaning at her back, she watched as her pups showed off a scavenged kill of a rabbit they had stolen from some mink or weasel. With her members at work, good weather and full bellies Ravenna thought she might listen in on one of Blitz stories or even tell her own which her mother had passed on to her. In an instant however Blitz was on his feet, sniffing the air and dashed off before Ravenna could even ask what happened. She too quickly lifted, sniffing... It was Sven. There was no doubt in her. She had smelt his blood enough times to know, whether it be from when she had found his trail years ago leading out of the Lore or when he had gotten into a fight or even their own little scraps they had in their youth.

"Ragnar - Freyja, come now." Her demand was sharp yet not unkind. She knew her children would listen without fault or complaint. She never really had to yell at them, to punish or 'ground them'. They had always just enough freedom to keep them occupied as they grew and well enough members to keep track of them as well as entertain with whatever questions they had or exploring they wanted. As far as she thought she was a good mother. Perhaps passed from her own mother's teachings and Enoki's or even perhaps from the practice she had with Adeltra and Romanov. Either way, Ravenna prided herself on being a lucky young woman with what she had.

Though Ravenna may have wanted to rush to Sven she knew she was best needed here. She darted into the wide opening of the pack den and along the back wall she would slip down into an underground den, the infirmary. From here she tossed up a few stacks of yarrow, picked only just yesterday. "Together now- rip up these up and place them in one of the wood pieces outside that has water in it. Mix in some dirt to make a thick paste okay?" The mud would help to stop the blood flow and yarrow had always so many helping factors. Coming out a few minutes later she held hellebore and lavender in her jaws for Sven to eat.

By now Blitz had returned to them, obviously extremely concerned. Ravenna dropped the cluster of flower a the feet. "His eyes??" A high whine vibrated from her throat, her concern, sorrow and anxiousness taking over. He'd be here soon as she knew he was in capable paws yet treating eye injuries was far different from an open would. You couldn't exactly spread a poultice over it, couldn't vigorously lick it clean. She remembered her time with Odin when he came with an eye injury. He had lost his eye, of course, but she had managed to keep away the infection and pain. She didn't have any yellow rattle plant with her but knew the location for them was just around the corner. The first step was to clean the area and stop the bleeding and then get Sven some proper rest and something for the pain before she went hunting for plants to help regain her nephew's vision.

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Willow Ridge III. Hunter
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She would like to think she was intutive. But as of late she felt like she was merely anxious most of the time. And anxiety didn't exactly tell the truth. It twisted it. As she trotted about the edge of the territory, checking on unfamiliar scents, she had an inkling something wasn't right. It was a feeling she ignored for a bit. Shoving it aside like the many others. It wasn't as easy to ignore, and hoping to assure herself she made her way back to the den. She was sure she'd see Blitz and Ravenna with their young at least. Or Adeltra tending them. Possibly Leotie. Anything to quiet the noise in her mind, and the swift pace of her heart. She didn't get far when she heard the commotion, and the scent of blood. Wolf blood. It burned her nose, and down her throat. She should have listened. Who was it? There wasn't one she could pick out at this distance, and hurriedly she made way to find out.

She hardly reached the group when dread clawed at her chest, freezing her stride. Her gaze upon him something horrific had happened. A lion? She eased a breath silently from her lips, creeping forward. Skully was covered, but didn't seem harmed. Yes, what had happened? A whine played in her throat, letting him know she was there too. Right now she remained out of the way, hoping if Ravenna needed something she might at least be able to try to fetch it to help.

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Avella Archer
It was a pretty day in which Avella had chosen to remain close to the den. She watched her brother and sister from a few feet away as they played with something. The changing pup had noticed her brothers absence earlier and had looked for him but unable to find Scully she'd layed down resting her head on her paws. So she was left to watch her other siblings play and wait for Scully to come back from wherever he was.

The quiet didn't last long though, it was interrupted when Blitz was in his feet so fast. Avella didn't understand why? Turning back to Ravenna she saw her sniffing the air, Avella tried that too but stopped when she heard her other mom speaking to her siblings telling them to go to her and then telling them to do something.

Panic set in when Blitz returned saying her dad's name and that something was wrong with his eyes. She sat there frozen for a moment scared for her dad, tears had started to stream down her face. Almost as fast as Blitz had gotten to his feet before she was on her paws running in the direction the black male had come from. “PAPA!” She cried as she ran.
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Sven Archer

The pack was quick to notice and react, proving once again that Ravenna and Sven had succeeded in rebuilding the unity and strength the Ridge had once been renowned for. Scully had only been gone a moment before he returned with the lot of them in tow. If only it wasn't him they were all rallying to, concern thick in their voices. Leotie was the first to come, pressing herself against his side, lending him her support as she'd always done. A whine threatened to slip up his throat, but he refused to allow such weakness. Especially when there were others around, the children and Addy and anyone else that the blood was masking.

He heard a question and answered quickly but simply as he pressed forward, firm against Leotie's flank for comfort as well as guidance.

"Coyotes. Just outside the border. One got lucky."

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Scully Archer

Scully had thought that if Leotie was here, that it would make everything better. Mother always knew what to do, could always kiss away even the worst of scrapes and bruises. But this wasn't a nick from playing too rough with Ragnar or skinned knee when he'd taken off too fast and misstepped. This was his father bleeding, his vision torn from him and all of the fault lay squarely on his own silvered shoulders. Even Leotie couldn't clean up this mess for him.

When she saw Sven, when the others came swiftly after, the stone in his gut only grew heavier. His ears swept back, and he found himself falling a few strides short. Leaving it all in their paws, because hadn't he done enough?

Then Avella came. Her voice cut through the air, louder than any of them. Immediately his tail clung to his underbelly, wide silver eyes watching her race to Sven's side. It physically hurt him to see the panic and fear on her face, and when the three of them were finally together, it was a whole picture of the sudden and hellish impact he'd had on his family. Scully couldn't face it; he turned and slunk away, off to the den to where he might be of actual use.