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continental shift — Vigils Keep 
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Aytigin Delaney
@Yuka @Neha @Aleister @Ramiel @Judas - pack meeting to discuss the leadership change and future of the pack.
Backdated to October 6th
Leader dem 1/3

Aytigin had been planning out what he was going to say to the others. How he was going to keep them together and where they were going to go to remain safe from Driftwood Surge and their allies. Because while they might be strong enough in the future, right now... staying where they were was inviting a war to their doorstep.

A war they would lose.

Tilting his head back, the new alpha of the Keep wolves called for the remaining pack members to join him and talk. About Elias. About what steps they needed to take.

Perhaps he could get them to stay together. Survive.

It was wishful thinking, but... well... he had no other options here. This hadn't gone at all to plan. What should've been a simple step-up-the-ladder thing had turned into a chaotic scramble for time and for ideas. It had given him a massive tension headache, and he hadn't slept well for days.

All he could hope for was that they showed up.
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Neha Vuesain

The atmosphere in the Keep had calmed some, but the pack was still on very shaky ground. She wondered when, if ever, things would truly stabilize. First it was with her breakdown, then forfeiting her rank to @Aytigin. Followed immediately after by a long, soul searching talk. Neha had never opened up to anyone in such a way before. Except @Aleister. Her dark agouti litter mate was very possibly, the only force keeping her here. Where one went, the other followed.

Despite what he may think of her after all that had happened, all that had been said, the Vuesain could not bring herself to abandon Aytigin in his new role. He needed support from the pack, especially when they were in such a vulnerable position. In acknowledgement of his status, she would remain by his side, while between them was a new, silent understanding. This didn't mean Neha was cured of her hurt, of her turmoil. Those scars cut deep, to her very core. If she was ever to recover at all, she would have to try and right the wrongs and mend her soul in her own way. But, was she strong enough?

Already present within the cavernous hollow of the den, her pale form slipped out into the light, towards the center where he waited. Her eyes were drawn up, towards the natural skylight above their heads. She could think of one wolf who was watching, from up there. But who else? Silently she padded to his side, brown eyes expectantly peering towards the main entrance. "What makes you think they will answer?" She murmured quietly. He would know she was just speculating, not trying to offend. "We both know where their loyalty lays." Nineva was the wolf they had chosen to follow. In the coming moments, they'd see who showed up.

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Judas Orion Archer
WARNING: for curses.

i'll be watching

from the center of the hollow moon

It was a fucking disaster. The moment Nineva thought it best to temporarily stand down in leadership in order to take rest and recover, the pack seemingly fell to shit. Neha had decided to send the pack after a kill, south west towards the Surge. While Judas could agree that they hunted on free land yet still and should be able to hunt where they pleased, Judas only did it because Nineva said not to, because his Queen had said to keep from any tension escalating to just give the Surge wolves a wide birth. So he did. By now it had also too been obvious Elias had up and gone. Perhaps another meeting down with his aunt, his 'second' family? Then Atyi decided he wanted to challenge up the flag pole but not just as head of the men, but for leadership, it seemed. An assumption gained by the call which echoed over the lands for a meeting by the voice of Aytigin.

A snarl plastered itself over the youth's face. Never before had Judas lived under the reign of a male. It was odd, where most packs were ruled by a mated pair, but Judas concept was far different, something perhaps he would have to suck up over time. He had been born in a place led by women, witches. Now then led by Nineva, then Neha - but this? And by a wolf he did not particularly care for, as well. He yearned for Nineva to find the strength in her to take back what was hers and return to the throne where she belonged.

Stepping into the large opening of the densite, he firstly disregarded the two wolves before him, looking past and two the tree and then up to the opening where the sky through there could be seen. He loved this place. The labyrinth of towering rocks, the forestry, the large and beautiful lake with its beach... Even the den which he and Neha had found seemed as though it had been blessed to them by the Moon Mother herself. A place which at night Judas could have shelter in the den yet still look up to her as he pleased.

After a long moment of silence his dark gray eyes rolled downwards onto the two wolves predominantly responsible for the disaster which the Vigil Keep was now in. Disappointment touched his expression as it passed over Neha, only to land on the man who called this meeting. He offered no words. None were needed to show his dislike and dissatisfaction as his dark eyes narrowed and a silent snarl sent his lip quivering. Judas knew where he stood and now, so did they.

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Aleister Vuesain
aleister vuesain
blood runs thicker

There were several reasons why the nomad normally choose to stay away from packs. The drama and turmoil that generally poisoned the ranks was one and the Keep was like any other. However, this time was different. It was no longer just him he was looking out for. Aleister had his sister, the pair silently vowing to never leave one another. No matter how irritating the unfolding scenarios were panning out, he would stick by the older Vuesain with whatever she decided to do in this uncertain time for the Keep.

As this their new male leader called out for the Keep wolves, his body reluctantly reacted though it was only because he was certain Neha would be attending. He wasn't blind to the division that plagued the Keep, most of their ranks loyalty were with the founding leader. Which he wasn't surprised.

However, as he settled against the older Vuesain's flank, his mismatched gaze fell on the dark youth's disgusted expression. His own darkened when he dared place it upon Neha. A soft snarl of his own slipped from his lips, a warning for him to mind his manners. Neha didn't ask for any of this and didn't intentionally try to tear the Keep apart. She had a good heart and be handed so much unwanted responsibility so quickly was never good for anyone. Narrowed gaze was steady on the young boy as they all awaited to see who exactly would show up to the new leader's call.

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Ramiel Minos Archer
I don't believe in no devil,'cause I done raised this hell

Ramiel was aware of what was happening within the pack and he didn't like any of it one bit. Many times in the past weeks he’d thought about leaving and striking out on his own once more but he was held back. His concern for his brother and his penchant for getting himself into trouble. There was Nineva and Ellery, he felt that after the whole hunting incident that he needed to assure her of his loyalty to her and her daughter.

While he felt he was justified in his reasons for going along with the hunt he also saw how things could be misconstrued. Now he had to make it up to her somehow.

He'd been hunting when he heard the call of Aytigin causing a low grumble in his throat. He wasn't sure he liked the man especially since he seemed determined to move up the ranks. Ramiel wasn't sure what he was trying to accomplish but perhaps they would all find out at the meeting that had been called.

His dark frame moved through the keep toward the den were he found a gathering of wolves including his brother. His eyes settled on each of them before he finally took a seat close enough he could hear what would eventually be said.

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Ellery Prudence Hervok
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she smiles like a georgia summer

Ellery had been meandering around when Aytigin’s call rang into the air. Her muzzle crinkled and a growl reverberated up her through throat in distaste. It hadn’t been a shock to her when Aytigin had challenged Neha. After all, she knew exactly what he was after after their little talk. The pale girl hadn’t mentioned a word of it to her mother, knowing that more turmoil would ensue if she did. She treated the conversation as if it had been between two adults, because Ellery wasn’t one to go blabbing to everyone. She had been the one to ask him, after all. It was a respect kind of thing. But, if her mother wanted to step back up to what was hers and Aytigin put up a fight? All bets were off.

The girl quickly turned to go to Nineva, whose side she had been next to increasingly in the past two days. Her father was nowhere to be seen, and if he had been going out on a trip he would have told them. She was growing worried by the hour, as was her mother. What could have happened to him?

After gathering the silver woman, the pair headed to where the call had been laid out. Once they arrived, she noticed Aytigin and Neha standing next to each other. But, she knew that only Aytigin held the ‘power’. It pleased her to see so many unhappy with the pairing. It proved where their loyalties laid. Nineva moved to sit next to Judas and the girl followed her, sitting next to her with a stoney expression.

she laughs like the sound of thunder
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Nineva Hervok

It seemed every day gave Nineva something new to be frustrated by, some novel disappointment. All of it ceased to be important after the second night that Elias failed to come home. Ellery wanted her father, and the first time mother would be damned if she didn't give her all to bring him home for her.

If this was still to be called home, however, was yet to be determined.

She followed Ellery to the source of the call, to Aytigin who now held the reins. As with most of them, it left a bad taste in her mouth, and she cursed her body for ever allowing sickness to weaken it in the first place. Neha had done her best, stood admirably against his challenge, but it was something she never should have needed to do. Her pack had been taken and she hadn't even been present for the struggle.

A soft huff left her lips as she padded onto the scene. Whatever she felt was well concealed behind calm eyes as she stepped up to Judas' side, standing with him and his brother. She leaned lightly into his flank, a sign of solidarity. Her gaze turned to Aytigin, waiting to hear what he had to say, but there was nothing in her posture acknowledging his rank.

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Vigils Keep II. The Left Hand
Yuka Thorben

When a call from a familiar voice beckoned the Keep pack to a meeting, a torent of emotions flooded the russet-hued Thorben. While he felt angry towards the situation at the same time, he wanted to understand the motives behind everything that was being done. There was no honor in taking something that was not rightfully yours, especially if not done in the right succession and way. The whole thing was just messy and Yuka found himself gravitating more towards his sister day by day. With Elias gone, the brother wanted to provide support in any way he could, especially not that she was finally starting to regain her health.

Yuka was hesitant to meet the call. Pack drama was not something he did. It was pointless and just added onto all the other baggage they needed to deal with. For a moment, he almost considered leaving, but that would not have been fair to his sister, who had worked hard for this pack. This was their family's legacy. Jaw clenched, the brute started in the direction of the call, a steely look in his eye as he finally arrived at the meeting. There was a clear division of sides, almost begging him to pick one. He didn't spare their new leader nor Neha and her brother a glance as he took a seat next to his niece, a frown of his lips. Finally, he glanced up at the man he'd had an instant attraction to, wary of how this meeting would go, but willing to listen to see how it would turn out.

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Lone Wolf I. Leader
Aytigin Delaney
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Leader dem 2/3

Yeah, he knew this wasn't going to go well from the start, but it still hurt to see the division laid out before him. He felt... alone, standing up there, even with Neha and Aleister beside him. The latter, he knew was only there because of the former. It was likely neither of them felt any loyalty to Aytigin himself.

It hurt the worst when Yuka wouldn't even look his way, and it was stifling that no one said anything.

They needed an explanation.

"I know we're all upset over the current pack standings," he began slowly, dipping his head. His posture held none of an alpha's typical stance - his tail hung limply at his hocks. "I did hope to lead the pack one day, but not by myself. I wanted to lead with Nineva - to prove that I was strong and worthy to be beside her as a co-lead. To prove to all of you that I would do a good job at it. And this... this wasn't the way I intended to do things. I never wanted to challenge Neha - I wanted to wait, but there were... extenuating circumstances that led to an altercation between us," he admitted. "She fought hard, but I came out on top. But I don't deserve to be here."

He took a deep breath. "I realize that you're going to look for Elias, and I want to help, but when you're ready and healthy enough, I will give my rank back to you so that I can officially challenge you and prove I'm strong enough to lead with you," he told Nineva. "I want to do what's best for this pack. I want to protect all of you." He looked at the wolves gathered around.

"So... I wanted to hear your thoughts. What should we do, going from here? Knowing Elias is missing and Driftwood remains a threat, what do you all think we should do to keep ourselves strong and safe?" he asked, waiting patiently - and anxiously - for their responses.
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Neha Vuesain

One by one, they filtered in, heeding Aytigin's call. She was surprised any of them even bothered to show up. The only reason he held the rank of Leader was because he challenged her. And won. Some would call it unfair, others cowardly, perhaps. Whatever. With how she was feeling, Neha didn't want to get any more involved than she had to. Her part in this was over.

Unsurprisingly, their faces were almost all written with disdain, disappointment or cold indifference. Inside she wanted to sneer in defiance towards Judas, who she thought she had something of a kinship with. But after her long talk with Ayti, she had reigned herself in, tucking her true emotions back down deep in her soul. Revealing them now at such a delicate time would cause more harm than good. At least one wolf was on her side. Aleister. As always. As he settled at her side, she leaned her weight against him. A clear show of their loyalty to each other. She knew his feelings towards pack life, and put here in this meeting now, she was left to wonder if this truly was what was best for them.

She said nothing as Aytigin began. She had heard it all before. Was expecting to hear something similar to this. With Elias gone, she knew Nineva and Ellery would branch off, in search for him. Driftwood had not yet retaliated, but the tension remained there all the same. Her brown eyes, distant, landed on none of the faces gathered. Only on the far wall, while inside she couldn't help but feel that somehow, this was her fault. She would not express her opinion now. Not that it would matter, to the majority of the wolves gathered.

Neha can often be found close to Aleister's side and therefore may appear in any of his threads.