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Welcome Back!
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So I know you all might have seen Shadow's announcement from last month about laying RoW to rest, after we have struggled for 2 years trying to get a new site to work as a new home and ran into personal struggles along the way. After reading that message, doing some deep nostalgic dives, and a lot of soul searching, I came to the conclusion that I really want to give RoW another try. The the site we already know and love. Shadow and I have discussed it, and the site has been transferred over to me to host. I've spent the last few days cleaning stuff up and I want to discuss the new plan with you. If you want to come along, fantastic! If you're going to move on, that is 100% fine too and I still love and miss ya'll.

So I have spent the last week or so cleaning the board up. I have moved any threads that were still open to the Incomplete Thread archive folder, I have removed all the packs and carefully followed the disbandment workflow so you can all still see their library content, or the subterritory. I have cleaned up a lot of the OOC area as well, but left some things that I felt were helpful.

This leaves us with, more or less, a completely clean slate.

Relic Lore has effectively, since we made the announcement in February 2018, been a ghost town. Wolves have left, and moved on with their lives. Perhaps the coyotes resurfaced and drove them all away (Remember that was the last BWP? I didn't, right away). However, now with the help of some wild life conservationists wolves have been reintroduce to the area. The humans left without a trace and will not be returning. We would like to invite you to bring any character you like, back, as long as their history includes what they've been doing for the last 2 years outside of Relic Lore. (Perhaps they had a brief stint on the failed Wildwood Coast?)

This leaves a lot of opportunities completely wide open. There are no packs. The land is abundant and a bit overgrown without the wolves, maybe it's become wilder or stranger in their absence. You can do what ever you like!

That being said, there is still some evaluation to do of the old rules on the site. There is some stuff that was never written down that we applied as precedent in many situations, but it's been 2 years and 2020 has been killer on my memory. There was some stuff that was just so convoluted that it hampered the game. We will be taking a look at that as we progress but for the mean time, if something is written down in the Library it is a rule. Please see this thread to add your input.

Ghost will be joining me as an Administrator and Marina, Arla, and Namara/Tasha as a Moderator. We definitely will need some more help in order to stay on top of the upcoming tasks, so if anyone would like to express interest feel free to ping myself and Ghost and we can discuss!

Please feel free to also ask any questions you like now. I realize I may not have covered everything and I'll do my best to come up with a good answer for things I might not have considered yet.

Thank you,


If anyone would like to bring back an old character played on-site before 2018, the staff have decided we will have to reset your LP. Unfortunately having characters with high LP, while all the rules remain the way they are, is too much of an advantage over new characters. If you are interested in bringing back an old character just let us know!