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RE Writing Contest
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RE Writing Contest

Well hey all you cool cats and kittens, with our site revival we think it's about time we add some new REs to spice up our character's lives. So, what better way to encourage as many new prompts as possible than some friendly competition? Pinn has very generously offered to donate a skin, table, and avatar set to the winner.


So without further ado, let's get down to the nitty gritty of the contest shall we? The rules are fairly simple, for every RE that you write and submit you get points, whoever gets the most points wins! This contest will run for two weeks and will end on February 3rd!

Now there are a few small caveats:
  1. Your REs must be new and cannot already be submitted to the contest or on this list of current REs.
  2. Since we don't currently have any packs, pack REs are only worth half a point, global and individual REs for any season are worth one point. We are also accepting new SoW drops, these submissions will also be worth one point.
  3. Please consider that some Random Events or SoW drops could happen anywhere. They should not be location/ecology specific.

Current Rankings

  • Cadence - 20.5 Points
  • Ghost - 12 points
  • Puppythief - 9 points
  • Tasha - 7 point

Already Submitted Responses

Ghost - 12

Winter Global:
  • It's cold enough that a rare 'sun dog' has appeared in the sky!
  • An ice storm has weighed down some of the older trees in The Heart, lookout for falling trees and branches!
Spring Global
  • A late season snow storm takes Relic Lore by surprise, take cover!
  • The mud in the Ghastly Woods smells particularly horrendous, could something else be causing the stench?
Summer Global
  • It's been so humid recently it feels like breathing through a wet leaf, you better find somewhere to cool down!
  • The sky suddenly darkens and then lights up with heat lightning over the Blackberry Fields
  • It's been so long since it rained that the tributaries within the Kingsfall are beginning to dry up
  • A severe thunderstorm over Hush Meadows brings hail almost the size of bullfrogs!
  • A sudden drop in temperature causes fog to roll across all the water sources
Winter Individual:
  • , you accidently slip into a slushy puddle, now you're soaking wet and freezing!
  • , while exploring you happen upon a hibernating bear and her cubs, you better leave quietly
Spring Individual
  • , the budding flowers are making your eyes so itchy, there must be something you can do to make them feel better

Tasha - 7

Global - Winter
  • An avalanche has made travelling in Serpent's Pass particularly difficult! Be careful!
Global - Universal
  • Crows are swarming the forests of Relic Lore! What could these ominous creatures want?
  • A mysterious fog rolls over relic lore
Individual - Spring
  • , you find a big puddle and can't resist playing in it!
  • , you stumble across a bear fresh out of hibernation. Tread carefully
  • , a baby bird has imprinted on you!
  • , a woodpecker won't stop pecking at a nearby tree and it's driving you insane!

Puppythief - 9

Individual - Year round
  • , You rolled in a questionable puddle and no matter what you do, you can't seem to get the smell out of your fur
  • , A gutsy Wolverine is trying to make off with your prey
  • , You're awoken from slumber by the disturbing screech of Horned Owl
  • , You catch a whiff of an unusual smell!
Individual - winter
  • , You step on a fresh patch of ice, which turns out to be less solid than you expected.
Individual - summer
  • , A Wood Turtle has found your favorite sunning spot and it is not interested in sharing.
  • , The Hoary Marmot you've been tracking does not intend to go down without a fight.
SoW Drops
  • A young Bull Elk has gotten separated from its herd, Hunt opportunity!
  • Fresh tracks show an injured deer has recently passed by, Hunt opportunity!

Cadence - 20.5

Summer Individual
  • , you had a tasty though messy honeycomb treat, but now the bugs are starting to swarm...
  • , you come across the gory sight of a buck shedding the velvet from his antlers.
Spring Individual
  • , you come across a panicked fawn firmly stuck at the hips between two hardy saplings.
  • , you find a clump of rabbit fur tucked away in the grass, within which are tiny hairless baby bunnies.
Winter Individual
  • , you come across a series of wolf-sized tunnels in the drifts, looks like someone was having fun!
  • , while walking beneath the trees, the branches shift and you're buried by the snow that falls.
  • , is that... a yellow smiley face in the snow? Talk about skill...
  • , you spot a set of paw prints leading to a frozen pond's center, where they abruptly end.
Fall Individual
  • , you enter a clearing where the fallen leaves have been sorted into piles according to color. Weird...
Universal Individual
  • , A vulture appears to have started following you, waiting to scavenge food.
  • , A howl sounds, far in the distance.
  • , The other animals around you have all gone silent.
  • , The other animals around you are growing hostile to your presence.
  • , There are signs of a bobcat having been here recently; they might still be around.
  • , a rabbit falls from the sky and strikes you; an eagle has lost its meal while flying overhead.
Spring, Summer & Fall Pack
  • , your local geese have decided to pick a fight with you over your water source.
    0.5 points for pack submission
Spring & Fall Global
  • Migrating geese are raucously crowding bodies of water, and react aggressively to other animals trying to drink or fish.
Global Universal
  • The weather is starting to shift, but for the better or worse?
SoW Drops
  • Vultures are circling something out of sight. Hunt Oppurtunity
  • There is a small pile of bones gathered on the ground, there might be some marrow left in them.
  • An eagle flies overhead and drops pieces of its kill.
Viorel is currently travelling with Vayko, Andrey, Clover, Sharlee, Vanadis, and Modesto

Congratulations to Cadence!

Cadence submitted 21 unique RE submissions, resulting in a total of 20.5 points!
A special thank you also to Tasha and Puppythief for participating in our contest. We had a total of 49 new random events and SoW drops submitted, so keep an eye out for those coming your way soon.

And don't forget, just because the contest is over doesn't mean that you can't submit new RE ideas! If ever inspiration strikes you and you have some ideas for RE submissions, or SoW drops you can always submit them here at any time.
Viorel is currently travelling with Vayko, Andrey, Clover, Sharlee, Vanadis, and Modesto