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The Lore of The Lore — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,800 posts.

What Makes A Good Story?

The following is a collection of stories that are often told by wolves in Relic Lore, think of them as fairtytales, or nursery rhymes, tales spread from mouth to mouth. It is safe to assume that any character born in game, or has spent three months or more in a pack would have heard these before. Included is what pack/family is specific but given how interconnected most characters are, wolves across the Lore have probably heard them all. Want to see your story added? Respond to this thread! The rules are located there, but in short, to get a story added in order to qualify the story must be told IC in a completed thread.

Dead Empress Backwater

Sephrina the Ocean Witch

One of the first wolves to walk the earth was called Sephrina, and she [had fur that looked like any balck-phase grey wolf], all black and white. Sephrina was in love with the moon and one day she swam out into the ocean to try and catch the moon when it sank into the horizon, but she couldn’t swim that far and started sinking. The moon felt bad that she was drowning, and saved her, but that put a curse on Sephrina. She became a shapeshifter, and can live forever, but she can never go home to her family with the wolves, so she spends all of eternity swimming with the whales and singing their sad songs. And, she’s been spending all the time planning and enacting revenge on the wolves who are the ancestors of her brothers and sister.

Now she’s cursed to live forever as any sea creature she wants, but she can never leave the sea or be with her family again. Apparently Sephrina was the one who taught the whales to sing because she missed howling with her family. But, they’re no replacement, and she misses them and is angry with the moon, and herself, and when she cries the sky fills with rain, and when she’s angry the storms turn to gales. On the night that she almost drowned every year a hurricane begins deep in the sea and spreads until it hits land.

Originally told by Viorel in rasputin

Fools Gold Chasm

The First Companion

“In the beginning of the world, long before you were born, before even Grandma and Grandpa were born… there was a wolf. His name was Ymir. He walked alone, the first land walker like you and I. But he was lonely. One day, when walking through a forest much like this one, he met a bird. That bird’s name was Huginn. He wasn’t an ordinary bird. He could speak like you and I could. Ymir was quite frightened at first because he had never seen a bird talk before. They became friends, and Huginn became Ymir’s companion. He was the first companion. They swore to each other to always travel with one another.

The sky walkers had blessed him with this companion to help watch over him. It’s very rare, but it is quite a special gift. It’s a rare gift because the sky walkers see everyone. Occasionally, they see someone they need to give extra attention to. They need a guide. Ymir needed a guide in order to find his way, because he was the first… occasionally, the sky walkers will see someone who needs guidance like he did, and send them an animal companion. The Skywalkers then sent Ymir another wolf, her name was Ase. She was his other half, his soulmate… with them were Astrid and Ake. it is from those four that all wolves are descended, across generations.”

Originally told by Rhaegara in Holes in the Floor of Heaven

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