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2023 Puppy Adoption Thread
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Cub Adoptions '23

Once again, Breeding Season has come to a close; please find below the litters of cubs that will be available to play in the next few months! Parents might have specified additional instructions to adopt their cubs, but when applying, please also include the following basic information:
  • Your Name
  • Current Characters
  • How many other pups you applied for
  • A Role Play Sample
  • Anything else the parents may have requested (ie. future plans, plots, etc.)
Parents have until the cubs are playable to find players for their cubs. If a player has not been found at that point, the pup will die. If a player of a cub goes inactive, parents reserve the right to reclaim their cub back (unless the account has made over 40 posts per our general rules). Cubs are playable three weeks after their birth date (listed below). Parents cannot announce who will be adopting their cubs before April 21st; this is to give everyone a chance to apply before cubs are officially adopted.

Isomne & Spartan: May 8th, 2023 (playable May 29th) (thread)
Finley & Jethro: May 11th, 2023 (playable June 1st) (thread)
Aquene & Nash: May 16th, 2023 (playable June 6th) (thread)
Clover & Vayko: May 17th, 2023 (playable June 7th) (thread)
Kateri & Archer: May 18th 20th, 2023 (playable June 10th) (thread)
Sharlee & Reade : May 18th 21st, 2023 (playable June 11th) (thread)
Flair & Chan: May 20th 24th, 2023 (playable June 14th) (thread)
Niamh & Hagar: May 27th, 2023 (playable June 17th) (thread)
Woya & Adelard: May 28th 29th, 2023 (playable June 19th) (thread)

LONE WOLVES: Isomne Yvain & Spartan

Two daughters are born to a pair of loners at the foot of Mount Dire in their hideaway, Dragonveil Fold. What stories and songs await them? With a mother who wishes to travel the Lore, sing and tell stories, and a father who silently looks out for them with devotion and pride, they are certain to be well-loved and met with plenty of challenges and opportunities. Join this new family and be a part of their journey!

How to Apply: Send your application to Becca and Winter, including a 100+ word minimum sample post as the pup (at whatever age you choose) with any ideas you might have for the future.

  • Fresh bloodlines! Build up a reputation and make your own name with the wolves you’ll meet in the Lore!
  • Two loving parents and opportunities for sibling dynamics, with the freedom and challenges of beginning life as a loner in a new family.
  • Bardic traditions: Isomne plans to raise them with plenty of songs, stories and exposure to ideas of culture and diplomacy. She won’t demand they follow in her footsteps, but they’ll certainly have the opportunity to do so if they wish.
  • Family mystery: their father Spartan will be present in their lives but due to his not speaking, his origins remain a mysterious element. Although it is possible he may pass on some of his ‘feral’ and trading traits!
PAN Yvain.
Reserved by: Molo.

The first-born daughter to Isomne, the bard, and Spartan, the hunter. She wears a pelt of pure white, with eyes of sunny yellow-gold. Though both children will grow to be medium in size, in her early days she is slightly larger and more active than her sister.

  • First born
  • Medium, Athletic build
  • Yellow-gold eyes
  • White fur, no markings
  • Alignment up to player!
  • Avatar 1, Avatar 2

Reserved by: WildFlower.

The second-born daughter, with her father’s snow-white fur and similar green gaze. Her name means “little song”, for the pup born just slightly smaller than her sister, and with a more tranquil disposition, at least early on.

  • Second born
  • Medium, average build
  • Malachite green eyes
  • White fur, no markings
  • Alignment up to player!
  • Image 1, Image 2

PARADISE FALLS: Finley & Jethro

Just a single surviving child is blessed upon Finley and Jethro as they begin their life together as parents and romantic partners. Though she is an "only" she has a few half siblings, and other agemates to play with as she grows up a princess of sorts in Paradise Falls. Not a bad life being princess of paradise, huh? Finley has been a mother before and though strict on the importance of being polite, she is loving towards her children. How will Jethro react to becoming a biological father? Will Atara become closer with her mother, or father, or both? Help fill out the "perfect family" that Finley always wanted... and was willing to step over Siyet to get.

How to Apply: Send your application to Ghost and Molo, including a 200+ word sample as the pup at 5-6 months old and any ideas you might have for the future.

  • Explore dynamics with half siblings and parents who are just beginning to have a romantic relationship.
  • Be the only member of this litter, but have agemates from Flair and Chan's litter to play with!
  • Will you have a last name? Who knows.
  • Start as a Neutral Good character and have the opportunity to flesh out the character and make it your own.
Reserved by: Cade.

Atara is born surrounded by love and support, despite having parents who are just beginning to explore their feelings for one another. She can be described as adventurous and affectionate, but also has the plague that many "only children" of their litter face as she can be a bit headstrong at times. This personality is really just a jumping off point, feel free to flesh her out as you see fit!

  • Neutral Good
  • Born Female.
  • Black pelt with lighter brown ticking
  • Green eyes
  • Will grow into a large size with an average build.

SANGUINE COVE: Aquene Slayer & Nash Eastfall

It has been a long year in the Cove, wrought with tragedy after tragedy. Some weren't sure if they would pull through... but in the darkest of times, a light will enter the world. Doted on upon by both of her parents, there will be no doubt that Eclypse is loved. Will you join this family and explore what can grow when they focus on family?

  • Join a complicated family tree with a strong lineage
  • RP with grandparents, parents, older and and older siblings
  • Explore how a family can recover after a hard year, and what it's like to grow up in that
  • Have two loving parents who both have some mild abandonment issues and play with that as your puppy grows!
ECLYPSE Eastfall-Slayer.
Reserved by: becca.

Eclypse is the spitting image of her grandmother, Moonshadow. Her name is an homage to her all the same. Both parents will love and dote upon her, and being a neutral good character means that she'll have a rare sweetness that her siblings did not, a certain innocence about her. How she continues to learn and grow as events happen will be up to you, but we'd love to see her remain along that good alignment. She will grow to be incredibly intelligent and witty, always having a sharp comeback that will make her parents gawk just a little bit. One thing is certain, she will be able to do whatever she sets her mind to.

  • Only Child
  • Female
  • Neutral Good
  • Medium, Black
  • Silver eyes

DEAD EMPRESS BACKWATER: Clover Assana & Vayko Valle

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.

If you thought that Vayko and Clover were going to be happy and have the perfect children, you have forgotten how chaotic Vayko is! We have a very exciting plot in mind for this litter and are pleased to announce that Vayko and Clover are expecting the four horsemen this season. Join a chaotic family during turbulent times and stir up some trouble!

  • Play a Cloko pup and watch their situationship evolve into parenthood!
  • Have a kind and caring mother
  • Experience Vayko as a father... because I have no idea how that is going to look
  • Integrate into Dead Empress Backwater
  • Opportunities to learn unique skills from their master (or so he believes) manipulator of a grandpa Rochus
  • Character alignment is up to the player! We are excited to see the direction these applications go and how you integrate the theme into the alignment you chose for the pup ♡

Yagnenok - The Sacrificial Lamb

"And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see."

Though not playable, Yagnenok will play a very important role in this story. She is the sacrificial lamb, that brought forth her siblings in the wake of her stillborn death, and we pay tribute to her here.

  • Firstborn
  • Female
  • Stillborn
  • White fur, Gold eyes, Small, Husky
Reserved by: Tasha.

"And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."

Torianna, which means warrior, will be fierce. Despite her small stature she will make it very clear growing up that she’s not afraid to resort to violence when it comes to getting what she wants. It might not always present most typically… perhaps it is manipulation, or some harmless puppy wrestling… but she will be one of the more physical in the litter. She’ll likely even give her dad a run for his money.

  • Secondborn
  • Female
  • White fur, Dark Amber eyes, Small physique, Stocky build
Reserved by: Ghost.

"And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword."

While fierce and capable himself, Khalon will inspire others into violence. Smooth talking but uniquely able to stir conflict not just amongst his siblings but with others too. How will he go about it? What tools will he use in order to sow the chaos and dissent?

  • Thirdborn
  • Male
  • Tawny fur, Gold eyes, Medium physique, Average build
EUNA Valle.
Reserved by: WildFlower.

"And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine."

It is greed that will drive Euna… creating fierce competition between others for resources, or perhaps even just her attention. Blessed with beauty, she will no doubt be able to use that to her advantage as well. Petite but powerful in what she can give or take away from others with a simple tap of her paw.

  • Fourthborn
  • Female
  • Dark Tawny fur, Dark Amber eyes, Small physique, Stocky build
Reserved by: Melorama.

"And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

There is no question about it… death follows where Tuwile goes. Whether it’s his nature, or something more sinister or spiritual is unclear… it’ll start with dead ravens, and then it will grow… how will death follow him? What curses might he bring? And all the more, what blessings? For death is not always the end…

  • Fifthborn
  • Male
  • White fur with black/grey along the back, Orange eyes, Medium physique, Stocky build

LONE WOLVES: Kateri Vuesain-Slayer and Archer Valle

What started as a puppyhood friendship blossomed into something much more. During a tragic and difficult time they sought comfort in each other and discovered how they truly felt about each other. The live between them is strong and they want to share that with the two lives they are bringing into the world. Even though they might no longer be part of a pack Archer and Kateri are confident they can make it in the world with their children at their side.

How to Apply: Send your application to Flywolf and Kai, including a 200+ word sample as the pup (at whatever age you choose) and any ideas you might have for the future.

  • Be a part of two families who have strong ties to the lore.
  • Plenty of friends and relatives to get to know and RP with through SC, DEB, and PF
  • Have two parents that will give their all to make sure their children make it in the world.
ANDY Vuesain
Reserved by: Kai.

Named for Archer's mother Andy is head strong but well behaved. He loves his little sister and protect her unfailingly. He will be the pup to follow his parents instruction to rhe letter and he will do his best to make sure his sister does the same. He wears a dark agouti coat which could come from the Valles or the Vuesain's it's anyone's guess. However, it is clear that he gets his eyes from his father.

  • First born
  • Male
  • Alignment up to player
  • Medium, dark agouti
  • Silver eyes

ALLY Vuesain
Reserved by: Winterly.

Ally is the baby of the family. She was named for her Paternal Grandfather which her mother will be sure she knows. She will look up to her brother but not too much. Ally still had a mind of her own which she does exercise when the mood strikes her. She loves her family and will remain loyal to them. She sports a lighter shade of agouti fur and like her Grandfather and mother she carries the Heterochromia gene.

  • Second born
  • Female
  • Alignment up to player
  • Medium, pale agouti
  • Heterochromia, one eye yellow and one eye blue

DEAD EMPRESS BACKWATER: Sharlee Valle & Reade Quinlan

Born to the new but hopeful pair Sharlee Valle and Reade Quinlan, these pups will arrive to the world and Dead Empress Backwater alongside a litter of four cousins their same age, and several other family members within the pack and scattered across the Wildwood. With many exciting opportunities for dynamics and plots, their future is just waiting to be written!

How to Apply: Send your application to Kai and Winter, including a 200+ word sample as the pup (at whatever age you choose) and any ideas you might have for the future.

  • Opportunities for many sibling plots and fun dynamics!
  • Both parents will be there to raise and support them, trying to foster a bond more closely knit than some previous generations have been. Will they succeed?
  • Family legacy: be a part of a bustling pack and well-established bloodline, the Valle family, with all the history, drama and plots that brings!
  • New bloodlines: their father Reade is eager to bring his bloodline & faith in the stars & fates to Relic Lore, and his family of nomads are an outside connection to a separate legacy.
  • Long-lost relatives: these pups will also be same-age cousins to those who have left the Backwater and the Valle name behind. Only time will tell if these kin remain lost, present a chance for future reconciliation or deepened feuds and further rifts, or something else entirely. As a player, you’ll get to help decide and shape the next generation and their stories!
  • Great expectations: On the heels of tragedy, with many mouths to feed in the Backwater this spring, and generations and litters before them, their new parents still have high hopes for their children. Their mother Sharlee is determined to do her best for them, and their father Reade stands ready to lift them up from beneath on their rise and growth, believing them to be born of Fate itself. Still, these children must forge their own destinies. What will they make of this world and their place in it?
JACYNTH Valle-Quinlan
Reserved by: Fly.

The first born of the litter, Jacy takes after his mother Sharlee in terms of appearance, wearing a pelt of tawny and grey with touches of Reade’s snowy under colors; and his father Reade in personality and build, being a lawful protector by nature with a streak of his mother’s pride and dominance. Bold, outgoing and faithful, he doesn’t hesitate to show his heart on matters and stand by it. His brother’s more chaotic nature is often a source of frustration for him, with only their sister Mira reliably able to keep the peace at times between the growing youths. Still, his sense of devotion to his family is unmatched! Only time will tell if this test strengthens their bond as they grow or builds to a breaking point.

  • First born
  • Brown eyes
  • Grey and tawny with lighter under color
  • Large, athletic build
  • Lawful based alignment
  • Image, Image

MIRA Valle-Quinlan
Reserved by: Winter.

The middle child and only daughter born to Sharlee and Reade this spring, Mira inherits the lighter ranges of both her parent’s coloring, with hues of sand and ash. She is curious, clever, and level-headed. The born diplomat of the little family, she is often found playing the peacekeeper between her brothers whenever they might clash, sharing Jacy’s loyalty and Dac’s curiosity and love of fun. Though she is typically more even-tempered and neutral than her siblings, Mira is certainly not timid, and when she believes she has a point that should be heard she won’t hesitate to voice it.

  • Middle born
  • Only daughter
  • Seafoam green eyes
  • Light grey and tan with creamy under color
  • Large, average build
  • Neutral-based alignment
  • Image, Image

DACIAN Valle-Quinlan
Reserved by: Cade.

The last born of the three siblings, Dac is the odd one out in terms of personality and looks. He wears a dark pelt of obsidian with slightly lighter touches especially on his shoulders and back, and a patch on his chest like a bright crescent in the night sky. With a chaotic and impulsive streak, he has a loving heart and a soft spot for his family, but can’t always resist pressing buttons, especially his brother’s. However, he’s not entirely unlike his family: he feels strict rules and formality are a bit too overbearing and enjoys jokes like his father, albeit sometimes with a prankster’s twist. Dac has also inherited a secretive side from his mother.

  • Last born
  • Copper eyes
  • Black phase with lighter saddle and white patch on chest
  • Large, lean build
  • Chaotic-based alignment
  • Image, Image

PARADISE FALLS: Flair Smoke-Athesila & Chan Eastfall

Named after Flair’s parents, these twins are a true labor of love for both mother and father. After last year’s tragedy, Flair and Chan are taking no chances with their family, protective from the very beginning, and eager to shower their babies with love.

Reserved by: Cade.

From birth, it will be clear to all that Addison lives in a world that is entirely her own. She does not rush or fuss, and napping in the sunlight will come to be her favorite thing. It may seem she does not possess a drop of anger nor sadness in her, yet her nonchalance will communicate confidence rather than indifference.

Her coat is predominately a deep red-orange, with dark ticking reminiscent of both her father and maternal grandmother and a touch of cream at her maw and throat. Her eyes are the color of verdant spring grass. Her frame leans toward small, and her antics and movements can be likened to that of a ferret. She is long and fluid.

  • Firstborn
  • Medium physique
  • Red fur with black ticking & green eyes
  • Neutral Good
  • Lazy, unaffected, friendly.

Reserved by: PuppyThief.

Born almost entirely black, Mica will start phasing very early in life, developing large arias of silver gray broken only by a few patches of dark brown and black. His first growth-spurt will mainly target his legs leaving him tall and lanky, but chest and muscle will follow slowly

At 2 years old he will have grown into a true beast, inheriting his grandfather’s size and brawn. Fur mainly gray, with splashes of white and a few areas still dark brown. Inheriting one eye from each of his parents, his visage will be truly unique - time will tell if his personality is equally balanced or if he has inherited his mother’s hot head.

  • Lastborn
  • Large Physique
  • Stocky Build
  • Salt & Pepper fur, Right eye Gold, Left eye Silver
  • True Neutral - Lawful Good alignment
  • Full Body Images: Pup, Adult: 1, 2

LONE WOLVES: Niamh & Hagar

A sudden flurry of spring has brought a union upon Niamh and Hagar, solidified by mateship and Deirdre’s arrival into the world. She is destined to be loved and cherished by both parents beyond any doubt.

Deirdre will be brought up in the reforming group of Willow Ridge, with an alpha father and a mother who makes waves. She will have older half-siblings in Nineve, Daegal and Iseldir, who may not be too pleased with her presence despite Dier being taught to adore them as though they were fullblooded. Her situation boasts a long history cultivated by both present and past characters, while also minimizing her blood ties, giving plenty of room for her to make a distinct mark on the Lore all her own. The potential for growth and learning with this character is endless!

How to Apply: Send your application to Becca and Cade, including a 200+ word sample as the pup (at whatever age you choose) and any ideas you might have for the future.

  • Be a part of a founding pack as the youngest member!
  • Discover how Deirdre fits in with a blended family dynamic, including older half-siblings and their mother Avella who will co-lead with Hagar.
  • Be the center of attention as the group's only cub this year!
  • Take on or reject your parents' unique beliefs, including matriarchal customs, spirituality and magic!
  • Keep your parents constantly on their toes. ;)
Reserved by: Melorama.

Undeniably adored and securely bound in the already-strong netting between Hagar and Niamh, Deirdre will be the first child to her mother and a second daughter for her father. Most of her personality is open to customization, but her indomitable spirit and fun-loving, mischievous nature will be apparent from the start.

She is a beautiful blend of both parents, taking the rich brown fur of her father and melting it with the ocean blue of her mother's eyes. Whether or not her vision will be similarly affected, and to what extent, is up to her player. She is liable to be a loud baby from birth, buzzing with unbridled energy and a burning curiosity. It is anticipated that she will storm the world from the moment she can walk.

  • First and only born.
  • Brown fur + blue eyes.
  • Medium Height, Athletic Build.
  • Energetic, Mystical, Bold.
  • Likely to start as Neutral or Chaotic, between Neutral and Good.

LONE WOLVES: Woya & Adelard

Unexpected and, in a word that will never be uttered aloud, unwanted, Brielle will nonetheless be cherished and adored by her parents even as they scramble to secure their own futures. The duo had planned on traveling together, without a pack and certainly without any newborns to provide for, but of course Bri’s existence complicates and may even nullify this course. Where she ends up and what family members will still be with her is very much up in the air, leaving opportunities wide open and limitless.

Her father offers a sense of security and unconditional love, as well as a chance to dabble in the French language (great for ‘code’ talk between older siblings or leaving Mom out of certain things!). Her mother will be a constant source of validation and encouragement, giving Bri the same endless benefit-of-the-doubt that she did her prior litter. Brielle will be unable to do any wrong as far as Woya is concerned, no matter how bad her behavior may get. The value she most instills is the importance of family- and to hell with anyone else.

How to Apply: Send your application to Cade and Greyer, including a 200+ word sample as the pup (at whatever age you choose) and any ideas you might have for the future.

  • Bilingual upbringing, allowing Bri to use English and French.
  • Eight older siblings scattered throughout British Columbia to interact with.
  • Likely to experience a drifter lifestyle, expanding opportunities for threads.
  • Macieo side provides deep roots and a myriad of cousins onsite, most notably in Sanguine Cove.
Reserved by: Tasha.

Brielle means “Heroine”, and it is unfailingly how she views herself. In reality, perhaps she is, or more likely she follows the path of anti-hero. She is a conglomeration of the best and worst in her parents, fiercely strong-minded, blind to her own faults and missteps, and willing to go to any lengths to get what she wants for both herself and those she loves. Perhaps she’s fun-loving and highly energetic like her mother, or more deliberate and intimidating of a presence like her father. It will all be up to her player!

  • Firstborn.
  • Pale cream w/ black saddle & cheek spots + Gold eyes. (click)
  • Medium physique, athletic/lean build.
  • Strong and/or intense personality, does not see when she is wrong.