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Fires on the Horizon [BWP]
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Fires on the Horizon — Board-Wide-Plot

Most of us are well aware of the increase in severe, destructive wildfires across the globe. As of July 12th, Canada in particular has 231 uncontrolled fires and has lost 4.7 million hectares (11.6 million acres) this year, most only since May. This is more than twice the average amount burned in a year.

This kind of devastation is a very real crisis that is directly impacted by human activity and cannot be ignored. The people, wildlife and habitats afflicted need our support, and future generations need our action. If you are able, please consider donating what you can to Canadian charities (or other associated charities, like those which battle climate change), such as any of the following:

Ghost will match all verified donations up to a total of $150, so make sure to PM proof to Spirit of Wildwood to double your contribution!

As far as our game goes, though...

You may have noticed that sometimes the weather widget will display as "smoke." This is because it sources it's information from a real town in Canada, and this smoke is indeed from out-of-control wildfires happening right now. Some players have already started incorporating this into their plots, and we thought that creativity should be rewarded!

This Board-Wide-Plot (BWP) is planned to last as long as the fires do, and consist of only one stage. Consider it mini! Staff will give a two-week notice before the event ends.

Random Event LP

Relic Lore remains unscathed from this summer's fires, but not untouched. Heavy, ash-filled smoke travels from those forests into ours, hot on the heels of animals fleeing the destruction. The threat of the blaze hitting home is always present. How will your character handle these disruptions? Show us, and earn Random Event LP (15)! If your thread reflects the impacts of the wildfire smoke, it will be eligible. This can include things such as:

  • Adverse health effects.
  • General smoke pollution effects, such as falling ash and vibrant-red sunsets.
  • Contaminated water.
  • Increased abundancy in prey/overpopulation.
  • Increased encounters with rival predators/overcrowding.
  • Contemplation/discussion/or other actions taken in anticipation of fires.
*To note, wildfires taking place inside of Relic Lore are still not authorized and should not be written about or alluded to.

Tagged Area

The smoke is currently at its worse in the following region, and thus threads posted here reflecting the impact of the wildfires will be eligible for Random Event in a Tagged Area LP (20)! This will change every Activity Check.

Serpent's Pass (7/15 - 7/31)
Southern Eden & Snowmarch Expanse (8/1 - ?)

Participant Reward

If you complete three threads utilizing the 'Fire on the Horizon' RE, you will receive a manipulation by Becca for one character of your choice! This is redeemable once per player, and threads must be eligible for the Random Event or Random Event Tagged Area LP.

Donor Reward

If you donate to a related charity and are willing to share proof with Staff, you will receive one free 'profile makeover' by Cade, including matching avatars, profile skin, background pattern, family tree deduction, coding and custom decor. For examples, please see Khalon, Finley and Viorel's profiles.
Threads utilizing fire on the horizon:
[Image: EMlxZQq.png]
Threads utilizing fire on the horizon:
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[Image: SWS_MostLikelytoGetTogether_tri.png] Dead Empress Backwater [Image: SWS_MostEndearingMoment_tri.png]

August 1st Update

The smoke is now pooling in open areas, specifically Southern Eden and Snowmarch Expanse. Threads in these areas reflecting the BWP started between 8/1 and 8/14 will be eligible for Random Event in a Tagged Area LP!
threads utilizing the 'Fire on the Horizon':
- One
- Two
- Three
"Moon Mother,
bring us your light, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

August 15th Update

Canada and other parts of the world are still desperately battling wildfires. They have and continue to consume millions of acres of land that were home to an incredible variety of both human and animal habitats. For our characters' part of the globe, the numbers now stand as follows; the total number of out of control fires is up to 253 and the total amount of hectares burned is at 13.3 million (32.9 million acres), which is over six times the yearly average.

As such, the BWP will be changing to reflect this drastic increase in devastation... Phase II is officially in the works and will be released soon! For now, the Tagged Areas will remain the same: Souther Eden and Snowmarch Expanse
[Image: 5BdYuOb.png]

Fire Prompts

The forest fires have now gotten bad enough that small controlled fires have reached RoW. These fires can only be seen in threads started by SoW, however once the threads complete signs of these fires can be seen by other wolves as well. Each fire prompt is an AW RE and all are free to join.

Open Prompts

The very first prompt can be seen in Daybreak Peaks and started on August 23rd.