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Continuing Fires [BWP]
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Canada and other parts of the world are still desperately battling wildfires. They have and continue to consume millions of acres of land that were home to an incredible variety of both human and animal habitats. For our characters' part of the globe, the numbers now stand as follows; the total number of out of control fires is up to 253 and the total amount of hectares burned is at 13.3 million (32.9 acres), which is over six times the yearly average.

As such, the BWP will be changing to reflect this drastic increase in devastation.

SoW Drops

Spirit of Wildwood Drops are very similar to random events. They are 'dropped' sporadically throughout IC threads, and going forward they will start reflecting the severity of the fires surrounding Relic Lore. If you don't want to use what's thrown your way, no sweat! It doesn't have to have happened at all. However, if players do utilize a SoW Drop in their thread, it will be eligible for Random Event LP!

Keep an eye out for the rolled REs as well as BWP prompts have been added in the global and pack sections!

Isolated Fires

We tried to keep the flames back, but as long-time members know, Relic Lore's forests are far from fireproof. Keep your eyes peeled for threads started by SoW- until further notice, isolated fires may be started anywhere within Relic Lore by Staff only. These fires will stay small and burn quick, but all it takes is a single touch to be scarred forever. Fires still cannot be started or otherwise PP'd by members. Evidence of the fires in these threads may be referred to and interacted with.

New Skin

Our BWP-themed Skin features @Malien and Artyom (@Jethro), our winners of February's thread contest!

Tagged Area

Currently the smoke is the strongest in Southern Eden and The Heart
There are active fires burning in Daybreak Peak - thread to play this out is still open and located HERE
A second fire has also began to blaze in Ghastly Woods HERE


A big thank you to all that have donated to the causes mentioned in the first BWP post! We have so far raised $95 towards our $150 goal so we are more than halfway there!