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Happy 11th Birthday, RoW!
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Happy 11th Birthday, RoW!

3 years ago today, RoW was re-opened after being on an approximately 2-year-long hiatus. Before that, we saw an 8 year streak of activity. Altogether, that makes eleven full years that RoW has been open, during which countless memories have been made. Whether you've been here since the start or just arrived, we are so thankful for the opportunity to write this collective story with you. Here's to many more years of community to come!

Yearbook 2023

Unfortunately, the Yearbook is not ready today, but it will be here very soon! As a big thank you for all of your guys' patience, we will be hosting a little raffle until it is released...
Edit: It's officially here! Compiled with your help, we present to you this year's Yearbook, covering our time together from January 8th, 2023 to January 7th, 2024. If you notice any mistakes or run into any issues viewing the pages, just let Staff know by PM'ing the Spirit of Wildwood. Winners will be receiving PM's with their trophies on or before the 21st.

Birthday Games

Ending: January 31st

To further celebrate, two games are available for all players. If you can successfully complete both, screenshot the finished games as proof and send the images to Spirit of Wildwood via PM or to any Staff member via DM's on Discord by January 31st. In return, you'll be sent an exclusive Random Event prompt to be used by any of your characters as a prize! If you run into any technical or accessibility issues with either game, please let Staff know so that we can accommodate you.

Posting Raffle

Ended 9:45 PM 1/9

All posts made from 12:01 AM January 8th (EST) to the moment yearbook is published will be tracked here, and each will count as a single 'ticket.' For example, if Cade posts twice with Magg and three times with Chan, she will have 5 tickets. When ended, one ticket will be randomly chosen and that player will have character art commissioned on their behalf (Staff pays, you get free art!) from Servals.

Raffle Standings

  • Vami: 1, ticket 1
  • Sunshine: 2, tickets 2-3
  • Tasha: 2, tickets 4-5
  • PuppyThief: 1, ticket 6
  • WildFlower: 7, tickets 7-13
  • Molo: 2, tickets 14-15
  • Melorama: 1, ticket 16

The ticket drawn via Discord's dice roller was 9, making our winner WildFlower! Congratulations!
The yearbook has officially been released!
[Image: 5BdYuOb.png]
Congratulations again to @Sage for winning our posting raffle, here is your completed prize!

Be sure to save and upload it yourself, as it will be removed from site storage when it comes time for Yearbook 2024. <3
[Image: 5BdYuOb.png]