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[M] Actions Speak Louder Than Words — Lovers' Drop 
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Apolline Macieo

It was reassuring to see that she appeared to have the same effect on him as he on her, that small lean in bringing a smile to her features. Her eye never left his, even as that low vibration of his sent a tremble through her body. Holding his gaze became harder and harder, if only because she wanted him closer, to feel the weight of all those silent promises within it.

And then he did step up, and it was all she could do to stay upright as his scent enveloped her once more, his touch making her weak in the knees. At this point, she doubted she could turn him away, regardless of what his answer would be. Even if this was truly a random encounter, a chance meeting entirely out of the hands of fate, nothing had ever felt so right in her life.

So, when his nose found her ear, a soft gasp escaping her at the cold touch, she held her breath only long enough to hear him out. Then she instantly leaned her weight into his chest, twisting round her neck to encircle his and demand in his ear: “Then show me!”

Thoughts ”Speech”

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Claw Archer

The weight of her smaller frame against the broadness of his chest was enough to further stir the kindles slowly burning in the growing flames between them as well in the pit of his gut, once again earning a low rumble to sound in his chest hearing the demand she required of him and he was all too willing to fulfill. "Gladly."

Using the advantage of his heavier frame he pushed his shoulder against her own to wordlessly guide her further away from the ledge that had brought them together. A silent invitation for her to lead the way to a more secluded place for him to truly prove himself to her. There was no second guessing to be had, be it by the hands of fate that now caused the marbled youth to follow the fiery woman wherever she led. A new hope blazing brilliantly of forging this legacy both of them yearned for.


Word Count: 155