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Yearbooks — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,719 posts.

Ruins of Wildwood Yearbooks.

Table of Contents

As RoW passed its second birthday, a new tradition was introduced: Yearbooks! In the weeks before the date of RoW's conception, the members are encouraged to vote in the different categories, and once we can add another year to the site's age, the votes and yearly stats are counted. The final result is this: RoW's Yearbooks!

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,719 posts.

Yearbook 2012.

RoW's second year was a spectacular one filled with all kinds of exciting developments. Overall, we made a total of 9483 in character posts, created 753 topics, and had 238 new accounts created. Activity has been incredible throughout the entirety of the year. Our top posters for the year were: Switch with 740 posts, becuffin with 675 posts, and Lightning with 509 posts. This year, we introduced the Life Points and as a site, RoW has earned and collected 82,186 LP. Bi-weekly Random Events were also added to enrich the game. To date, there have been 32 Random Event threads.

On the in character side of things, RoW added three new packs: Copper Rock Creek, Poison Path, and Willow Ridge. Last summer, both Jaysyek and Corinna were left to raise their cubs on their own. Since then, both Borden and Indru have returned and reclaimed their place as leaders in their respective packs. Ruiko finally found a mate (Aeylen) and was able to start his own pack after a year of searching for the perfect place to settle down. Tension arose threatening to send Swift River to war when previous Swift River pack members, Naira and Rhysis, bred and left to create their own pack. Elettra grew tired of her Grizzly Hollow leaders' ability to forgive "great offenses" and set off to start her own pack as well. The Poison Path leaders abandoned their pack, and Athena and Tlarx rose to the challenge. This spring, four of the five packs bred, bringing into the world 13 cubs.

2012 Superlatives.

Most Improved

Cali Swiftpaw
Most Timid/Shy

Jade Kaldorr
Most Arrogant

Shadowstorm Slayer
Best Damsel in Distress

Ava Attaya
Goal Achiever

Elettra Archer
Biggest Vocabulary

Ice Aesir
Future Leader

Mirren Tainn
Most Patient/Tolerant

Chantille Idasis
Most Chivalrous

Kade Attaya
Cutest Couple

Kade Attaya & Ava Attaya

2012 Pack Leaders.

Ruiko the Protective
Aeylen the Regal
Corinna the Intelligent
Indru the Dominating
Koda the Spirited
Elettra the Strict
Jaysyek the Forgiving
Borden the Reserved
Athena the Dramatic

2012 Extras.

Pack Most Likely to Survive a Natural Disaster

Swift River
Favorite Thread
second heartbeat featuring Borden & Jaysyek
Favorite Quotes
"She'd gone from a loathsome female to be chased away at all costs to a sincere damsel in distress." - Sloane

"So you’re a pack wolf. No wonder you seem to think you’re so much better than me." - Anyu

".. but I expect that we will need a few volunteers to visit Poison Path and explain to them that they chose which territory they wanted to live in, and it wasn't this one." - Corinna

"Hey! Bear! I mean, you, Bear, not me, Bear!" - Bear

"I think that everyone needs something to believe in." - Kade
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