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Willow Ridge — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

About Willow Ridge

Elettra Archer's natural drive for leadership and desire for greatness (to put her royal name to the test) would not go unsettled for long. After suffering much heartache within the Grizzly Hollow pack, the long standing Second was left distrusting of a handful of it's members due to the perceived betrayal their abandonment incited. Feeling she could no longer live happily while continuously having to watch her own back, Elettra broke away. Unlike other packs to have formed before her own, Elettra began alone. There were no siblings, no friends, and no mate, at her side. Once more, she started from the bottom up, determined to not allow anything, or anyone, keep her from her goal.

On her wanderings as a rogue, it was Remy, Koda, Kyrie, Reed, and Narime who aided in the forming of Willow Ridge as founding members. As the first male to join the group and without a love to call her own, it was Koda whom Elettra trusted to stand at her side as her leading partner.

It was within the heart of Drooping Willows that she sought refuge; discovering a rock formation fitting enough to call home. Elettra called her promised members and staked her claim, birthing Willow Ridge in the summer of 2012.

Here you will be handed nothing and earn everything through blood and sweat. The wild demands the weak to satisfy it's unending hunger, and the Wolves of the Ridge will give up no one in it's family to this craving. You need an iron will and a everlasting desire to succeed to make it within Willow Ridge. A sense of loyalty and respect will bring us together, and lead us to triumph.

Pack pride colors for Willow Ridge are "Willow Bark Brown (#762900)" and "Dried Herb (#E8AB70)".

{{Willow Ridge}}
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Important Events.

These are the noteworthy events that have taken place in the history of the Willow Ridge pack. They can include pack meetings, changes in leadership, births or deaths, etc.

  1. 14/04/12
  3. Elettra Archer officially leaves Grizzly Hollow and makes way towards Drooping Willows for shelter.
  5. 05/06/12
  7. Koda Reinier joins Elettra's side, creating the alpha pair needed to officially form the new pack.
  9. 19/06/12
  11. Elettra finds a suitable den of rocky formation within Drooping Willows, for which she names the pack Willow Ridge.
  12. 09/12/12
  14. Willow Ridge long standing Second, Remy, goes missing once more, leaving Skana Coho to stand up to the plate.
  15. 02/01/13
  17. As Willow Ridge first rank challenge, Shade fights Reed for the Second position, and wins.
  18. 12/02/13
  20. Kiche brings news of the new wolves from the other side of the mountain and the disease they brought with them. Kanosak, sadly, has fallen victim to the rabies.
  21. 18/02/13
  23. A meeting is called, announcing Shade as the pack's new leader after Koda decided to leave. Also, news of the new wolves and their illness is revealed.
  24. 25/02/13
  26. Death bangs at Willow Ridge' doorstep as Kanosak returns not only to give more warning of the Aniwaya wolves, but to speak his dying farewells.
  27. 01/03/13
  29. Elettra calls a Relic wide pack meeting in regards to the Aniwaya wolves and the spreading rabies disease in hopes to uncover more information and help find a means to end the threat.
  30. 14/03/13
  32. Former Lowest of the pack, Kiche and Elettra come together in very odd circumstances, creating the future of Willow Ridge.
  33. 20/03/13
  35. Just barely into a month of being pack Leader, Shade Slayer abandons his pack with subordinate, Rosealia Slayer, to breed and create a pack of their own. Having gone without word and having broken promise and pack law, they are considered betrayers. It is Sica Nithron who is left to take up the mantel and prove himself a better leader to his pack.
  36. 12/04/13
  38. Willow Ridge's shaky hierarchy amongst the males ranks is brought to light in a pack meeting, where Sica had never truly came to step into the throne that was left open for him. Who will take claim to this position and if none, will the Ridge be left to fall to ruin?
  39. 08/05/13
  41. Elettra gives birth to Willow Ridge' first litter of pups; three children by the name of Asriel, Skoll, and Morganna Archer-Lyall.
  42. 05/08/13
  44. Upon meeting with Shade once more, a bad fight breaks out resulting in bad injuries to both parties. With the support of her pack mates and being far closer to home, Elettra survives though Shade's fate is not so lucky and he dies of his wounds.
  45. 16/09/13
  47. After a challenge against Guiness is made by Angier, Willow Ridge finally gains a Lead male. Though the powerful Guardian, Guiness, wins the fight, Angier is considered worthy and is able to step up to Elettra's side.
  48. 02/01/14
  50. 2013 brings the harshest winter yet. The herds are gone and many members have already gone missing from the pack. In addition, Semananti is found dead, making the second death within the ranks.
  51. 08/01/14
  53. Another one bites the dust. Narcissa is found dead at the edges of the territory, dying of what is assumed frost bite from being caught in one of the massive snow storms.
  54. 16/03/14
  56. One more heavy blow is taken on the pack when it's first Advisor and greatest female Second, Skana, dies.
  57. 08/05/14
  59. On the edges of Willow Ridge Elettra gives birth in less than ideal circumstances. When a cougar attempts to make a meal of her newest brood, Guiness sacrifices himself for the safety of the newborns, Deacon, Castiel, and Greer.
  60. 06/07/2014
  62. A series of unfortunate events results in Deacon being swept away to Hollowheart Keep.
  63. 07/07/2014
  65. As the search for Deacon continues on and the pack grows more and more tense and aggressive towards outsiders, Taima Lyall comes to their doorstep. It is the long lost Lyall daughter Borden has long searched for. She seeks protection and her uncle, Angier, but she comes with much baggage - a pup of her own! Could she ever truly be accepted into the fold?
  66. 13/07/2014
  68. After being turned away from the borders of Hollowheart Keep with his unwitting kidnapper warned to return the child to where she found him, Myrrhis and Deacon are found by Morganna at Bramble Falls. After reclaiming her brother they begin the journey home.
  69. 17/08/2014
  71. In an act of retribution Skoll takes out the leader of Hollowheart Keep.
  72. 19/08/2014
  74. Skoll returns home covered in blood, but it isn't his own. The family are interrupted by a blind loner before Skoll informs Elettra of his deeds in the North.
  75. 20/11/2014
  77. To celebrate their alliance, the wolves of Willow Ridge, Secret Woodlands and Whisper Caverns join together for a feast before the Winter truly sets in.
  78. 09/05/2015
  80. Sven is born to Skoll and Piety.
  81. 23/09/2015
  83. Skoll comes to his Uncle Nicolo to tell him of Angier's decreasing health. In order to help Skoll with his plan, Nicolo gives his nephew his position as Second.
  84. 15/10/2017
  86. Elettra returns from the mountain injured. Morganna assumes the role of leader while her mother recovers.
  87. 31/01/17
  89. Toward the end of another harsh winter, Isolde is found by her father, having died in the snow. She is the first of any Willow Ridge pup to have not survived.
  90. 15/01/2017
  92. After much tension between the two leaders of the pack, Morganna and Nicolo, Morganna leaves the pack with a few followers and Elettra is left to become leader once more. With her mate having gone missing and with her age, Elettra  decides to grant Enoki the position in her stead.
  93. 31/10/17
  95. Tragically, Adele is found dead within the borders of Willow Ridge by her brother, Nicolo.
  96. 24/01/17
  98. After having been missing for so long, Niles returns with Angier, only for the former Leader to die there just inside the Ridge borders. As everyone gathers, Elettra, by both age,shock and heart break, dies of a heart attack at her mate's side. The death of Angier and Elettra brings an end to an Era for the pack.
  99. 01/05/17
  101. Enoki gives birth to the newest generation of both Willow Ridge pups and Archers.
  102. 07/11/17
  104. Enoki falls behind on her leadership duties due to her daughter, Adeltra, having gone missing. Ravenna picks up the mantle of Leader in her stead, quickly taking to the position as her own.
  105. 05/01/18
  107. After much effort trying to find his mate, Nicolo falls ill and decides to pass down his title. Sven sends out a howl, announcing his leadership to the pack.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Noteworthy Members.

These are the members which have left a lasting impact on the Willow Ridge pack. This recognition is not restricted to certain ranks, however all leaders, no matter how brief their reign, are listed.

— Founder.
— I. Leader, June 19th, 2012 — January 1st, 2015; January 18th, 2015 — October 17th, 2015; May 31st, 2016 — January 15th, 2017.
— Mother of Willow Ridge's first litter: Asriel, Skoll, and Morganna, second litter: Deacon, Castiel, and Greer, and third: Niles, Ravenna and Isolde.
— I. Leader, 19th June 2012 — 18th February 2013.
— II. Second under Koda.
— I. Leader, 18th February 2013 — 20th March 2013.
— Went on to found Pitch Pine Trail
— Hunter, May 21st 2012 — February 3rd 2013
— Went on to found Whisper Caverns.
— II. Second under Shade.
— I. Leader, 20th March 2013 — 12th April 2013.
— Lowest September 8th 2012 — May 3rd 2013
— Father of Willow Ridge's first litter: Asriel, Skoll, and Morganna.
— I. Leader, 16th September 2013 — December 6th, 2015.
— Father of Willow Ridge's second litter: Deacon, Castiel, and Greer, and third: Niles, Ravenna and Isolde.
— Went on to found Magnolia Glen.
— I. Leader January 1st, 2015 — January 18th, 2015..
— I. Leader, October 17th, 2015 — May 31st, 2016
— Went on to found Whitestone Monadnock
— I. Leader, December 6th, 2015 — December 25th, 2015
— I. Leader, January 8th, 2017 — March 12th 2017
— I. Leader, March 12th, 2017 — May 16th, 2017; January 5th, 2018 — current Leader .
— Father of Willow Ridge's sixth litter: Avella & Scully
— I. Leader, December 25th, 2015 — January 8th, 2017; May 16th, 2017 — January 5th, 2018
— Father of Willow Ridge's fourth litter: Romanov & Adeltra
— I. Leader, January 15th, 2017 — November 7th, 2017
— Mother of Willow Ridge's fourth litter: Romanov & Adeltra
— I. Leader, November 7th, 2017 — current Leader.
 — Mother of Willow Ridge's fifth litter: Ragnar & Freyja
— II. Second under Ravenna.
— Mother of Willow Ridge's sixth litter: Avella & Scully
— II. Second under Sven.
— Father of Willow Ridge's fifth litter: Ragnar & Freyja
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Current News.

This is the current news for the Willow Ridge pack.

January 17, 2017 - An allied hunt between WR and AH is going down here. Even if your wolf doesn't hunt, it's advised to still show up.
Janurary 4, 2017 - Please give a welcome to all the new members accepted into Willow Ridge's ranks! Lilith, Odin, Kip, Lorcan, and Blitz!
December 6, 2017 - Adeltra finally finds her way home with the much appreciated help of Piety and Cyril.
November 7, 2017 - Enoki falls behind on her leadership duties due to her daughter, Adeltra, having gone missing. Ravenna picks up the mantle of Leader in her stead, quickly taking to the position as her own.
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Pack Pride.

Available pack icons and banners for member use.

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Posted by Elettra who has 1,032 posts.

Pack Information

Information on what is required of your wolf  as a Willow Ridge member and the life they may lead there.

Willow Ridge is not shy on the concept of law and judgement. You will be tested as a new member of the pack for your right to be here and you will be consistantly pushed to do your best. Wolves with a high drive for work and success are best fitting in this pack, as laziness will make for an easy ticket out. Their pack motto is "All which is Just", meaning that there are no set few values such as loyalty, family or love to focus upon within the pack, but that the pack craves "All which is Just" from their members: Will, Strength, Loyalty, Honor and without a doubt, Respect and Unity. Willow Ridge is open to any alignment of wolf, though more Lawful personalities will be an 'easier fit'. If your wolf if specifically breaking away from their birth home in order to find love and have a family then Willow Ridge is not for you, as breeding rights is specific to the leaders as tradition. Please take in much consideration that your wolf is to obey the laws of the pack in order to live there successfully without punishment and/or banishment. Remember, being a member of Willow Ridge is a privilege, not a right.

Pack Policies

Number of Leaders (+ Gender)
  • 1 or 2 Leaders — 2 being of opposite gender
Inactivity Rules (+ Promotions for Leaders)
  • In the event a leader fails their activity checks the pack will default to 1 leader until the inactive leader can reclaim their position if it has not been claimed. The inactive leader becomes I. Subordinate.
  • Should a II ranked wolf want to challenge an inactive leader, they must have a spar with the active leader. If they win, they become II. Leader. They will need to challenge the inactive leader separately to gain the I. rank.
  • Should the pack fall to 1 leader due to the other leader going completely inactive, dying, dropping down willingly, or leaving the pack, etc... Anyone wishing to take place in leadership must ether challege the current single leader, be offered the rank by the 1 leader or be accepted by the rest of the pack in general.
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