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Pack Threads — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,810 posts.

Pack Threads

To help increase the interactivity of pack members, RoW is implementing "Pack Threads". These threads are single thread role plays that are open to all pack members. This thread is placed in the pack den area and serves as a meeting ground for those casual interactions. Think of it as a way of accounting for the time spent between your usual threads - pack wolves should return home, socialize with each other, etc. These threads act as a way to do that!

Though pack threads work slightly differently than normal threads --as you will notice below in the following explanation-- they are simple enough to understand and participate in. The interactions are meant to be brief encounters with others in your pack and unmotivated by any specific plot.

Posts in the Pack thread also contribute towards the individual packs' count for Pack of the Month

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,810 posts.

Explanation of Pack Threads

Now, pack threads are different from the typical RP thread. They are never "complete" and never "dead". The time setting for the threads is a real life system, so that if wolf A posts on a Monday, they are in the pack area on that Monday. But if Wolf B doesn't arrive until Tuesday, then Wolf A and Wolf B are not considered to be at the pack den at the same time.

What does this mean for interactions between characters? Well, it means that sometimes Wolf A is going to be at the pack den and nobody is going to be there. Other times, it means that Wolf A and Wolf B are both going to be there and have a short interaction. These interactions between the pack wolves are meant to serve as the casual conversation you have - think about the random conversations you have with your family members as you pass each other walking through the living room or the kitchen: they're not so important that you'd recount them, but they are what helps bring families together.

However, we are all aware of the limitations that online RPing brings, and thus some rules to help with these interactions have been established.

— Interactions last a total of three real life days (ie. if Wolf A posts on the 1st, Wolf B has until the 3rd to post a reply to Wolf A before it is assumed that Wolf A has left).
— Once the 3 day extension has passed since the last post, it is to be assumed that the characters in that interaction have left the den area.
— Players should indicate OOCly when their character has left the area (does not apply if the 3 day window has expired).
— Given that both packs have newborn pups in their ranks, it is to be assumed that the pups, as well as the mothers are in the den doing what they do best: resting. This gives them the freedom to RP if they want to, but it is not a requirement to respond.
— Interactions in these threads cannot be private. If two characters are spreeing and a third one enters the interaction, that is perfectly legal.

This is a rather interesting idea, and it is understandable if there are any questions. I've listed an example at the bottom of this post to try and give you an idea of how these interactions will take place, but feel free to respond to this threads with comments, questions, and suggestions.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,810 posts.

A Rough Example.

Jun 26 - Wolf A posts.
Jun 26 - Wolf B posts and interacts with Wolf A.
Jun 27 - Wolf A posts once more and then leaves.
Jun 30 - Wolf B does not respond in the three day limit, it is assumed that they have left.
Jul 4 - Wolf B posts; no one has visited since the 27th. Wolf B caches something away nearby.
Jul 4 - Wolf C comes by and finds the hoarded treat, but Wolf B is still there.
Jul 4 - Wolf B interacts/posts and leaves.
Jul 4 - Wolf C interacts/posts and leaves after Wolf B.
Jul 6 - Wolf B and Wolf C are gone... Wolf A returns in hopes of company... no one's there. (/sad face)
...etcetera, etcetera
Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,810 posts.

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