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The Great Wildfire — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,800 posts.

The Great Wildfire.

Table of Contents

For years, the forest of Relic Lore was a safe haven for all who resided there, whether they are prey or predator. Overgrown with life, the area was home to one wolf pack that was flourishing in nature's good fortune. They called themselves the Hidden Tree pack, as homage to the forest in which they lived. They were living a charmed life, and were utterly unprepared for the devastation that came their way as summer progressed.

Strong summer heat had dried out much of the vegetation in The Wildwood, the area of Relic Lore where the Hidden Tree wolves called home. One evening, a typical summer storm rolled in. During the storm, a powerful lightning strike hit one of the trees, igniting the dry wood. The fire caught and quickly spread and grew, hopping from tree to tree, until the entire forest was alight. Those who were able fled, but many lives were lost to the flames as escape became impossible. It was only due to the waters of Heartleaf Creek that the fire was contained to the southern half of The Wildwood, while the rest of Relic Lore remained largely unscathed from the storm's fury.

The fire raged for only a short time before being doused by the rains, brought on by the storm. What remained was a forest in ruin, and many homeless. The wolves of the Hidden Tree pack had to seek out a new home. But the storm displaced more than just them, and many more have found their way to the life-giving forest of Relic Lore.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,800 posts.

The Aftermath

With the destruction of their home, the remainder of the Hidden Tree pack travel south of the Wildwood where the Tainn family claims land in the Sacred Grove. Indru Tainn, the eldest brother, takes lead of the newly formed pack and calls it Swift River. With a charge of three cubs, the pack attempts to rebuild their lives.

Despite Swift River's familial roots, one male, the brother to Hidden Tree's deceased lead female, breaks away from the pack and claims land on the Mountain of Dire. With the loss of his sister and despising the idea of living beneath the rule of his younger nephew, Honijo Ithil staked the lands as Midnight Plateau, and quickly established the pack's ranks with numbers.

Relic Lore's quiet from the aftermath of the wildfire begins to hum once more with life. The two newly formed packs of Relic Lore thrive. The Tainn family of Swift River keep careful watch over their younger siblings, while Honijo gains loyal members by the names of Alexander and Borden. As time passed ever so surely, summer would break way to autumn. The grasp of disaster and devastation had yet to release itself from Relic Lore, however, and unbeknownst to the inhabitants of the regions, mother nature would punish them once more.

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