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Wild Rye Fields — Official 
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About Wild Rye Fields


After losing both their partners shortly after one another, Drestig Avalon and Jessie Tainn grew even closer, sharing their sorrow, both dedicating themselves to keeping the other alive. They struggled through winter together, Drestig even managing to recover enough to step up as leader of Oak Tree Bend when Triell went away. But they could not shake the ghosts that kept haunting them in Spectral Woods, the fog full of hurt and evil memories. Finally Drestig decided that the only way he could truly move on was to leave the oak behind and start fresh. After talking with Jessie, he called a pack meeting, proposing that they all uproot to find a new home, untainted by death and nightmares; With catastrophic results.


After saying a court goodbye, Drestig left the meeting, determined to head out alone in search of new hope. But before leaving Spectral Woods, he sought out Jessie again, pleading that she follow him, so they could start anew, together. She agreed, after giving Triell her own farewell, and together the two crossed the mountains and headed north. The journey strengthened their relationship further, and when spring arived they decided to creat their own new beginning, by starting a family.


They still needed a place to settle though, and as Jessie's pregnancy progressed, time was of the essence. Moving further north, they eventually reached the outrunners of the mountains and the end of the forests, passing out into the lowlands, and here they found the haven they had been seeking for so long. Nestled in the forested outrunners of Serpents Pass, a sea of golden Wild Rye shone as a sign to the pair, tired from travel. Further investigation proved this place perfect for the family they planned to start, and a den was dug out between the roots of a lone oak, near the edge of the forest, where Jessie gave birth to a single pup on May 25th 2016.


Meanwhile, Drestig continued his search for like minds, intend on building a strong and safe home for his new family. Eventually he came across a young loner who joined him in a much welcome hunt. After witnessing the young man in action, Drestig offered him a permanent place in the forming pack, and Askan accepted. It would be another month though, before the fourth and final founding member joined their group. Out on yet another hunting and scouting excursion, Drestig came across a peculiar place, and there he found an old aquaintance. Having innitially declined on joining the travelling pair, Icicle had wandered out into the Lowlands after a bad experience trying to join a different pack. Appaled by the story, Drestig took the young wolf under his wing, insisting that he come back with him to join his pack.


Cautious, knowing that other wolves have claimed territories not far from the Fields, Drestig takes his time evaluatting his gathered band, unsure if they're ready. The decision is finally made on a clear fall day, when he spots a young bull Elk herding a small group of cows through the territory. Calling together his followers, Drestig proposes a hunt to truly test their skills as a pack. Together they successfully take dwn the bull, and cellebrate by officially staking claim the the Wild Rye Fields.


Pack pride colors for Wild Rye Fields are "Autumn Grain (#D7B13E)" and "Avalon Green (#334010)".

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Important Events.

These are the noteworthy events that have taken place in the history of the Wild Rye Fields pack. They can include pack meetings, changes in leadership, births or deaths, etc.

  1. 02/17/16
  2. Drestig calls together the wolves of Oak Tree Bend, asking them to follow him to a new land, but is turned down by everyone; Except Jessie who agrees to follow him that night.
  3. 03/24/16
  4. Though still searching for their new home, Jessie and Drestig agree to start a family.
  5. 04/23/16
  6. Drestig and Jessie cross out into the lowlands, and lay there eyes on the Fields for the first time.
  7. 05/19/16
  8. While out hunting, Drestig comes across the loner Askan and the two join forces, taking down a mule dear calf. Upon their success, Drestig offers the loner a permanent place in the forming pack, and they bring the kill back to Jessie.
  9. 05/24/16
  10. Jessie gives birth to a single daughter by the name of Phoenix Avalon.
  11. 06/09/16
  12. While out scouting, Drestig comes across an odd landmark and an old aquaintance; Icicle joins the pack as fourth founding member.
  13. 09/15/16
  14. Seeing a small herd of Elk passing through the Fields, Drestig finally descides that the time has come. Calling together his pack, they join fores in their first group hunt, and when they're successful, they celebrate by loudly staking claim to the territory.
  15. 12/10/16
  16. Jessie and Drestig take a visit to their northern neighbors to smooth over some things but it seems the visit goes worse than expected.
  17. 05/23/17
  18. Jessie gives birth to three children - one daughter and two sons. Sphinx, Chimera, and Griffin.
  19. 08/3/17
  20. Inna and Lorcan arrive looking for Risaela. As words are exchanged, tensions run high between Wild Rye Fields members - Askan, Reyes, and Jessie - and the Hearthwood River members.
  21. 11/8/17
  22. A joint hunt between Wild Rye Fields and Hearthwood River takes place. During the hunt Drestig recieves a violent injury from an ox.
  23. 03/5/18
  24. After returning from an unknown trip, Drestig ends up passing away. Leaving the only eligable male Laike to become leader.
  25. 05/19/18
  26. Adelayde gives birth to two children - Nikolai and Vasilisa.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Noteworthy Members.

These are the members which have left a lasting impact on the Wild Rye Fields pack. This recognition is not restricted to certain ranks, however all leaders, no matter how brief their reign, are listed.

Drestig Avalon
— Founder.
— I. Leader, 15th September 2016 — 5th March 2018.
Jessie Tainn
— Founder.
— I. Leader, 15th September 2016 — Current.
Askan Selwyn
— Founding member.
— II. Under Drestig, 15th September 2016 — 4th October 2017.
Icicle Whitefang
— Founding member.
Phoenix Avalon
— Born to Jessie & Drestig, 25th May 2016.
Laike Artemieva
— I. Leader, 5th March 2018 — Current.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Current News.

This is the current news for the Wild Rye Fields pack.

September 15 The pack finally becomes official, when Drestig calls the first full pack hunt.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Pack Pride.

Pack Pride images for the Wild Rye Fields wolves.


By Arya
pride2 pride3 pride4 pride5 pride6 pride7pride8 pride9 pride10 pride11 pride12 pride13
pride14 pride15
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