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Driftwood Surge — Active Packs 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Driftwood Surge

During his one of his many visits to Turtleback Lake Lachesis (joined by Lavender, Oksana and Reid) stumbled upon a refuge tucked away between the mountain and the lake. Unable to erase the place from his mind he sought out his mate, confiding in her with plans he’d already spoken aloud before. A fresh start was what he’d been seeking for months—an escape from the tragedies that seemed to plague the river wolves. It had taken the discovery of Driftwood to reassure Lachesis that he was not running away from his problems. He simply wanted to better the pack and strengthen the fraying relationships within.

Pack colours for Driftwood are Chartreuse Cedar (#b6d074) and River Slate (#52848f).

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Important Events.

These are the noteworthy events that have taken place in the history of the Driftwood Surge pack. They can include pack meetings, changes in leadership, births or deaths, etc.

  1. 01/02/18
  2. Driftwood Surge is founded.
  3. 02/16/18
  4. A meeting is held to discuss breeding rules, pack roles & sparring between members.
  5. 02/27/18
  6. Andre, a founding member, has gone missing after being sent to retrieve herbs from the old Hearthwood infirmary.
  7. 03/02/18
  8. Anastasia is promoted to second, following the disappearance of Lekalta, and has earned the title of Advisor.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Noteworthy Members.

These are the members which have left a lasting impact on the Driftwood Surge pack. This recognition is not restricted to certain ranks, however all leaders, no matter how brief their reign, are listed.

Lachesis "XIX" Stark
— Founder.
— I. Leader, February 2, 2018 — present.

Lilya Valrorys
— Founder.
— I. Leader, February 2, 2018 — present.

Aytigin Delaney
— Founder.
— II. Guardian, February 2, 2018 — present.

Anastasia Starklen
— Founder.
— II. Advisor, March 2, 2018 — present.

Founding Members.

The wolves listed below were present for the founding of Driftwood Surge, although they may no longer be current members.

Lachesis "XIX" Stark, Lilya Valrorys, Aytigin Delaney, Lekalta Baranski, Reid Arwood, Anastasia Starklen, André Jonquille, Mako Coho, Lekalta Baranski, Mathéo Tainn, Risaela ???, Lavender Stark, Lilliana Stark, Oksana .
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Pack Information.

Pack Beliefs
  • i. Remain loyal to your leaders and to the pack.
  • ii. Respect your pack mates; you are family.
  • iii. Strive for greatness! Be the best you can be.
  • iv. Second chances are not given out easily.

Coming soon!

Pack Policies

Number of Leaders (+ Gender)

• 1 or 2 Leaders — can be 2 of opposite or same gender

• Leaders will be same gender if necessary, or if a second leader (of the same gender) is elected by the rest of the pack — the second same gender leader will hold the II. rank

• To ensure there are no holes in hierarchy, a wolf of the opposite sex will old the I. position but will not be titled as "Leader"

• One leader will be permitted if the second leader falls behind an activity check: if a member wants to pursue the role of leader at the II. rank, they will have to first challenge for the I. rank and then ask (or be voted) to obtain the role of leader

• A wolf holding the I. rank (and with/without the role of leader) can be challenged by a II. ranked wolf (of the same gender) at any time

• If the pack only has one wolf ranked as I. they can be challenged by either gender, at any time

Inactivity Rules (+ Promotions for Leaders)

• If a wolf with the role of leader falls behind on an activity check they will still hold the rank of I. (unless challenged by the II.), but will either have to ask for their role back or be voted back into the position by the rest of the pack (2 weeks after missing the activity check)

• This vote can take place in character during a pack meeting, or via the pack thread, or can be done out of character if the pack agrees (a discussion will take place in the pack common room)

• If they fall behind a second activity check they will have to wait an additional 2 weeks (4 weeks total) to ask for their role as leader back, or to be voted back in by the pack

• Required post amount for a leader is 3 per activity check (no exceptions, this is a sitewide rule)

• If a wolf is acting as a replacement leader and they want to keep the position (both the rank and title) they will have to challenge the previous leader to keep their spot (as well as meet the leader 3 post requirement)

Pack Roles

How to Obtain Pack Roles

Two threads must be completed demonstrating pursued pack role

• Once the threads are completed PM Lachesis with links and stating which role you're pursuing

OR, you can choose to ask ICly (either PM or DM on Slack to request thread)

There will be no advanced titles! Advanced titles will be the same as regular roles and can be obtained by completing two threads

• Only three posts required each thread demonstrating the skill/pack role

There can be more than one of the same role! Do not be discouraged if the role you are seeking has already been claimed!

Pack Roles Available

Please read the Pack Role Guide for better descriptions & claimable activities

• Advisor

• Diplomat

• Hunter

• Fisher

• Tracker

• Guardian

• Teacher

• Healer

• Herbalist

• Scout

• Runner

If you would like to suggest a role please PM Lachesis (or send Arla a message on Slack!)

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Pack Pride.

Available pack icons and banners for member use.

[Image: ds_by_a_yellow_bird-dc337jk.png]
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