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Dead Empress Backwater — Active Packs 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,812 posts.

About Dead Empress Backwater.

Two years after the wolves of Relic Lore disappeared the Valle wolves were transplanted from the coast to the Lore as part of a wolf reintroduction program. Two of these wolves were Viorel Valle & Vayko, they along with their family, Xulia Valle, Andrey Valle, Katna Valle, Modesto Valle, Sharlee Valle, and newcomers Clover Assana & Vanadís formed Dead Empress Backwater. The wolves who call the Backwater home continued to search for their missing family members, while also trying to build a legacy of their own.

Pack pride colors for Dead Empress Backwater are "#091656 (Backwater Blue) & #c2dcd7 (Frozen Empress Sea foam)."

General Information.

  • Current Leader: Viorel Valle & Eros Valle
  • Established: March 11th, 2021
  • Location: Dead Empress Backwater, Heartleaf Creek, Northern Edem, Relic Lore
  • Navigation: Located on the northern portion of heartleaf creek, south of wild cherry orchard, on a small offshoot of the main creek.
  • Den Description: On the northern reaches of Heartleaf Creek there lays a clearing in the forest caused by a disease that killed the trees years ago. Dead trunks and branches still lay scattered throughout the area, leaning on each other, and toppled over with exposed roots reaching towards the sky. One particular bough fell across a section of the creek, effectively cutting off the current and causing a backwater. This area freezes solid in the winter and provides safe, still, clean, water for the pack who call this area home. The clearing is used as their main meeting place and is located in the center of the pack territory. Outside of this one section of pack lands, the forest was unaffected by disease and empress, sycamore, poplar, and maple trees grow tall and strong. The empress trees bloom in the spring, leaving the area covered in purple flowers and an undeniably sweet scent. The Heartleaf Creek winds in and out of the Backwater’s claimed lands, providing moving water year round, and on quiet nights the burbling stream can be heard throughout the entire territory.
  • Pack Scent Identifiers: sweet empress flowers, fresh water, maple trees.

  • Character Alignment: Mostly Neutral, some Chaotic, Mostly Good & Evil, some Neutral

  • Allies: ---
  • Neutral: Paradise Falls
  • Enemies: Sanguine Cove

  • Core Values: Loyalty, Intelligence, Resilience.
  • Motto: "Through Trials to Triumph"

  • Age Range: Pup - 7 years
  • Size Range: Small - Large.
  • Roles Present: Medic, Scout, Advisor

Notes & Trivia.

  • 7 of the original founding members were relocated to Relic Lore as part of a wolf reintroduction program, they were originally from the coast.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,812 posts.

Important Events.

These are the noteworthy events that have taken place in the history of the Dead Empress Backwater pack. They can include pack meetings, changes in leadership, births or deaths, etc.

  1. 3/11/21
  3. Viorel gathers the members of the pack and they officially claim the lands they had scouted weeks before.   
  4. 3/19/21
  6. Vayko calls for the pack's first official hunt.
  8. 3/25/21
  10. Viorel summons the pack for a meeting to address the two litters that the Backwater will be expecting in the coming spring.
  12. 4/17/21
  14. Vayko manages topiss off a snapping turtle and get his foot broken, as well as infected with salmonella which he would go on to infect half the pack with. The injury forces Vayko to step down as leader, leaving Viorel to lead alone.
  16. 5/13/21
  18. Viorel welcomes 5 children,three with Clover: Marguerite, Oleander, and Violet. Five days after Clover Vanadis gives birth to two Eros, and Archer.
  20. 5/25/21
  22. After Sita arrived at the pack pregnant and with friends in tow, Viorel welcomes them into the pack after he sought out the opinion of the pack. Sita, her child Hazelnut, and her friend Walleye officially join.
  24. 7/5/21
  26. A budding alliance begins to form with Sanguine Cove after a scouting party comes to visit.
  28. 7/10/21
  30. Xulia finds another lost Estuary pack member and brings him to the border in bad health, Vasco is welcomed into the pack to heal. Sometime after Andrey and Sita disappear without a word.
  32. 12/19/21
  34. Walleye passes away peacefully in his sleep. His body is discovered by Eros, and Archer, who call for Clover, Sharlee, and Viorel. They bury his body in pack lands. a few weeks later Vayko steps back up to become co-lead.
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Noteworthy Members.

These are the members which have left a lasting impact on the Dead Empress Backwater pack. This recognition is not restricted to certain ranks, however all leaders, no matter how brief their reign, are listed.

Viorel Valle
— Founder.
— l. Leader, 11th March 2021 — current.
— Founder.
Xulia Valle
— Founder.
Andrey Valle
— Founder.
Katna Valle
— Founder.
Modesto Valle
— Founder.
Sharlee Valle
— Founder.
Clover Assana
— Founder.
— l. Leader, 20th November 2022 — 13th December 2023.
— Founder.
Eros Valle
— l. Leader, 13th December 2023 — current.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,812 posts.

Current News.

This is the current news for the Dead Empress Backwater pack.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,812 posts.

Pack Pride.

Available pack icons and banners for member use. Hover for credit.

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