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Oak Tree Bend — Official 
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About Oak Tree Bend.

Oak Tree Bend is the continuation of the Swift River pack. The pack suffered several blows in the fall and winter of 2012, including the loss of one of their leaders, Indru Tainn, and the loss of two pups, Rissa Tainn and Torrel Tainn. Believing that the pack would not survive if they did not relocate themselves, Corinna Donata and her new co-leader, Ice Aesir, discussed moving the pack to get away from all the memories.

After defeating the Aniwaya pack, Ice and Corinna met up once again to continue their discussion about the pack's future. They made the decision to breed as a way to rally the pack's spirits, as well as finalizing the decision to move. Needing to move before Corinna's mobility was inhibited by her pregnancy, the two leaders called the pack to announce their decision.

However, before they took their leave of the Sacred Grove, they were to suffer yet another loss — Aiyana Lyall, the only remaining pup of her litter, willingly left to live with Borden Lyall outside of Relic Lore. With their two yearlings Kisla Baranski and Fenru Donata, the loyal Swiftpaw sisters Cali and Jessie, as well as the new girl Tali Callow, Swift River said goodbye to their past and the trees which sheltered them for so long, and made their way east across the mountain.

Now having resettled on the other side of Serpent's Pass in Spectral Woods, the Oak Tree Bend pack is starting over, with a new identity, a new home, and new life on the way.

Pack pride colors for Oak Tree Bend are "Donata Green (#427c12)" and "Old Oak Brown (#3d221d)."

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,576 posts.

Important Events.

These are the noteworthy events that have taken place in the history of the Oak Tree Bend pack. They can include pack meetings, changes in leadership, births or deaths, etc.

  1. 4/6/13
  2. Ice and Corinna call together the wolves of Swift River and inform them that Corinna is pregnant and that the pack will be relocating to a new area.
  3. 4/16/13
  4. The remains of the Swift River pack arrive in Spectral Woods and claim a new area that they call Oak Tree Bend. The founding members are Corinna Donata, Ice Aesir, Fenru Donata, Cali Swiftpaw, Jessie Tainn, Kisla Baranski, and Tali Callow.
  5. 5/26/13
  6. Corinna goes into labor, bringing Serach Donata and Sceral Donata into the world.
  7. 1/11/2014
  8. The harsh winter claims the life of the pack's matriarch, Corinna.  Nayeli steps up beside her mate Triell as leader.
  9. 2/1/14
  10. Fenru asks permission from his Leader and uncle, Triell, to leave Oak Tree Bend in search of their missing family - Ice and Kisla (and Merlin) - and is granted good tidings in his quest. Fenru leaves that night, bringing with him Arlette Dieudonné Lyall as a traveling companion.
  11. 2/10/2014
  12. The appearance of a bull caribou is a gift for the hungry wolves of Oak Tree Bend and Magnolia Glen. At first the packs are cooperative in the hunt, but relations between them turn sour when there is a challenge over the carcass from Magnolia Glen's leader, Borlla.
  13. 3/24/14
  14. Fenru and Arlette finally seem to find a way through the Sierra Hills and unknowingly leave Relic Lore.
  15. 5/21/14
  16. Darrah and Zera are born to Nayeli and Triell.
  17. 7/27/2014
  18. Ruiko fatally wounded in a sudden lynx attack at Lost Lake.
  19. 10/21/2014
  20. The pack figures out what to do in the wake of Nayeli's mysterious disappearance. Spieden steps up as leader.
  21. 1/20/2015
  22. Nayeli returns, possibly bringing with her a storm on her heels. The nature of her disappearance is soon revealed to Triell.
  23. 4/13/2015
  24. Silver is brutally murdered by Garmr and Skadi, who leave behind Silver's mutilated corpse as a warning to the wolves of the Bend.
  25. 4/14/2015
  26. Jessie, Drestig, and Anneliese immediately hunt down Garmr and Skadi, finally killing them.
  27. 5/31/2015
  28. Nayeli gives birth to Drift and Sahalie.
  29. 6/16/2015
  30. Nayeli disappears after the birth of her cubs. Spieden steps in as a surrogate.
  31. 8/15/2015
  32. Triell passes over leadership to Drestig so that he may spend time searching for Nayeli.
  33. 9/24/2015
  34. Triell returns from his search for Nayeli empty handed.
  35. 10/16/2015
  36. Drift goes missing.
  37. 11/7/2015
  38. Pack members Drestig, Jessie, and Serach pay a visit to their neighbors at Hearthwood River.
  39. 11/7/2015
  40. Anneliese is found dead, mauled by a wild boar.
  41. 11/12/2015
  42. Serach, Veed, and Drestig face off against a wild boar, but  it escapes.
  43. 12/6/2015
  44. Drestig calls together Triell and Spieden to discuss leadership. Drestig delivers and ultimatum; either he continues to lead or leaves the pack.
  45. 2/16/2016
  46. Drestig calls the pack together to deliver his decision to leave the Bend. The pack is invited to leave with him to a new land, but tempers run high and all but Jessie decline to go. Drestig and Jessie leave OTB on a sour note, with leadership turned back over to Triell.
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Noteworthy Members.

These are the members which have left a lasting impact on the Oak Tree Bend pack. This recognition is not restricted to certain ranks, however all leaders, no matter how brief their reign, are listed.

Corinna Donata
— Founder.
— l. Leader, 16th April 2013 — January 2014.
Ice Aesir
— l. Leader, 16th April 2013 — November 2013.
Triell Tainn
— l. Leader, November 2013 — August 2015; February 2016 to June 2016.
Nayeli Stormwright
— l. Leader, January 2014 — November 2014.
Spieden Coho
— l. Leader, November 2014 — December 2016.
Fenru Donata
— lI. Guardian, September 2013 — March 2014.
Drestig Avalon
— I. Leader, August 2015 — February 2016.
Serach Donata
— I. Leader, June 2016 — Present.
Aponi Donata
— I. Leader, December 2016 — Present.
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Current News.

This is the current news for the Oak Tree Bend pack.

(8/15/15)Pack meeting over Drestig replacing Triell as leader..
(8/25/15)A crazy moose is on the loose! Will the pups be saved?
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Pack Pride.

Available pack icons and banners for member use.

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