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The Subterritories — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,812 posts.

Subterritories of Relic Lore.

There's not only the vast, rolling meadows, or the deep, thick forests in Ruins of Wildwood; there's the sunbathing rocks on the mountainside, the small ponds in the woods, and the knolls with particularly good view over the fields...

These small locations are important to creating a land that feels truly alive, with many nooks and crannies in which to discover wonders. The best part is, you can discover more! There is a virtually unlimited number of these specific, unique locations scattered across Relic Lore, and it is up to you to find them! Not only does this piece of exploration grant you some additional life points, but other wolves besides your own will be able to find it and enjoy it. Once your wolf has discovered a subterritory, please submit it here.

All subterritories will be added to a special, more detailed cutout of the map, as seen below, letting everyone know of the specific location where they can find this exciting tidbit. Please do not feel restricted by these mini-maps, plenty of the land is still left unexplored and the below depictions are simply of the known parts of different regions.

When you create a new thread in an already existing subterritory, be sure to select it from the drop-down menu!

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,812 posts.

The Subterritories in Northern Eden.

The northern half of Eden is a lush spot, with wide, grassy spaces that provide relief from the dominating sight of trees. Especially during the summer, the region is a popular spot for the wolves of Relic Lore. A variety of edible vegetation grows here, and prospective game finds it just as inviting. The largest of all regions, Northern Eden is impossible to avoid on one's journey through Relic Lore.

Secluded Springs

Copper Rock Creek

A winding creek gentle in it's nature weaves its way across the Springs, broken from the foothills of the Mountain. Named after the copper hued rocks that scatter along the creek edges, this land once harbored a pack. (Created by Rachel.)

Pedestal Rock

A small clearing surrounds the towering moss covered boulder. How it got to be there is any wolf's guess. It has been worn by the weather, almost forming three steps to its peak, but it takes a strong jumper to reach the first. (Created by becuffin.)

White Fir Notch

Nestled between the rocky slopes of Serpents Pass and Windsong Fjord, White Fir Notch derives its name from the dense foliage found on the north west edge of Secluded Springs. White Fir trees grow in great numbers around a vacant bear den tucked into the base of the hillside; once home to a pack of wolves. The Springs as well as the river that feeds it served as the wolves' main water source. The plant life here is a mix resulting from the collision of the Ghastly woods and the Fjords as well as the changes in elevation; consisting of tightly packed conifer and deciduous trees. To the south the thick forest continues for miles, but in the west the trees thin into smaller clusters beside the rolling bluffs of the Palisade. (Created by Cade (inactive characters).)

Ghastly Woods

Hollowheart Keep

Where the eastern edge of the Ghastly Woods meet the base of the mountain, large, gnarled trees abruptly rise up like crooked towers. Meters beyond this stark wall, lies a large tumble of stones surrounded by trusses of black hawthorn plants - reminiscent of an ancient battlement. Within and beneath this rocky formation is where the Hollowheart Keep pack once made their home. The pack has since broken up, leaving behind their den and territory.

Dastard's Rapids

Dastard's Rapids occur within the northern thick of Ghastly Woods. The mountain-fed river which winds its way along the top border of the fog-ridden forest typically remains calm throughout the thawed months of the year, but nearer to the base of the mountains, this changes. A river bed upheaved both by exposed, jagged rock bed and a swift drop in elevation forms a dangerous nest of rapids within the water. It is most tumultuous during the spring thaw, when the river runs deepest due to the melting snow and ice, and least threatening during the late summer when the water level falls under pressure from the heat. (Created by Cade (inactive characters).)

Cors Ossum

With a name that translates to "boneyard", the Cors Ossum is obviously a dreadful place that somehow manages to be far more grisly than the rest of the Ghastly Woods. Tangled, dead trees makes traversing the area difficult, and the air is thick with the rancid stench of death and decay, though those are not the most shocking aspects of this area. The floor of the Cors Ossum is literally covered in the bones, skins, and corpses of all manner of deceased animals in various states of decay, with a variety of theories as to how they might have ended up there. The Cors Ossum is named for Hollowheart Keep's Latin speaking patriarch Mapplethorpe, who was buried here. (Created by Kydnt.)

Skyfall Glen

Near the base of Mount Dire and on the eastern outskirts of Ghastly Woods sits a glacial lake that, just as it's namesake implies, holds the reflection of the sky. The shores of the lake at first glance appear to be coated in white sand, however, upon closer inspection it becomes clear that it's actually just chalk. Despite the quiet serenity of the glen, the lake itself is teaming with life and houses an assortment of fish and aquatic amphibians. The lake is surrounded by both a thick forest and a mountain, therefore, those who visit are guaranteed a sense of privacy, as though the whole world is kept at bay. (Created by Alice.)

White Wolf Wake

Down river from the bramble falls, years of freezes and melts have eroded the creek that borders the ghastly woods leaving churning white rapids where once calmer waters once flowed. Haphazard stones still allow for a crossing but you have to watch your step, these stones are slippery when wet! Recently, stories have arisen of a young girl who slipped and drowned. It is said sometimes you can still see her ghost in the white water that surges over the stones as she tries to fight her way back to dry land. (Created by becuffin.)


Located in the center of the dark, dense forest, there is a stand of deciduous trees.  If you arrive in the morning, or during the winter, it appears to be perfectly ordinary.  But once the snow has melted, things change.  Any afternoon, especially hot, sunny ones, will find this forest floor completely blanketed in a dense fog.  The thick water vapor muffles all sounds, leaving the area eerily quiet, and feeling almost abandoned by all life.  Even as the sun sets and darkness falls, the fog remains for several hours, for the ground was warmed by the sun, and continues to put off the vapors.  It would be very easy to get lost here -- be careful where you step. (Created by Ace.)

Blackberry Fields

Black Thorn Downs

The northern edge of the Blackberry Fields creates a gentle slope as it approaches the nearby woods, here at the bottom of the hill thickets of blackberry bushes and trees intermingle. It is within these thick woods that the wolves of Black Thorn Downs once created their home, digging out a den beneath a fallen oak tree in the center of the territory. The foliage provides excellent cover from intruders, and those who are unfamiliar with the area run the risk of getting caught in the thorns that gave Black Thorn Downs its name. But now the territory is abandoned, free for any curious wolf to explore.(Created by Ghost.)

Luna Hill

A high point of land, the grass hill offers a clear view of the lower surrounding lands. A single tree sits atop the hill, providing shade to those who keep watch beneath it.

Wild Cherry Orchard

Arbol Rosado

Standing above the cherry orchard is one solitary cherry blossom tree, with pink leaves that stick out in stark contrast to the greenery around it. Its uniqueness makes it an easy location to find for meetings.

Lilac Lea

Before the Wild Cherry Orchard gives way into the Blackberry fields, there is a small meadow that seems to blend the colours together. Wild lilac bushes grow plentifully here, April-June the field is alight with pastel purples, pinks, and whites, and the strong floral fragrance can be smelled long before you can see it. Plump honey bees float from flower to flower in leisurely patterns and everything about this place makes it seem perfect for a nap. The rest of the year is not nearly as lively, but the bushes still provide some level of shelter against bad weather, although not much. In some years when snowfall is particularly high, the drifts will actually cover the bushes, almost creating the illusion of large waves. (Created by Ghost & Pinn.)

Heartleaf Creek

Beaver Dam

This dam, which is kept in good repair by the beavers who live there, is located where The Wildwood, the Thicket of Secrets, and Cedarwood Forest meet. It provides an easy crossing point from one territory to the other.

Empress Riffle

Located at the confluence of the Heartleaf Creek and the run-off from Bramble Falls, this shallow section of water is marked with rapids caused by the rough rocky bottom of the creek. It is here the evergreen empress trees, with their heart-shaped leaves, begin to make their presence known signaling the transition from the wildwood into Heartleaf Creek. A relatively flat and open area fringed with charred trees to the east, the territory provides almost everything a wolf could hope for, from small stands of trees to a ready source of water. (Created by becuffin.)

Coho Pool

Near Dead Empress Backwater territory Heartleaf creek winds around a bend, then trickles down into an oval-shaped pool creating a small insignificant waterfall. The water is deep and favorable to Coho Salmon and is a common spawning ground for the fish species. During late winter and early spring, if one is observant enough with keen vision, a wolf may witness eggs hatching beneath the frozen surface. Eggs are easily mistaken for pebbles until they hatch. During summer months the deep water allows for a refreshing swim. Alongside the banks are slabs of rock ideal for sunbathing. At the foot of the pool, the water flows on back into Heartleaf Creek. (Created by WildFlower.)

Thicket of Secrets

Wildflower Glade

Near the center of the Thicket, the trees give way to a small glade covered by wildflowers. A serene place, it is well worth the trip it takes to find it.

Blissful Berry Patch

Near the edge of the thicket, sheltered from the open fields by a dense row of bramble, lies a small clearing, dotted in sunlight filtering through the wide canopy above. Trees and underbrush pull back, leaving an area of low vegetation, thriving in the secluded pocket of light. Nestled among the bright green leaves of clover and Salmons Seal is another, sweet smelling plant, growing heavy with small red fruits at the height of summer. The juicy berries are a lavish prize for those who find their way here at the right time of year, and the secluded space might prove perfect for quiet reflection all year round. (Created by PuppyThief.)

Secret Woodlands

Deep within the knotted forest along the eastern edge of the Thicket of Secrets lies a rocky den set into the earth. Thickets and brambles crawl along the jagged blocks of stone surrounding the den's entrance, where a narrow cleave in the rock allows entrance to a spacious den. The dense tangles of the surrounding forest leave the area secluded, yet just large enough for a wolf to slip through. (Created by Lightning.)
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,812 posts.

The Subterritories in The Heart.

These are the lands once frequented by the original Hidden Tree pack, and though those wolves are long gone, it still forms the heart of Relic Lore. Large masses make their way down here, from the mountains, permeating the area with rivers and streams, all lazing through the main forest, the Wildwood.

Bramble Falls

Hidden Grotto

Located above Bramble Falls, one of the smaller waterfalls creates a rock pool oasis before the water rushes down in its final descent. A steep trek, the view and the peaceful atmosphere are worth the work.

Sacred Grove

Swift River

Previous home to the fallen Tainn's after the wildfire in the Wildwood, the lands of Swift River are now quiet with only the sound of the flowing river. The water courses rapidly through the Sacred Grove, and the edge holds many large rocks and boulders.

Dogwood Strath

Located on the south-eastern edge of the Sacred Grove, where the ground begins to rise towards the serpent's spine, a forest predominantly consisting of pacific dogwood and lodgepole pine has remained relatively undisturbed in a wide shallow strath that finds itself dead-ended against towering cliffs that block the route to higher ground and any easy path toward the Lost Lake. The best time to visit is in summer when the dogwood is in full bloom, but it is a pleasant resting place most of the year with providing patchy sunlight and the sound of the swift river filtering through the trees, only hushed in the depths of winter. (Created by becuffin.)

The Wildwood

Hidden Tree

The old pack den of Relic Lore's original pack, the Hidden Tree Den is the only remaining evidence that a pack once lived in the burned portion of the forest. Currently, the den has been abandoned by its previous owners.

Blackened Down

Located between Charred Ash Draw and the old Hidden Tree spot is an uneven field that was once covered with tall trees that are no longer growing or are merely charred stumps from the fire. Tall grass has covered the ground making the perfect hiding place for small wolves and prey. On most days a light fog covers the area, but on the brightest summer days, the area seems to come to life. (Created by becca.)

Charred Ash Draw

Marked by blackened stumps and trunks of ash and spruce, the ground begins to slope upwards in three different directions until you find yourself nestled between two small ridges in the northern reaches of the wildwood. The fire-thinned canopy has allowed for a number of new plants to spring up in the understory, most notably a number of pacific dogwoods that burst into bloom during the warmer months of the year, and a few scattered stands of lodgepole pines. The draw itself serves as a wind buffer in the depths of winter while acting as a fall line and directing water away from the dug-out dens during the spring and summer rains for the wolves that have chosen to claim this small slice of the lore as their own. (Created by becuffin.)
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,812 posts.

The Subterritories in Southern Eden.

More open than its northern counterpart, these southern lands are no less of an Eden. Marsh and meadow interlace with cedarwood and willow trees to build a diverse landscape, especially popular with the healers and herbalists of Relic Lore. As well as this plethora of plant life, this area is also home to the largest open body of water within the Lore, the lagoon acting as a gathering point for prey and predators alike.

Cedarwood Forest

Cut Rock River

Named after the several flat rocks scattered through the territory, Cut Rock River is located in the western most regions of Cedarwood Forest. The water itself is shallow and the current not too fast; any surefooted creature could somewhat easily cross it. The trees diminish as you make your way to the central part of the territory, where hills are exposed as well as one of the main features of the area--the river passing along (and through) a large collection of smooth, jagged rocks. (Created by Mimi.)

Swallow Swallet

Swallow Swallet is a sinkhole that has developed on the very edge of Cedarwood Forest, beyond where the thickets disperse. Caused by underground erosion from the plentiful veins of water that run not only through the forest but through the limestone shelving underneath, this would-be dangerous formation has now settled. Deep water has gathered at the bottom, which is some 300 feet below ground level, feeding the creeping vegetation that is beginning to overtake the disheveled rock sides. Equally fascinating to behold is the single species of swallow that has chosen to overtake the gaping space as their colonial nesting grounds, feeding on the many insects that the water attracts until the chill of late fall chases them south. (Created by Cade (inactive characters).)

Limestone Bluff

These cliffs are one of the more distinct spots in the otherwise uniform cedar forest, their elevation affording a spectacular view of the surrounding lands. The pine-needle strewn ground suddenly gives way to a nearly vertical drop, layers of rough rock exposed along the cliff's wall if one dares to look down. At the base of the bluff, large holes where water has bored through with the help of time are pocked into the stony surface. The largest of these are wide enough for a wolf to walk through, and lead to systems of long, damp snaking caves. (Created by Kydnt.)

Frog Chirp Creek

At the headwaters of Cut Rock River, the fall of a great oak years before provided a small portion of the river with a second tract to follow through Cedarwood Forest. This small creek bubbles over lichen-covered stones that have already been worn smooth by the water's passage, providing the perfect habitat for the many amphibians that can be heard singing at the riverain edges, especially at dusk. As the creek travels farther south towards Grizzly Hollow territory, the creek's boundaries become less clear and it acts to supply a swale that seems perpetually moist even when the rains have not been prominent. (Created by Vet.)

Jasper Rocks

A small rock pool formed by Heartleaf Creek as it flows through the forest; the pool is home to small fish who have gotten caught by the large rocks blocking the water's path.

Laurel Thicket

East of Jasper Rocks lies a copse of younger generations of cedar intermixed with pine and aspen. The distance between the trees provides ample sun for various flowering shrubs below. Most notable are the mountain laurel. The flowering shrubs remain evergreen throughout the seasons, though the flowers tend to blossom in spring and summer. Cautionary tales of the toxic properties of ingesting the plant tends to keep most away from the area. However, in the center of the area, a wolf has dug out a birthing den which burrows beneath interwoven roots of the young trees above. (Created by Vet.)

Grizzly Hollow

Time has been kind to the depths of Cedarwood Forest where the wolves of Grizzly Hollow had once been. The trees have endured, sheltering the birthing den that had served as the safe haven for their Lore-born brood. When re-founded, a second den was established as the center of the territory, deemed a secure spot for its members against the southern hedges of the Thicket of Secrets. The territory lends itself to an ancient empire of closely-spaced cedars and a variety evergreens, stretching to the east to the reaches of Jasper Rocks, where Prosper and Theo Lyall have been laid to rest, and to the south towards the old bear den where Borden and Jaysyek had first made their claim in February of 2011. (Created by Grey.)

Iridescent Lagoon

Firefly Weir

The quaint, sequestered cove is tucked away along a bend in the lagoon's shore, hidden from view by the tree branches that intertwine just above it. For much of the year it is unremarkable, but on certain spring and summer nights the pool and its mossy bank are lit by the dim glow of dozens of fireflies. This hidden treasure was discovered by Lucero and Fenru, who came across it chasing fireflies under the light of the full moon. (Created by Allie  & Grey.)

Pookastone Scowle

On the north-western edges of the lagoon where trees from the cedarwood begin to encroach on its banks, a labyrinthine series of dips and hollows snakes between the trees. Moss covered rocks and a dense canopy overhead give the place an almost ethereal atmosphere, all paths seemingly leading to one central granite rock, an upright plinth spared a mossy covering for the clear ground that surrounds it, allowing sunlight to flood the clearing.(Created by becuffin.)

Lupine Rise

Lupine Rise is but another patch of land situated just off of which is all Iridescent Lagoon. At the north-western reaches of the Lagoon, it is the beginnings of an outlet moving toward the north unto the great Cedarwood Forest. A very sparse piece of woodland of rocky knolls, bleached out boulders, pale sands and short windswept trees. In the warmer months, the territory sports many brightly purple-blue lupine flowers, covering the majority of the land, of which the land is named. (Created by Vami.)

Hush Meadow

Whisper Caverns

Situated in the northernmost part of Hush Meadow, well hidden behind elevated hills within a small patch of forest, lies the former home of the Whisper Caverns pack. This land, found just south of Whisper Marsh, stays relatively dry due to its higher ground, and the now abandoned caverns once offered great security for the pack members. Now the spacious caves lie empty within the tiny swath of forest, free for any passers by to explore, and even with most of the dangerous half of the cave blocked off there is plenty of space to hide, should nature’s fury come down on any wolf passing through the area.

Roamer's Rest

Settled at the northern edge of Hush Meadow just as the forest to the north gives way, grows a large tree with a hollowed out bottom in the trunk. The tree is large enough for two adult wolves to hide in, providing shelter from the elements in between travel or a hideaway while waiting for prey.(Created by Vami.)

Tranquil Chase

Tucked away where the Daybreak Peaks fade into Hush Meadow is a tranquil stream, fed by a spring further up the mountains. It descends in a series of small falls and still pools, weaving down the rocky slopes among the trees. Isolated as it is it is devoid of fish, but amphibian wildlife is plentiful. Shortly before reaching the Meadow its brief journey aboveground ends in a rocky puddle.(Created by Fenrir.)

Whisper Marsh

Drowned Wood

On the margin of Whisper Marsh and the Drooping Willows stands a peculiar forest made entirely of long-dead trees, drowned where they stood when the marsh formed long ago. There is little more than the trunk left of many of the trees here, and the color of the wood has drained away leaving a drab, grey color that fits the somber quietude of the rest of the marsh. The water here is shallow, with a fine, muddy sediment below, and is a good place to search for catfish in the warmer months. (Created by Kydnt.)

Renegades Vigil

Between the tree line of Cedarwood Forest and the expansive, reed-dotted shores of Whisper Marsh, a lone cedar tree has now serves as a headstone for the late Borden Lyall, patriarch and Leader of Grizzly Hollow. On the northern end of the wetlands, the ancient giant boasts barren branches that droop over the water's edge; the air surrounding it seeming still and peaceful at most hours of the day. The high branches well beyond a wolf's reach are still evergreen with verdant pine needles, providing ample shade from the sun. It has been rumored that when the wind rustles through its boughs, the ever-watchful elder is present in spirit...(Created by Grey.)

Drooping Willows

Willow Ridge

Situated in the eastern heart of Drooping Willows, north of a shallow river and not far from the Riddle Heights, lies what was once The Willow Ridge Pack territory. Just as its name suggests, a small formation of rock gathers together to form both a high vantage point as well a cave once used for the pack's den. It is not by far an enormous cavern system of tunnels and stalactites, but a vast, open area fitting for a large pack of wolves with plenty of room to spare. A dug out underground den within the ridge's cave held supplies for Elettra's Infirmary, where thick and abundant smells of herbs and flowers emitted.(Created by Vami.)

Parkour Playground

Within the outskirts of the Dropping Willows to the northeast, there is one of many breaks in the sparce forestry. Here within this clearing, a great mother oak is sprawled. Moss covered limbs twist and turn, reaching out in great lengths up, down and all around. Inviting all those who have the want to lounge or practice their climbing and agility skills. This place makes for a great 'field trip' for rambunctious youngsters. (Created by Vami.)

Red Fox Run

On the northern border of Drooping Willows lays an area that is not run by the wolves of the Lore, rather it is owned by Red Foxes in the spring and summer months. Rolling hills hide a small pond that is fed by rain and snow run off, surrounded by fields of long grass and the occasional willow tree. The fields are dotted with burrows dug by generations of vixens bearing their children, raising them here in the spring and summer before abandoning them. It feels like an oasis when you are able to get it alone, and the dens can be used in the autumn and winter by wolves in need of shelter, but beware of protective mothers when it is kit season. (Created by Ghost.)

Fireweed Rise

Altar of Fire

The Altar of Fire is a pedestal-like stone at the crest of the knoll in Fireweed Rise.  The large stone is a large block, flat on top.  Around it is the famed fireweed, blooming through the spring and summer.  In the months of May and July, it is positioned just so that as the sun sets, it seems to sit on top the rock for several minutes.  Such a peaceful place is perfect for a rest, to get away from the hustle and bustle of pack life.(Created by Ace.)
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,812 posts.

The Subterritories in Serpent's Pass.

For years these mountains formed a clear border to the forests of Relic Lore, their towering majesty only scaled by the bravest of wolves. Those who dare climb the heights will find a surprisingly rich landscape: falls, rivers, lakes, cliffs and woodland paths, all drawing a steady stream of visitors, some of whom even choose to stay.

Mountain of Dire

Lucifer's Gorge

A gorge that leads through the mountain, if you are wiling to follow its winding path it attaches Red Fern Forest and the Ghastly Woods. Located between two sheer bluffs is a river of rapids with a narrow trail located along the sides, the water moves fast enough to envelop and drown any who stray too close. The trail disappears in spots causing the taker to have to climb shelves of the bluff until the path reappears. (Created by Ghost.)

Midnight Plateau

From the outside and to anyone who is not aware of its presence, the sanctuary is hardly detectable and takes careful knowledge to slip inside. The high rocks surrounding the area provide perfect shelter from any onlooker, and truthful to its name, the plateau is the first place that bathes in the morning sun, as well as sees the darkness of night. (Created by Shadow.)

Rogue Outcrop

While there are many outcrops along the mountain trails, this one is the biggest and the most off the beaten path. A wall of almost unclimbable rock, it takes hard work to get to the top, but once you do, the astounding view is well worth it.

Dragonveil Fold

Folded snugly between the Mountain of Dire and the Red Fern Forest rests Dragonveil, named for the safety it provided to the One-Eyed Dragon and his Priestess in a moment of duress. Dragonveil Fold is a verdant foothill right at the base of the Mountain, dotted with sparse vegetation and boulders that jut heavenward from the rugged landscape.  A chilly underground spring surfaces briefly at the crease of the Fold, providing a stream of fresh water to the inhabitants of the mountain oasis. The great Mountain stands silent watch over the cloister, sheltering resident wildlife in the caves concealed within its belly. (Created by Alace.)

Nomad's Pass

Nestled between the Mountain of Dire and a smaller mountain to the North, large cliffs rise on either side of the pass, providing a natural buffer to the cutting winter winds and heavy snowfall. The centre of the pass is split by a small mountain stream that cascades into waterfalls where the pass runs steepest. (Created by becuffin.)

Clearwater Tarn

Clearwater Tarn is a smaller secluded lake nestled on the lower altitudes of Mountain of Dire. The lake is nestled between peaks keeping it rather hidden from those who aren't keenly looking. The location is rather peaceful along with having lavish views of both forestry and mountains. Instead of a grassy shore for the lake, there is a shore composed of rough dirt and smoothed out stones mixed in. The flatness of the location offers a good resting place for any who stumble upon this place in their journey. (Created by Becca.)

Lost Lake

Hot Springs

A wolf will smell the hot springs before they can see them. Surrounded by a patch of dirt and small grasses, the hot springs are a warm retreat even in the heart of winter. (Created by becuffin.)

Poison Path

The dangerous mountain paths are covered with the deadly nightshade plant, a visual warning to any visitors. The Poison Path pack wolves that used to call this place home are no longer here, though they have left their mark with well worn paths and a hidden den site. (Created by becuffin.)

Fallen Tree Cove

Located on the northeastern side of the Lost Lake a peaceful cove extends out from the parenting lake which harbors the Fallen Tree Cove territory. Following the small inlet one finds themselves shaded by the canopy of pine trees on one side and the waters of the lake on the other. Continuing a few yards inland from this inlet is where the pack calls home to a rocky den created by avalanches that ripped down the mountainside during the brutal winter of 2013, nearly unnoticeable by the untrained eye. The den is protected on three sides by large boulders with fallen trees littering the sides of the boulders acting as a blind over the entrance, concealing the den from those who don’t know its exact location, making the cave fitting for the Lost Lake that seems to appear and disappear on its own. Venturing further north the terrain begins to change as soft soil and pine trees thin to give way to scarce vegetation and gravel as one grows closer to the base of the Mountain of Dire. (Created by Arya.)

Cougar Pit

Just beyond the Sanguine Cove borders, a piece of the ridge has fallen into a crevasse to form a pit, where the large rocks form many hide-aways for animals of all sizes. A cougar took refuge here while raiding the nearby pack's caches and plaguing their territory. After the pack successfully exterminated the rival, the area became known as the Cougar Pit. (Created by Cade, PuppyThief & Flywolf.)

Cairnstone Climb

A rocky escarpment jutting out from the western shore of the lake's forested edge, Cairnstone Climb is accessible if you know where to look for the path. The drop off at the edges is sheer, but there is solid footing on top, and little danger in good weather conditions despite the dizzying views unless one wanders too close to the edge. The stones here seem to be weathered and balanced almost like natural cairns. Additional, more purposeful memorials have been constructed in recent times. During the autumn, sparse vegetation lends a splash of vivid color. The place offers a peaceful, if dramatic, overlook and respite for the weary soul. (Created by Winter.)

The Pit

As one walks the spine of the mountain range leading North from Lost Lake, they might stumble across The Pit. It is a gaping opening into the earth, with walls so steep it would be difficult to climb back out of without assistance. Looking down into the spiraling mouth, eventually all that can be seen is pitch darkness without an end. Very few have entered its depths and returned to tell of what they've found. (Created by Cade (inactive characters).)

Riddle Heights

Silent Moon Plateau

Nestled close just above the foothills of Mount Dire, Silent Moon Plateau is a vast expanse of flat greenery. Shadowed by a more ominous slope of the mountain, the plateau is accessible only on three sides. Surrounded in a thick forest of evergreen pines, firs and the rare hardwood tree, a winding creek cuts through the more flat expanse, seemingly flowing from a miniscule waterfall just outside the terrain. Lower elevations keep the seasons ever changing here, and if one looks over a steep overdrop to stare at the moon that enlightens the entirety of Relic Lore, one could easily agree with its namesake. (Created by Rachel.)

Mount Hollow

Located at the base of the Riddle Heights, the cavern of Mount Hollow faces the expanse of the Drooping Willow forest beyond. The cavern looks previously used as a home, perhaps to a cougar or bear. It is a perfect spot for scouts or loners to rest as they pass from one side of the mountain to the next or even as a secret escape for a traveling pair. (Created by Vami.)

Underground Sea

Hidden within Riddle Heights is a vibrant blue lake. A small trickling waterfall spills fresh water down from the rocky walls. The cavern is dimly lit, rays of light coming through in patches through the rock ceiling. Circling the pool is a small rocky pathway, where at the other end an exit exists that opens up in Dragonfly Fen. (Created by Vami.)

Archainn Tunnels

Deep in the catacombs beneath Riddle Heights there are many routes to choose from. Wolves looking to use the pathway leading past the Underground Sea out into the daylight often get lost in the network of options to the left and to the right. Some never return. If one happens to take a particular left when heading east, instead of the brooding marshes of the Fen they will find themselves in a wide, well worn darkness. The tunnel network leading away from the Underground Sea are much broader than the rocky cut-outs beyond. At one point, perhaps, these tunnels were once the raging subterranean river that lead to the formation of the modest pool and other tunnels in general. The complete darkness has made the cave a lovely home for a colony of hoary bats. (Created by Sarah.)

Aurora Heights

Aurora Heights is due north of Silent Moon Plateau, where an amphoral stream runs near one of the local peaks. At night, the thin air allows a gorgeous view of the sky, as if it is the very window to all the worlds beyond this one. The ground here is rocky and sparse, but pines and firs still grow, making a breathtaking backdrop to the nightly show of lights during the winter months. There is a certain degree of magic here, if you can tolerate the exposure.(Created by Ace.)
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The Subterritories in Vale of Secrets.

When the first wolves of Relic Lore descended down the eastern side of the mountains, they found deep, rich forests, permeated by dense mists and wild, snaking rivers; a paradise for prey and predators alike. Throughout most of the Vale, the distant rumble of these rivers, and hums of the numerous falls can be heard, a lullaby for the animals that call it home.

Dragonfly Fen

Verdant Mosses

The lands used to be referred to as a forest, but 'Mosses' is a much more suitable term. The old, vain trees that used to tower over the Verdant lands are now fallen over and have been converted into rotting stumps of wood. Green fungi has now taken over the area, and ferns, fungi, and mosses are everywhere. The place is teeming with creepy crawly insects, though occasional small prey can be found hidden in crevices. Shrouded in darkness and an eerie silence, Verdant Mosses has a sense of emptiness, though by no means is it uninhabited...

Clandestine Brook

When Coldwater Creek enters the Deep Forest, it gets swallowed by the darkness and becomes Clandestine Brook. Frequent flooding has caused the banks on both sides of the Brook to become eroded, and in some places, there is no definite bank at all, but rather it becomes one with the marshes. Though the Brook is shallow, often the water is so murky with mud from Dragonfly Fen that it is impossible to see the bottom. In general, fish avoid the Brook, though when it empties out into a pool at the towards the middle of Umbra Copse, some fish can be found for the hunting. Snaking through the entire Deep Forest, it provides the main water source for the inhabitants.

Phantom Hollow

Deep within the uncharted forest of Verdant Mosses lays an equally as uncharted expanse of land that hardly sees the light of day or night known as Phantom Hollow. It's lower temperature and lack of sunlight has caused a permanent layer of waist high fog to cover the forest floor making any unlucky traveler gain the sense that they were becoming a phantom, seeing nothing but white walls and the faint opaque forms of tree trucks. This leaves them having to rely on the remaining senses more than their eyesight and many times a lone traveler will end up walking in circles trying to find the end. (Created by AshBash.)

Dead-Drop Escarpment

What appears to be a really steep slope from the top, is the escarpment that is really a dead-drop into the forest below. Wolves who fall down this are lucky to survive at all, and those who catch their footing or can avoid it completely have nothing to worry about. Farther down the ridge-like area, is a slope that is safe to use to get down to the lower level. The materials that make up this hazard are stone and dolomitic limestone. (Created by Namara.)

Pitch Pine Trail

Within the sickly pine trees of Dragonfly Fen, snug between the Heights and the Copse, lay a peaceful protection of both flora and fauna. The creek wraps around its eastern corner to its west, meanwhile providing the pine trees and its flora the nourishment it needs to grow substantially within the Spring and Summer cycles. While the trees provide ample amounts of shade and stability, scattered throughout the territory are a few meadows that provide sunshine and fresh air.

Hidden Berry Hideout

As the ground slopes upwards to the mountains, the misty forests begin to thin out and the land under-foot begins to dry up. By some great coincidence, this has become a particularly fertile location for Relic Lore's largest —and perhaps only— pumpkin patch. In early spring these gourds begin to germinate, and come early fall there are hundreds strewn haphazardly for a quarter mile. The sizes and colors of the orange fruits vary wildly without anyone around to maintain the quality of the crop. Several large ones do, however, manage to grow every year. By the end of October this is a particularly well traveled spot by crows and other birds looking to feast on the over-ripened pumpkins. Four legged creatures, though, must be careful to watch where they step, as the network of vines is extensive and wild. In the off season, the land is just a simple stretch of lush field. (Created by Sarah.)

Umbra Copse

The Deep Forest

As suggested by it's name, the Deep Forest is the most unexplored and unknown subterritory in Relic Lore. It's deep, though no one knows how far, and its dark and foreboding atmosphere can put off even the most enthusiastic explorers. Though by no means uninhabitable, most people tend to shy away from the area, fearing its unknown and mysterious history.

Heiress Loch

Heiress Loch was discovered by two young cubs, stolen away by the Aniwayans, searching for a way out of the dark, foreboding Umbra Copse. The trees appear to almost guard this lake, warding away those who try to find it with the darkness the branches cast. The lake itself, however, comes as a relief to any traveler who makes it through to the heart of the copse. As Datura discovered when he stumbled upon the lake, this is the only place where the sun breaks through the forest and shines brilliantly upon the water's undisturbed surface. This lake was named for Taima, the self-proclaimed Heiress of Grizzly Hollow, and made as a gift to her after they quarreled. (Created by Sarah.)

Celestial Falls

The first waterfall is somewhere around 50 feet high. Below, a wolf could see a shimmering pool of cerulean water, clear enough to see the fish swimming in the depths. Any wolf could see the bottom and begin to doubt its depth. Further inspection would show that the pool opened into another, much smaller waterfall, roughly ten feet tall. Surrounding the pools were trees of all sizes with brightly colored flowers and rocks that glistened in the moonlight with the moisture from the falls. (Created by Namara.)

Clandestine Brook

When Coldwater Creek enters the Deep Forest, it gets swallowed by the darkness and becomes Clandestine Brook. Frequent flooding has caused the banks on both sides of the Brook to become eroded, and in some places, there is no definite bank at all, but rather it becomes one with the marshes. Though the Brook is shallow, often the water is so murky with mud from Dragonfly Fen that it is impossible to see the bottom. In general, fish avoid the Brook, though when it empties out into a pool at the towards the middle of Umbra Copse, some fish can be found for the hunting. Snaking through the entire Deep Forest, it provides the main water source for the inhabitants.

Cold Water Creek

The creek twists and winds it way throughout the Vale, providing the main water source for the wolves in the region. Gaining it's name for the ever-present cold temperatures of its waters, some wolves say that it offers the most refreshing drink in Relic Lore. Though the exact source of the Creek has yet to have been found, it has been followed up, over the Pass and into the depth of Mountain Dire itself. Some claim that following it can lead to the Secret Falls where it crashes over the rock face to make the hidden waterfall, however it has never been confirmed as those who follow it have been known to say that the Creek is never ending in its travels around the Valley.

Ephemeral Apse

Deep within the thickest parts of Spectral Woods lies a tiny area that is very easy to overlook. Especially considering the fact that it is surrounded by dense thorn bushes. Some might call it haunted and scary, and some might call it enchanting and charming. The ground underfoot is spongey and covered in dense moss, and laid over it in a blanket lies a thick blanket of odd, pinkish-purple flowers (a subspecies of potentilla) that don't seem to care about the lack of sunlight that the little cove provides them. They grow in the late Spring, all throughout Summer, and early Fall, but die off in the cooler months. The flowers themselves give off a sweet aroma that attracts honeybees and butterflies during the day, and  brings fireflies at night. In the winter, however, the place is dead silent and void of life of almost any sort. If one were to use their imagination, the warm Summer breeze that ghosts over the flowers might sound just a bit like the pawsteps of a couple of adventurous young wolves. (Created by Van & Grey.)


Though the darkness of Umbra Copse is seemingly archaic, tucked away in its southern reaches it is possible to discover an astonishing change in the density and gloom of the woods. Several hundred years ago a single Populus tremuloides seed took root and the crisp white-barked, shivering tree began to flourish and multiply its root structure into the impressive colony of quaking aspen that it is today. Each tree in the forest is a clone, connected to all the other trees as one single organism—though one wouldn't notice this from the surface. In late autumn this forest turns a brilliant yellow before the wind picks all the leaves clean, leaving a sparkling boneyard of white trees in the snow. The trees grow relatively farther apart from each other than average for Umbra Copse, leaving the place bright and airy such that it is a haven for small critters and herds of deer. Quaking Vale is a welcome respite from the more usual darkness of the Vale—one of its best kept secrets, perhaps. (Created by Sarah.)

Spectral Woods

Cold Water Creek

The creek twists and winds it way throughout the Vale, providing the main water source for the wolves in the region. Gaining it's name for the ever-present cold temperatures of its waters, some wolves say that it offers the most refreshing drink in Relic Lore. Though the exact source of the Creek has yet to have been found, it has been followed up, over the Pass and into the depth of Mountain Dire itself. Some claim that following it can lead to the Secret Falls where it crashes over the rock face to make the hidden waterfall, however it has never been confirmed as those who follow it have been known to say that the Creek is never ending in its travels around the Valley.

Chinook Coulee

Along the eastern side of Spectral Woods lies a moderately sized canyon carved into the earth, the influence of the nearby Sierra Hills evident in the stone that juts at jagged angles between the evergreens that line its slopes. A thick mist obscures the upper reaches of the coulee, but as one descends to the bottom a true treasure can be found. A deep creek meanders through the canyon's heart, feeding lush shrubs and grasses along its bank. Salmon reliably return to this creek to spawn year after year, providing a veritable bounty to any would-be fishers. Created by Kydnt.

Memorial Mound

In the depths of Spectral Woods, where the fog grows so thick that even the closest trees disappear from sight, the forest suddenly opens up into a small clearing. Sliver's of sun light, burning away at the mist, reveal a small mound, covered in lush grass and scattered weeds. At the crest of the little hill sit a strange sight: Lain into the earth are two small rings of oval stones, separating out circles of colorful flowers from the surrounding grass. And in the center of one sits an impressive moose skull, safely anchored in the dirt, still attached antlers spreading like wings above the display. It is clear that this place was constructed as a memorial a long time ago, though by and for whom seems long forgotten. (Created by PuppyThief.)

Oak Tree Bend

Near the base of the Sierra Hills meanders a shallow, gentle stream next to the rising red rocks. The dark forests around loom on the horizon, but the trees are sparse here, allowing for more sunlight to reach the mossy ground. Only a stone's throw away from the creek the trees open up in a glade, with an old, majestic oak at its center. On the sloping edge of the clearing, the Oak Tree Bend wolves had once dug their main den beneath a cluster of angular rocks hidden away in the scanty thickets. (Created by Shadow.)

Sierra Hills

Red Rock Falls

Concealed in the far east, amongst the sandy red slopes of Sierra Hills lies an oasis in hiding. The easy flow of water, originating from a spring outside the Lore, has worn down some of the stones and in turn formed a waterfall. Rather than plummeting down in one mighty rush, the water branches off into smaller offshoots that trickle off the sides, like rain dripping off the mouth of a cave.  In the centre of the tiered falls is a cerulean pool - a perfect reprieve from arid land surrounding the area. That is if one can find it first. (Created by Alice.)

Sanguine Sands

On the southeastern end of Sierra Hills runs a gorge that's difficult to spot without the right altitude. The south end is blocked off by great slabs of broken rock. What happened to cause it is uncertain, but it effectively and abruptly ends the gorge. The northern end curves west while the walls gradually sink down to become uniform again, though it curiously runs out sooner than one would think, pointing toward Cold Water Creek. Though the water that carved this tall trench has long since disappeared, it left behind a strange coating of deep red sand. When the sunlight streaming through shines on the path just right it glitters like freshly spilled blood. There is no path that leads directly down to the red sands, but if one looks closely enough there is a series of steep trails and ledges that, with some confident leaps, will lead to the crimson depths. (Created by Ver.)

Red Fern Forest

Rissa's Rest

Just a couple hours walk from the base of the Mountain of Dire lies a peaceful glen nestled among the red ferns. It is here that young Rissa lost her life to the Aniwayans. In the glade itself, the ferns have given way to a carpet of wildflowers and taller rhododendron bushes. In the summer they sport a multitude of pristine white flowers, and the glade attracts a surprising amount of colorful butterflies. During the winter months it is an oddly quiet place where all sounds are muffled, as it is usually covered in a thick blanket of snow. (Created by Fenrir.)

Magnolia Glen

The stark darkness of the Vale of Secrets lingers across most of the region’s territories, yet nestled between Red Fern Forest and Spectral Woods, a serene yet small valley that offers the warmth and brightness of the above sky and nature’s elements. With part of the creek slipping between the valley crevices and as the likely cause of its formation, the bountiful source seems to feed the rather unique trees that scatter the bright lands known as magnolia trees. With fresh pink flowers that bloom within the spring and summer months, the lush moss and grass that sprouts across the small embankments and hills add to the lands beauty. Surrounded by trees that give privacy, Magnolia Glen is considered a small haven. (Created by Rachel.)

Skeletal Hill

Skeletal Hill is not a place for those of weak constitution. The glade is soundless, as many animals choose to avoid this part of the forest. But it is clear that at some point there was someone here once, as there are warning signs posted for a mile out in the form of small animal skulls hanging from low twigs. As one nears the glade, these skulls and become more frequent. At it's heart, there is a surprisingly organized hill of bones gathered from years and years of kills and scavenges. Notably, there are several skulls of wolves. Whether it is just one wolf who accrued the bones or many over time is not clear, however it appears there is no one who claims the boneyard now.(Created by Sarah.)

Cold Water Creek

The creek twists and winds it way throughout the Vale, providing the main water source for the wolves in the region. Gaining it's name for the ever-present cold temperatures of its waters, some wolves say that it offers the most refreshing drink in Relic Lore. Though the exact source of the Creek has yet to have been found, it has been followed up, over the Pass and into the depth of Mountain Dire itself. Some claim that following it can lead to the Secret Falls where it crashes over the rock face to make the hidden waterfall, however it has never been confirmed as those who follow it have been known to say that the Creek is never ending in its travels around the Valley.

Secret Falls

Darkwater Rapids

The old home of the Darkwater Rapids pack, this section of forest was flooded out in Fall 2013, completely destroying the old den site. The winding river carves through a deep ravine before eventually descending to fuse with the stream that feeds the mysterious Secret Falls. Shrouded in shadow and guarded by a thick, mossy woodland, this tributary is so deep and fast in places that it is nearly impossible to cross. White rapids punctuate the dark, clear appearance of the water for which the territory is named, and the area is teeming with life despite the danger the river exudes.

Quarry's Rush

Not far from Secret Falls, as the water flows south en masse, the river makes a sudden sip through a series of sharp turns, rushing over a bed of smaller stones and boulders, carried and shaped by the current for generations. In spring the water surges, flooding over the rocks at high speeds, carrying with it debris from further up stream, along with any living creature not swift enough to get out of the way. This makes the Rush an ideal place for scavengers to hunt among the stones, taking heed that the current doesn't whisk them away as well. (Created by PuppyThief.)

Velo en Cascada

Near the roar of Secret Falls, a smaller offshoot of the stream tumbles over a steep wall of stone. While it is much smaller than the parent falls, Velo en Cascada is still a breath-taking sight. Beneath the veil of falling water is a small, dry cave, perfect for a hideout in all seasons. Even during the winter, a frozen river of ice keeps it tucked away from all those, save who have discovered its secrets.(Created by Ace.)

Broken Timber Pines

The grove is bordered by the treacherous Secret Falls on one side and the imposing Mountain of Dire on the other. Partway between them, after the slopes give way and before the crash of the water drowns all sound, was once a home for tough, tenacious wolves. The streams that meander towards the falls are peaceful now, but the land tells a story otherwise. Huge fallen trees lie in every direction. In some places they have toppled like dominoes, allowing rain and precious sunlight to reach every inch of the forest. A few red-cedar still stand proud, while quick-growing alder and salmonberry have started filling in the undergrowth. (Created by Emma.)

Princess' Place

Where the dense forest meets the open grass lies a small meadow, chock-full of vibrantly colorful wildflowers that bloom throughout Spring and Summer. The clearing is painted in every color on the spectrum and gives off an air of playfulness, peace, and joy. It emanates with sweet smells, and often attracts honeybees and butterflies of various colors and sizes that only add to the veritable rainbow of colors that spatter the ground.To the immediate west is a small hedging of golden rye grass, and beyond that, one can see Mount Dire in the distance. To the east lies the deep forest surrounding Shallow's Edge. One can say that it is almost like the meadow itself has a proverbial paw in two worlds. (Created by Van & Cade (inactive characters).)

Shallows Edge

Hidden well within the forest surrounding Secret Falls is a small, unassuming lake. Fed by a series of tributaries that diverge from the grand waterfall, the lake is so well-concealed by the trees that it has only recently been discovered, despite the fact that several packs once called this area home. At first glance, the water seems pleasant and calm, the perfect place to take a dip. But if you wade in, the shallows suddenly drop off into a deep, deep lake – so deep, in fact, that light doesn’t reach the lakebed. The territory surrounding the shallows is a safe haven, with many natural caves concealed within broken trees and rocks worn away by decades of falling water. (Created by Alice.)
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The Subterritories in Snowmarch Expanse.

To the north, Relic Lore's mountains flatten out into a vast lowland, filled with tall trees and thick grasses. From Kingsfall in the east to the Stonewatch Timbers in the west, everything in this land seems bigger. Even the animals who live here seem to grow larger than the average. The main water sources are large bodies and a few, broad rivers, carving through the landscape, providing the herds attracted by the grassy plains with great amounts of fresh water.

Larkcall Lowlands

Kettle Pot Pond

This is a kettle lake in the southeast area of the lowlands was previously carved out by a glacier.  A permanent watering hole, it is almost completely round, save for a miniature cove on one side.  It is about 1.5 km in diameter, and about 30 feet deep at its lowest point.  Tundra grasses line all the way to the lakeside, and not far are waves of fireweed.  It is populated by some shiners, deposited by some foolish birds, and while there are a handful of sunfish as well, it's hard to make a meal out of them.  It is much more heavily populated by frogs and other amphibians. (Created by Ace.)

Antler Ring

Atop a small rise on the otherwise flat tundra, attractive to any wolf who might seek a broader view of the surrounding areas, sit a peculiar sight. Bone-white antlers, dropped by long gone caribou, have been arranged in a small ring on the very peak of the hill, standing out starkly against the slate grey of the mountains on the horizon. Looking to have been all dropped together, as if on command, in a perfect circle, the sight might bring an eerie feel to the more superstitious, as no one can say who arranged them so, or why. (Created by PuppyThief.)

Edge Stone Pool

Edge Stone Pool is the product of a runoff water source that starts at Kettle Pot Pond and works its way south. Located in the southern regions of Larkcall Lowlands it resembles a pit that goes down about ten feet to reach the pool of water. When you get closer you notice multiple tiny waterfall-like sources that feed into the shallow pool at the bottom. In the winter and late fall the pool freezes over, making for a good skating area for pups and adults alike. In the warmer months, the water stays cool thanks to constant flow and the shade's protection. With some stones in and against the walls of the pit, it is not impossible to reach the pool perhaps just tricky. (Created by Becca.)

Thunder Bowl

West of Whitestone Monadnock and north of Wild Rye Fields a forgotten crater sits as it has for time immemorable. Its gentle sloping sides could easily be missed as just another roll of the tundra until you reach the lip, a wide basin spreading out before you in an almost perfect circle. The bottom is littered with sharp stones strewn between the tundra groundcover. (Created by becuffin.)

Traitors Tor

In the far northern reaches of Larckall Lowlands, perched atop a steep hill are five granite rock formations. The tallest, most impressive stack stands at the centre of the peak, almost as though it had been deliberately placed there by some unknown force. The ground surrounding them is littered with large rocks, suggesting that there had once been more but they had collapsed after being unable to withstand the test of time and the forces of nature. Due to it's high elevation and the cold wind that batters the summit, very little plant life has been able to take root. On the rare occasion that the air is still, an unnerving sense of unease settles upon the summit. What was this place used for? And why does it feel so wrong? (Created by Alice.)


At the farflung northern reaches of the Lowlands rises an imposing promontory, its craggy southern face adorned with hexagonal organ-pipe columns - a silent reminder of a long since extinct volcano. The small shallow lake at its base is littered with the scattered debris of columns that have succumbed to gravity, some larger than a wolf on his rear legs is tall. When you finally manage to skirt the water and traverse the steep and rocky ‘goat track’ to the peak of this imposing structure, a grassed flat top awaits - marred only by a scattered reef of granite and quartz. On closer inspection, the pale rocks are veined with gold, although this is usually only apparent when the stones are kissed with the first rays of morning sun, or when the sun first breaks through the clouds after a summer storm.(Created by becuffin.)

Wild Rye Fields

Right at the edge of the Lowlands, where open fields meet the forested out-runners of Serpents Pass, flowers and more common grasses give way to a much brighter sort. Waving ears of wild rye stand high, blanketing the rolling hills in a golden sea, from mid spring until the first winter storms knock down the stalks. The fields run all the way to the tree line, only yielding for lighter underbrush where the low pines put the ground in shade. Out in the open, the grain is almost uncorrupted, only a rare few weeds managing to hold their ground among the yellow stalks, mostly along the banks of the wide creek cutting straight through the hills before pooling near the forest's edge, forming a small basin. Close by, among the shelter of the trees, a small den is dug out between the roots of a lone oak in the midst of a wood of pines. (Created by PuppyThief.)

Stonewatch Timbers

Round Stone Crest

At the center of Stonewatch Timbers lies a large hill, or rather a small mountain, owing its size to the several other hills that are nestled around it. On its peak, a single boulder of almost perfectly circular shape marks the entrance to the old den, once home to the wolves of Round Stone Crest; a large stone cave formed by wind and rain over time. The northernmost side of the hill has been eroded into a messa, sparse of any vegetation it creates an easy advantage point to see the surrounding areas. And snaking around the eastern base of the mountain is a slow stream, the main water source of the pack that once roamed here.

Bowed Maple Bend

Bowed Maple Bend gets its name from the large, strangely formed Maple tree along its western edge. The tree hangs out quite a distance over the water offering ample shade, and it possesses a split trunk. One section of the tree curves down and away, giving it a peculiar shape. What appears to be a large pond is actually a slow moving section of the river that passes through the Nightingale Palisade as it collides with the Timbers. The hills to the south and west force the river to bend sharply northward where it narrows and quickens. This change in direction has created an expansive pool over time with relatively clear waters and gently sloping banks; offering a haven to many aquatic species. (Created by Jenandra.)

Leigh Glen

Leigh Glen was named after the late alpha and founder of Round Stone Crest, Minka Leigh, by her subordinates after she passed within the gulch's verdant depths. Located at the base of the mountains which dominate Stonewatch Timbers, the glen was created by erosion caused by one of many off-branching streams. The water has exposed the layered slabs of rock that serve as a skeleton to the small range and opened up a once sealed-off cave, birthing a small waterfall and a shallow but wide pool of pure azure water. In the summertime and early fall, this source feeds a flourishing clearing of verdant clovers and wildflowers. During the day, it is blanketed by migrating butterflies. At night, it is overtaken by fireflies. The peaceful glade is isolated  by a curtain of thickly clustered crabapple trees. (Created by Cade (inactive characters).)

Chanting Chase

The Chanting Chase is a peaceful patch of timbers separated by lengths.  When the wind blows through these trees, it sounds like whistling or singing.  The grass is low, but present, and beams of light shine through the incomplete canopy.  Pines dominant the territory, leaving the understory easy for a wolf to navigate. (Created by Ace.)

Dried Stone Wash

Resting on the edge of Stonewatch Timbers near the Thicket of Secret is a rocky formation filled with rounded off stones heading downward on a slope. It appears to have once been a riverbed that dried up. Small plant life grows directly around it and it provides a small yet relieving break in the treeline of the dominant Timberlands surrounding it Occasionally, water will puddle between the rocks, particularly after melting snow or rainfall and sometimes winter is able to preserve it. (Created by Namara.)

The Stonewatch

As you path through a thick knot of trees in the hillside, there is a clearing with some very curious stones. In this remarkably level and stomped-open clearing are rocks. But rocks on top of rocks. There are rocks that are very skinny and irregular in that the lines seemed perfectly straight. Entirely unnatural in this wild word, and something most wolves do not have the words to describe. They are all about the same size and shape, identical. And spanning two tall ones, rising straight out of the ground, is one flat looking one. They are covered in moss. (Created by Sarah.)

Turtleback Lake

The Cougar Eye

Born from the same geothermic source that heats the hot springs of the Lost Lake, the Cougar Eye is a still, torrid pool tucked between Turtleback Lake and the rocky ingress of Serpent’s Pass. The steam rolling from the surface of the Cougar Eye is sulfuric in scent and perspicuous to a wolf’s nose long before he or she stumbles upon the distinct visage of the Eye itself. Trickling seeps of lakewater cool the pool just enough for the Eye to support teeming bacteria growth at its fringes, affecting the pigmentation of the pool to produce a striking golden ring around its perimeter. (Created by Alace.)

Porcupine Island

The southern-most island in Turtleback Lake is a safe swimming distance (about 2 miles) from the shore of the lake if one is willing to put forth the effort. Once up close, the namesake of the island becomes clear: the island is entirely covered and overgrown with pointy evergreen trees. There is barely space for anything else. Because there are so many trees blocking light from the underbrush, many of the trees are half dead or naked at least part of the way up, resembling the quills of a porcupine. The island is quite rocky, and the beach surrounding it is brief and pebbly. (Created by Sarah.)

Driftwood Surge

At the base of the mountain, where the lush forest surrounding Turtleback meets stone, lies the headwaters of Driftwood Surge. A cascading rush of water cuts through the forest, lined with towering cedars and over-sized boulders scattered haphazardly along the shore. There are a few calmer bends in the river, lined with pebble beaches opposite piles of driftwood, surrounded by a sea of evergreens. The ground is uneven as it shifts from mountain to forest; the beginning of the river is lined with towering rocks while the most eastern shores are more level and lush with foliage. On the mountain side a towering waterfall springs from the mountain, acting as the start of the tributary. As it meanders toward the lake it grows calmer and wider, acting as a beacon to both prey and predator alike. (Created by Arla.)

Vigils Keep

The stone of the forests crescented around the north shore of Turtleback Lake are deeply weathered in striking and labyrinthine ways, forming miniature canyons and twisting paths that resemble the hallowed corridors of castles and fortresses. In many places the erosion is incomplete and spotty, leaving behind bridges of stone and towering tors and tea tables, all used to the pack’s advantage. Many of these routes let out directly onto a rocky strip of beach, which is used as the pack’s main water source. This area is often thick with fog in the mornings.(Created by Cade (inactive characters).)

Possum Island

Far more likely to be found in the southern-most reaches of the province, it is rare to come across an opossum in the Lore. Yet if one crosses the waters of Turtleback Lake to explore her largest island, you will find a plethora of these curious critters. Chance and determination both led to their flourishing amongst the hardy pines, insect-filled grasses, ample fishing holes and diverse collection of wild berry bushes. The isolation of island living has protected them against predators and even kept them hidden from the ghouls of Relic Lore, until a mourning would-be father was driven to their shores in a bid to find the stillborn litter a final resting place. (Created by Cade.)


Zephyr Rill

A babbling, fast-moving stream, Zephyr Rill trails from the Kingswood into Turtleback Lake.  The cool water stems from a spring, and is aerated as it flows quickly over roots and cobble, often not flowing above a wolf's knees.  It is clear the stream bed is much younger than the forest around it, prone to shifting from in a given direction after the winter seasons.  Due to the spring, the stream does not dry up in hotter months, and provides a home for small invertebrates, daces, and shiners.  However, an experienced fisher may find bass in the deeper pools, caught under roots and trees were the water slows and collects. (Created by Ace.)

Lavender Ethos

Lavender Ethos is a clearing deep within the redwood forest of Kingsfall, close to the borders of Hearthwood River territory and large enough for the pack to gather within while a ring of giant sequoias stands sentry. Dappled light sprinkles down from the forest’s towering canopy and falls upon the ground of the Ethos, allowing for a scattering of lavender patches to flourish. The Ethos, a word that in Greek means “accustomed place,” doubles as a solemn assembly ground and as the final resting place for late loved ones, who are buried beneath the surrounding trees in order to watch over the concourse of the living. (Created by Alace.)

Fireglow Grove

Located just northwest of Hearthwood between the fork in the river, large Sequoia Trees stand watch over the water creating an area of shade. Vegetation under the trees is sparse in most areas. There are a few areas where the sun does shine through though, where the canopy is a little thinner. On most spring and autumn mornings fog settles thick and low under the canopy giving it a sort of mystical feeling. The fog usually lasts into mid-afternoon, slowly lifting as the day wears on. In winter the air is clear and crisp. (Created by Kai & Jacqueline.)

Hearthwood River

Amidst the mighty trees of Kingsfall runs a river that cuts through the forest, fuelled by the waters of Turtleback Lake. Sheltered by towering Redwoods, the territory is a vibrant landscape of lush vegetation and plentiful prey. Upon the banks and within these woodland, is where the wolves of Hearthwood River used to call home. Their den, dug into the roots of perhaps the tallest tree, is secluded from all prying eyes, the shrubs and undergrowth offering the perfect cover for any resting wolf. (Created by Mimi.)

Giant's Demise

Not far from the eastern shore of Turtleback Lake, in the southernmost part of Kingsfall, lie the remains of an ancient battle between the forces of nature. Here, the mighty redwood trees have been routed, toppled and broken, and the earth dredged up and washed away by a long-gone torrent of water which once passed through to join the lake. All that remains of it now is a wide, but shallow creek, inching its way along the bottom of the great hollow, bridged here and there by great tree trunks, and bordered by their shorn stumps, like tombstones for the fallen giants. (Created by PuppyThief.)

Windsong Fjord

Pasos al Cielo

Pasos al Cielo can be found where the slops of the fjord butt up against the northern most reaches of Mount Dire. The slopes have been worn into sheer faces, perhaps even small cliffs, by erosion from centuries past. Now, grasses and moss can be found clinging to the flatter surfaces, and perhaps the most intrepid of wolves could find a path among the rocky outcroppings, though most would be best served by enjoying the rock, and moving onwards towards a different path towards the summit. (Created by Ace.)

Sunrise Ridge

For most of the year the meadow isn’t anything extraordinary. After maneuvering through a dense forest the trees begin to decrease in number, growing in sparse clumps and sporadically throughout the clearing. These alpine larches, during their off season, are nothing to stop for; however, come fall, their needles begin to change. From late September to the beginning of November, the meadow appears to be on fire. The larches begin to change from green to orange, at a leisurely pace. The best time to visit is on a clear day, although it is just as beautiful when covered in a dusting of snow or beneath grey skies. As the first week of November rolls in, the needles drop, and all that remains is empty black trunks, giving the clearing an unsettling appearance.  (Created by Arla.)

Perilous Void

South-East of Whitestone Monadnock, where the Windsong Fjord and Kingsfall intersect with the Lowlands, an unassuming crack in the earth gives way to an underground river. During the warmer months, they can become completely inaccessible due to the rising table water. When the water levels are low (during the colder months), these tunnels become home to a colony of hibernating eastern pipistrelle and more active small-footed bats. (Created by becuffin.)

Devil's Staircase

There are no stunning vistas to be found here. Instead, one of the steams that feeds into the waters of the fjord offers a scenic but well-hidden formation. This place can be a welcome escape if one manages to discover it. The low cascading waterfall is located in a steep-sided, deeply forested dell of ancient old growth forest containing fir, cedar and hemlocks with an understory disorientingly thick with downed trees, ferns and vegetation with no proper paths leading to or from it. Here the stream descends down several ledges of worn and carved sandstone, creating alluring pools and a small series of cascades with the appearance of the stone resembling a flight of natural stone steps that could be climbed. The forests surrounding this place are especially ancient and diverse, the dense vegetation offering a home to eagles, fish, owls, black bears and more.  (Created by Winter.)

Glacial Slide

Nestled within the rugged embrace of the fjord, this sub-territory unveils a breathtaking panorama defined by an icy slope that doesn’t seem to melt. It descends majestically from the towering peaks above. The air is crisp and pure, carrying the invigorating scent of cold, pristine ice. The slope, glistening with a subtle blue hue, is a testament to the ancient glacial forces that shaped this awe-inspiring landscape. The ever-present chill in the air is a reminder of the harsh but beautiful environment that characterizes this slope. Yet, despite the apparent desolation, life persists. Hardy plants, adapted to the frigid conditions, cling to the rocky outcrops, adding a touch of green to the otherwise icy palette. Seabirds wheel overhead, their calls echoing through the fjord as they navigate the winds with effortless grace. This slope is not just a frozen landscape; it's a testament to the power of nature, a place where ice and water collaborate to create a scene of unparalleled beauty and serene grandeur. (Created by Tasha.)

Nightingale Palisade

Log-Fall Foss

About halfway through the Palisade, when the uniformity of the scenery has made most wolves' eyes blur, a flash of white cuts through the homogeny, the roaring sound of swiftly flowing water causing most passersby to pause. Here, a gathering of melt water from the mountain peak has cut a way down the steep side of the ravine. Even in the depth of winter, a small trickle continuously flows through the dark bed, the moisture attracting moss and other foliage, which grows lushly along the sides. Come spring, masses of water flush down the same trail, drowning out the tempted young plants and leaving even tall, sturdy trees tumbled in its wake; Such giving the waterfall name. (Created by PuppyThief.)

Panorama Peak

Representing one of the highest points of elevation outside of the mountains of Serpent's Pass, Panorama Peak almost manages to reach above the tree line. Tiny, tightly-packed scrub pines cover the areas not dotted with large rocky outcrops and grasses, affording a most spectacular and uninhibited view of the surrounding lands. The mountain is not particularly hard to climb from the east, where its slopes are much gentler. Nearer to the top there are large stretches of flattened terrain and smooth stone, making the journey typically easier the higher one ascends. The summit is composed entirely of stone and boulders, with vegetation clinging to its edges. Alpine species are commonly found here among the strong winds and mostly clear weather. (Created by Jenandra.)
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The Subterritories in New Eden.

For a long time this region was considered desolate, given its relative barrenness compared to the surrounding lands. When the Great Drought took its hold on the Lore, however, prey and wolves alike were driven west in search of water. From the lonely Moor to the mysterious fog of the Shroud, the earth seems to be hungering for something; it is wise to practice caution both with resources and the fellow wildlife. If you are brave and clever enough to discover it, there is one small oasis of bountiful prey, water and natural shelter nestled to the south.

Stormcloud Moor

None yet!

Pastel highlands

None yet!

Shroud of the Lost

Fisher's Split

Where the river begins to split in the southern Shroud, fog and mist is not an uncommon sight. Often times collecting over the water and giving a silhouetted view of the nearby sights. Such as the looming Daybreak Peaks further south. Without the fog, it's often times a drab place. Although it can be a lively intersection when the prey seasons are right. Offering ample fishing that predators may compete for along the occasionally exposed islets in the river. (Created by becca.)

Sleeping Meadows

The Shroud opens up for a moment's reprieve in this clearing and offers a herbalist's dream beneath the soft fog. In particular, one might recognize the vanilla-like fragrance of sweet grass as they walk through the meadow in warm months. However various other grassy herbs seem to flourish here in their respective seasons as well, tinging the air in floral scents. In the winter, one will only find an empty quiet world here instead, untouched by much of anything.(Created by becca.)

Sweetheart Hideaway

The story of this landmark redwood is incredibly long. It started its life over a thousand years ago, and at its prime it towered over other trees in the Shroud, contended with only by its own kind. Over time, disease and parasites alike took their toll, wearing it down year over year until the storms were able to pick it apart, each taking a piece until that once strong trunk gave completely. It left behind a stump with a diameter of 16 feet, upon which nature continued to feed. Now it stands hollowed, a near perfect shelter with a view of the canopy which sometimes lets through glimpses of sky. It's most recent stories remark upon the shape of its 'roof,' a near perfect (anatomically incorrect) heart. Many a romantic moment have been had here because of it. (Created by Cade.)

Lovers' Drop

At Lovers' Drop, the ground gives away suddenly into a chasm. At it's narrowest end is a waterfall that starts from beneath the earth, meaning it is unreachable without climbing down. Light does not reach far, and the end cannot be seen. It is unknown whether there is a pool of groundwater or a shelf of pure stone, nor if one would ever be able to find a way out even if they did survive the drop. The local wildlife remember stories of a river to another world, underground biomes that home monsters, and most notably, the one for which it is named. Many couples used to come for the beauty of the falls, but time eroded the integrity of the cliff's edge, until one fateful night a pair of young wolves sat too close. The ground fell away beneath one girl, and the other, overcome with grief, threw herself in after her beloved. From then on, the place became one to be avoided. (Created by Cade.)

Daybreak Peaks

The Wellspring

The lifeblood of New Eden is home to an abundance of waterfalls tumbling down from the rugged mountains. As a glacier fed lake, it is not an ideal place to swim in the cooler months, but it is a welcome sight on warm, summer days. The Wellspring mimics the roots of a tree as it branches off into several rivers that cut through to somewhere even further west...

Stepping Stone Causeway

As the river flows north, there is a section which stretches wide and yet is arguably navigable due to a littering of boulders throughout the water. These create rapids, especially when spring melt quickens the current, and therefor are slick with spray and algae. Crossing here is ill-advised, but technically possible. Where some see a dead-end, others may see a bridge. (Created by Cade.)

Glacier Caverns

This cavern has taken on the cold touches of glacier living that Daybreak Peak provides. Although the cavern seems cold year round, it is most certainly a sight to see during winter when ice forms thickest around the walls and leaves icicles hanging from the top. It is uncertain just how far back the network seems to go, but it's not advised to wander beyond where the light touches... (Created by becca.)

Otter Isle

Only those who are a strong swimmer may discover the secrets of Otter Isle. Scraggly trees give the island and its local wildlife shelter. Which seems to boast the heavy presence of river otters. There's a heavy sense of security (or is it isolation...?) among the untouched land in the river. The deeper one travels onto the island, the more the land seems to reach upwards into a tall hill. At the top, one will be rewarded with a stunning view of the island and surrounding river ways. (Created by becca.)
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