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Fallen Tree Cove — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

About Fallen Tree Cove.

Finding her way back to the Lore after being kidnapped by her father and his pack, Athena Moon went back to her love, Ash Hervok and daughter, Aurora Thanne , hoping they’d understand and welcome her back. Broken, bloodied, and one-eyed, she was shown little compassion in the eyes of Ash and Narimé Lagina when she arrived back on Whisper Cavern soil. Though she was accepted back by Narime, she never felt welcome like she was before. Knowing that she could no longer sit beneath Ash and Narime, she made her way to Fireweed Rise to get her thoughts in order. That’s where she met up with Silver, the Whisper Cavern’s scout. Silver voiced her comfort in Athena’s company and demanded that she go wherever Athena went from now on. Athena told Silver of her plans of leaving Whisper Caverns and creating her own pack once again and together they set out on a mission to recruit others and stake their claim on the Lost Lake.

Taking a scouting trip to the lake, Athena and Silver met their first founding member, aside from themselves, in Vespertio Vuesain. With a promise of power for Vesper if he completed her mission of finding another member, the three parted ways agreeing to meet back at the lake when Athena called and Vesper and Athena meeting back at the lake early at only five days to see if he succeeded in his mission. Five days pass and Athena meets up with Vesper and with him he brings her sister, Andromache Moon, that was out for her blood for killing their father. The two scuffle , Athena the winner and the two talk it out and Roma becomes the fourth founding member of Fallen Tree Cove.

Athena and Vesper meet up again and they discover the future pack den that was made by the avalanches that swept down the mountainside in the winter of 2013. They discover this nature made den, sheltered on three sides by fallen boulders from the mountains and concealed with fallen trees, in the cove on the northeastern side of the lake. Here they come up with their pack’s future name: Fallen Tree Cove.

The summer is a quite one for the wolves of the cove as they go about their lives and watch Namid's pups grow. For a long time it is not evident that something is wrong until just before winter strikes. After the loss of one of her pups Namid falls into a depression. When Moonshadow returns from her unannounced absence she is asked by Vespertio to take over as the lead female. She agrees to the temporary position and only a short time later it is announced to the pack. Many of the members have their own difficulties with this but they soon come to terms with it.

Shortly after Moonshadow takes over as lead female the cove wolves get a perfect opportunity to stock their caches. Vespertio comes across a bull elk that would feed the pack for some time. He calls the others and as a team they work to bring down the elk. As winter sets in it proves to be a harsh one but the cove wolves take it in stride. Just when they are in the thick of it they are joined by an old member Tagg and a new member Eido who help to bring hope to the cove. As the months pass Namid slowly starts to recover and shortly after they get their two new members she takes her place as alpha once more.

After being back under the Vuesain's rule for a month the threat in the form of a lynx threatens the cove. Namid with a number of her subordinates gather together to take down the cat successfully. A week later they are once again joined by an old face, Desideria, who has clearly changed since last they saw her. Still she is welcomed into the pack with open paws. As breeding season gets underway Tagg seeks permission to breed with Moonshadow and Kajika with Desideria. Both males are granted their permission however while Tagg and Moonshadow are successful Kajika and Desideria are not.

Kajika leaves the pack for a short time during which Moonshadow and Lunette go missing. Upon his return Kajika has brought with him Anaia from Whitestone Monadnock to join Fallen Tree Cove, she is accepted. The beta also learns of the missing females and set out with Tagg to find them. They find Moonshadow after a few days of searching in very bad condition but they bring her home and get her the help she needs.

Mere days after Moonshadows return Kajika discovers that Desideria has also gone missing. After a few hours of searching he discovers her body, she has been murdered. This discovery angers the pack and they vow to seek revenge. As the pack mourns the death of their lost member Lunette is returned to them by Leotie, a member of Charred Ash Draw, the pack where the young Vuesain had spent the time since her disappearance.

It is not long after the return of Lunette that Moonshadow gives birth to her litter. The pack is struck by both joy and tragedy as only one of the three pups Moonshadow gives birth to survives. In the month that follows Chan, Moonshadow's son grows and thrives loved by all in the cove.

Pack pride colors for Fallen Tree Cove are "Twilight Pink (#f757a7)" and "Sunrise Orange (#fd641e)."

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Important Events.

These are the noteworthy events that have taken place in the history of the Fallen Tree Cove pack. They can include pack meetings, changes in leadership, births or deaths, etc.

  1. 10/04/14
  3. Athena travels to Fireweed Rise to think about her future and comes upon fellow pack mate Silver, eventually voicing her plans of returning to Lost Lake to reclaim her previous home where Poison Path once stood.  
  4. 10/06/14
  5. Athena travels to the Lost Lake after planning to meet up with fellow Cavern member, Silver where the two women meet Vespertio Vuesain; a man who soon becomes the third founding member of Fallen Tree Cove .
  6. 11/4/14
  7. Athena Moon and Vespertio Vuesain bump into each other on the Northeastern side of the lake where the two discover a cove and rocky den perfect for the future pack.
  8. 11/21/14
  9. The group of wolves; Athena, Vespertio, Silver, and Andromache stake claim to the lake and Fallen Tree Cove is born.
  10. 1/15/15
  11. The Cove wolves take a big hit as a vast majority of its members suddenly disappear, including founding member and lead female Athena Moon. This disaster threatens to disband the pack.
  12. 3/20/15
  13. Vespertio and Namid begin a family together.
  14. 4/1/15
  15. The first official pack meeting is held
  16. 5/22/15
  17. Neha, Aleister and Cernan are born to Fallen Tree Cove.
  18. 12/03/15
  19. The frozen corpse of Anthem Coldheart, male second is discovered
  20. 5/02/16
  21. Vesper and Namid welcome their second litter, Ismena and Lunette to Fallen Tree Cove.
  22. 10/06/16
  23. Moonshadow steps up to the plate and becomes the new Lead Female after Namid steps down, considering herself inapt.
  24. 11/22/16
  25. Bull elk pack hunt.
  26. 12/14/17
  27. Tagg returns after being missing.
  28. 1/5/17
  29. Namid returns to her position as alpha.
  30. 2/2/17
  31. A lynx is discovered in the territory and the pack comes to defend their land.
  32. 2/12/17
  33. Desideria returns after being missing.
  34. 2/15/17
  35. Tagg and Moonshadow seek permission to breed and are granted it.
  36. 3/17
  37. Moonshadow and Lunette go missing.
  38. 3/28/17
  39. Moonshadow is found and brought home.
  40. 4/15/17
  41. Desideria is found murdered.
  42. 4/18/17
  43. Lunette returns.
  44. 5/3/17
  45. Moonshadow gives birth to one healthy pup and two still borns.
  46. 7/14/15
  47. Vespertio steps down and Kajika becomes male lead.
  48. 7/15/17
  49. Tagg goes missing.
  50. 8/1/17
  51. Namid steps down and Moonshadow becomes female lead.
  52. 8/5/17
  53. Tagg returns.
  54. 10/17
  55. Moonshadow steps down and Muses becomes female lead.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Noteworthy Members.

These are the members which have left a lasting impact on the Fallen Tree Cove pack. This recognition is not restricted to certain ranks, however all leaders, no matter how brief their reign, are listed.

— Founder.
— I. Leader, 21st November, 2014 — 15th January, 2015.
— Founder.
— I. Leader, 21st November, 2014 — present.
— I. Leader, 20th March, 2015 — 1st October, 2016.
— I. Leader, 6th October, 2016 — ???.
— I. Leader, 1st August, 2017 — 2nd October, 2018.
— II. Guardian. 14th December, 2014 — 3rd December 2015.
— I. Leader, 14th July, 2017 — Present.
— I. Leader, 2nd October, 2018 — Present.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Current News.


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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,571 posts.

Pack Pride.

Pack Pride images for the Fallen Tree Cove wolves. Thank you to Ashbash, Sarah and Grey!


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