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Things To Come In February
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February is the month of love and....other things

Posting Contest

For the month of February we will be running a posting contest! The rules are simple, starting February 1st until February 27th every post you make is worth 1 point (the site automatically counts these). You are also able to claim points for every thread completed during this time period:
  • 3 points for every completed pack thread
  • 2 points for every completed random event
  • 1 point for every other completed thread
Please respond to this thread with links to your completed threads and how many points you are claiming!

Players who score the top 5 highest points are eligible to claim a prize! Going in order from first to fifth, winners can claim the following prizes, but each prize can only be claimed once:
  • +1 to any litter in the 2022 breeding season - Selected by Cade
  • Access to all the spring skins
  • A special RE written for any character of your choosing - Selected by Tasha
  • An avatar set made by Pinn - Selected by Kai
  • An avatar set made by Cade - Selected by Flywolf33

Valentines Day Blind Dates

Ever wish you could have your character's go on a blind "date"? Well now you can! Sign up HERE by February 1st and get your wolf a date! These threads do not need to be romantic and are eligible for RE points if the thread is started in February. Simply respond to that thread using the form of which character(s) you would like to sign up, and what regions that are able to thread in, and February 1st you will have your pairing announced.
[Image: lMcNvW.png]


Top 5

  • Cade - 154 posts
  • Kai - 134 posts
  • Flywolf33 - 69 posts
  • Tasha - 52 Posts + 6 completed thread points - 58 points
  • Puppythief - 53 posts
all others can be found here: https://relic-lore.net/games.php?page=umtp

There will be one secret bonus prize for the winner of this contest!
COngratulations to our winners!
[Image: lMcNvW.png]
@Chan you are up first to select your prize!
+1 to a litter, please!
[Image: i9vuqb6.png]
@Sharlee your turn to pick!
An avatar set made by Pinn for Reika please.

@Nash your turn!
Avatar set by Cade for Archer please!