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Boardwide Plots — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,570 posts.

Boardwide Plots.

Throughout the history of Ruins of Wildwood, several larger plots have taken place to further the history of Relic Lore and create new challenges for our wolves and players. Many of these plots opened up new territories to explore as well as forcing pack- and lone wolves alike to work together and go outside of their comfort zones to protect their mutual home, keep it safe, thriving and happy.

Below is an archive of the past Boardwide Plots that have happened over time at Ruins of Wildwood. The timelines include a description of the overall plot with the individual events, threads, and characters that were involved.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,570 posts.

Boardwide Plot 1: When the River Runs Dry.

Summer has just passed in Relic Lore and it was a hot one... But was it fiery enough to slowly drain away all the water? At first this peculiar event went unnoticed; the water that flowed along Heartleaf Creek and down Bramble Falls was always lower in the summer with less rain and more evaporation, but this time it just continued to get lower and lower. Wolves were starting to notice it, and some to panic, wondering, what if it continues to drain away until it is all gone? Will it ever come back? How can a forest hope to sustain if it has no water to help the foliage grow and the animals to drink?

  1. 31/08/10
  2. A group of wolves has discovered the remains of a dead deer; cause of death: unknown.
  3. 10/09/10
  4. A dehydrated bear attacks an unsuspecting group of wolves.
  5. 11/09/10
  6. Indru and Lifdis start to contemplate and speculate over the depleting water sources.
  7. 13/09/10
  8. Ruiko warns a lone wolf about the disappearing water.
  9. 03/10/10
  10. The water in Heartleaf Creek is completely gone. The inhabitants of Relic Lore are now forced to find either another water source, or figure out what happened.
  11. 09/11/10
  12. With the sole guardianship of his younger brother and the pack now in his paws, Ruiko desperately searches for hydration.. even in the strangest places.
  13. 12/11/10
  14. A lone wolf joins the Swift River pack while most of the inhabitants of Relic Lore leave with the vanished water.
  15. 24/11/10
  16. Continuing his search for water, Ruiko abandons his pride and seeks the knowledge of Relic Lore's other pack, Midnight Plateau.
  17. 30/11/10
  18. After a short period of absence between them, Alexander and Amelie meet again, though under more stressful circumstances. They conduct a search for water in the Mountain of Dire — and find it they do. After they dislodge the boulder blocking the stream which normally feeds Relic Lore, the water returns.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,570 posts.

Boardwide Plot 2: Where the Wild Things Are.

A sturdy structure within Relic Lore for as long as any inhabitant can recall, the Mountain of Dire has coursed the length of the lands with a protective and yet ominous presence. Yet with time, lands change. A shift in the rocks resulting in a dangerous slide has opened a passageway for the wolves of Relic Lore — one that once would have brought excitement at the reveal of more resources and an opportunity of exploration. Some things are better left untouched...

  1. 29/11/12
  3. Slyscar inadvertently breaks up a fight between Tenzin and Rhysis.
  5. 04/12/12
  7. Rissa, one of Swift River's remaining pups, is mysteriously abducted by the stranger Fleetfoot. Broken-hearted, Aiyana embarks on a search but finds nothing, returning alone to bring the news to her family.
  9. 05/12/12
  11. Led by Ice, a search party from Swift River consisting of himself and Jessie and Fenru sets out in search of Rissa and her captor.
  13. 05/12/12
  15. Another wolf - Slimtail - from the strange, new pack makes himself known among a pair of rogue wolves and learns the upcoming establishment of a pack in the mountains.
  17. 06/12/12
  19. Ice, Jessie, and Fenru descend from the mountain range and into Red Fern Forest to discover Rissa's fate.
  21. 10/12/12
  23. Slyscar stumbles upon a group of wolves trying to help Narimé out of an underground cavern.
  25. 29/12/12
  27. Triell comes upon Taima in the Thicket of Secrets and finds himself unamused by her game of make-believe. While he goes to tell her pack that she is out on her own, unsupervised and beyond territory borders, she is swept away by a snooping individual who bestows upon the hotheaded youth a promise of a kingdom much more deserving of her.
  29. 30/12/12
  31. Slyscar puts the Poison Path guards on high alert when he stops by to their cubs.
  33. 31/12/12
  35. On the eve of the new year, Borden reveals to his most trusted Guard, Kade, that he is afraid of the sickness finding its way into Grizzly Hollow and the western ends of Relic Lore. Slyscar makes a stealthy appearance, sending the Leader even further into his paranoia as his son Renier joins them.
  37. 01/01/13
  39. A mysterious group of wolves gather at the Underground Sea in Riddle Heights.
  41. 02/01/13
  43. Slyscar, the leader of the rogue pack, eavesdrops on Rhysis as he attempts to learn of his mate's whereabouts, further confirming the upcoming arrival of another Relic Lore pack.
  45. 04/01/13
  47. Troubled by the many dead critters and animals fleeing west, Grizzly Hollow's leader Borden brings his brother Angier on a search into the Wildwood to find its cause. Instead they find Ice from Swift River, who is wondering about the same thing.
  49. 04/01/13
  51. One of the mysterious new wolves in Relic Lore has left a disturbing present in the Wildwood.
  53. 05/01/13
  55. Destin and Sibyl go exploring and discover a rabid fox hiding out in a cave. Little do they know, Dapplefur was watching them in the hopes of discovering more information about Slimtail's sickness.
  57. 13/01/13
  59. Suffering from multiple injuries after a scuffle with an unrelenting Leader, Anne is interrogated by Slimtail and consequently bitten, unknowingly infected with the strange sickness that plagues the land.
  61. 22/01/13
  63. After engaging in a fight with Willow Ridge member, Kanosak, Slimtail bites him and infects him with rabies. After witnessing the attack, Kiche races back to Willow Ridge to tell Elettra what he has seen.
  65. 22/01/13
  67. Upon hearing about the fate of Kanosak, Elettra calls a meeting for Willow Ridge to tell them the news.
  69. 23/01/13
  71. Mapplethorpe discovers a dying coyote; with Sagacity's help the two deduce that it must have come from the other side of the mountain range.
  73. 01/02/13
  75. Kanosak is willing to find anything to cure the sickness he carries inside of himself. Convinced by Slyscar that the golden Aquila boy will be his ticket to health, he makes his way to Nomad's Pass.
  77. 23/02/13
  79. Sagacity meets rabies-infected Anne, who is on her way to Nomad's Pass. She intercepts the sick wolf and does her best to send her away before she can spread the disease.
  81. 25/02/13
  83. Death comes to Willow Ridge as Kanosak returns not only to give more warning of the Aniwaya wolves, but to speak his dying farewells.
  85. 01/03/13
  87. Elettra calls a Relic Lore wide meeting in regards to the Aniwaya wolves and the spreading rabies, in the hopes to uncover more information and figure out a way to end the threat.
  89. 04/03/13
  91. From all over they come to risk their lives, gathering under Ice's command at the Bramble Falls. Unbeknownst to them, the loner Cisco is already fighting the disease-ridden Slimtail, sacrificing his own life for theirs. As the wolves of the Lore come to Aniwaya's home turf the two remaining members, Fleetfoot and Slyscar, reveal themselves. Despite their ferocity, they stand no chance against the sheer numbers of the united packs, and are slain.
  93. 23/03/13
  95. Taima and Datura meet again in the most eeriest of places on the other side of the Mountain of Dire. They learn that they were both led into the Spectral Woods by two different identities, and as they venture onward together, they begin to wonder if their reunion happened out of pure happenstance.
  97. 24/03/13
  99. Datura and Taima continue to wander and accidentally discover an unknown territory.
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,570 posts.

Boardwide Plot 3: Winter Is Coming.

The last of the bright colored autumn leaves has fallen, taking with it the warmth of sunshine. The days grow shorter now—darkness envelops Relic Lore with a chill that rakes much closer to the skin so early in the months of winter than before. The snow has begun already; a myriad of flurries that break in to a light snow and dust the territory grounds.. the accumulation is slow, but already, the depths reach ankle deep.. another record of these lands. The herds scatter further than before.. migration patterns begin to reveal their journey closer to the edges of the Lore.. Winter is coming.

  1. 01/12/13
  2. Waking to ominous storm clouds and facing a wall of snow and ice at either end of their territory Naira, Mapplethorpe, and the wolves of Nomads Pass decide to attempt to escape down to the western territories - driven by the knowledge that should they fail they will face certain starvation.
  3. 07/01/14
  4. Halgen, a lone wolf who has only just stumbled into Relic Lore takes his chances with the wolves of Magnolia Glen and is granted admission to increase his chances of survival.
  5. 08/01/14
  6. Sagacity, a Scout of Hollowheart Keep, and Gent, a pack yearling, decide to try and raid neighboring pack Cut Rock Creek's caches in order to soothe their empty stomachs.
  7. 10/01/14
  8. The starving princes of Willow Ridge - Skoll and Asriel - scrounge around for something to eat but Sköll finds himself spooked by the sound of game, leaving his equally terrified brother behind.
  9. 09/03/14
  10. Hollowheart Keep cubs Aponi and Mercy, after becoming lost amidst the pack hunt and a ruthless snowstorm, stumble close to Cut Rock River territory.
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Boardwide Plot 4: Adventure is Out There.


  1. 00/00/14
  3. Event description & thread link