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History of the Forest — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,800 posts.

History of the Forest.

After the Great Wildfire swept through the Wildwood, Relic Lore was in a state of upheaval and change. The wolves of the former Hidden Tree pack were, despite the harsh demise of their leaders, determined to continue their existence, and made a stance against grief and trauma. And since those first, difficult days, the story has only continued to develop...

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,800 posts.

Timeline of Key Events.

It is through roleplay that the story of Relic Lore moves onwards, and it is here we keep track of the many twists and turns it has taken since its conception.

Year One.

Opening — July 28th 2011.

  1. 25/07/10
  2. A summer storm causes the Wildwood to ignite and vicious fire rip through large portions of the forest, destroying the pack's home that lived there.
  3. 28/07/10
  4. The survivors of the pack that was destroyed form a new pack, Swift River, when they realize that their home and leaders had perished.
  5. 03/08/10
  6. A new pack is formed in the Mountains claiming the Midnight Plateau as their home. The founder is Honijo, the oldest remaining member of the destroyed pack.
  7. 01/09/10
  8. The water in Relic Lore begins to disappear, leaving animals dehydrated, sick, and panicked. The cause of this depletion is a mystery.
  9. 12/09/10
  10. Ruiko of Swift River calls a pack meeting when their leader goes missing. However, the meeting takes a turn for the worst when Ioni, a pack subordinate, attempts to overthrow the leadership with the help of a lone wolf. Indru re-appears, and Ioni is banished from the pack.
  11. 29/10/10
  12. As the water completely vanishes from the land, Indru of Swift River gathers the pack and leaves Relic Lore. Ruiko and Kinis stay behind, and the pack must be reformed.
  13. 30/10/10
  14. Midnight Plateau's leader, Honijo, has disappeared from the lands, leaving Alexander to take over.
  15. 30/11/10
  16. Relic Lore's water supply returns after Alexander and Amélie dislodge a large boulder from the land's main water source on the Mountain of Dire.
  17. 07/01/11
  18. Indru is the first of the Tainn siblings to return to Swift River after the water has returned. He is greeted by a dominant Ruiko, and tension begins to build as the pack's original founder submits to his brother as leader.
  19. 17/01/11
  20. Indru comes across Weldering, the lone wolf who helped the failed attempt for Ioni to take over. He is met with vicious threats, and Indru and Triell chase the lone wolf from the Swift River borders just as Ruiko appears upon the scene. Ruiko’s later investigation of Weldering’s whereabouts comes up empty, and it seems the lone wolf has left Relic Lore.
  21. 02/02/11
  22. Indru brings a stranger to the borders of Swift River by the name of Corinna. Ruiko approves but is suddenly put off as his brother makes a claim over her. A challenge between the brothers ensues; however, neither Ruiko nor Indru back down. Instead Ruiko steps aside and makes his leave of Swift River, allowing Indru to become the new leader. Kinis travels with the estranged Ruiko.
  23. 13/03/11
  24. Borden and Jaysyek of Midnight Plateau part ways with the wolves of the Mountain of Dire and form a new pack with their followers in the heart of Cedarwood Forest, claiming a land called Grizzly Hollow.
  25. 10/05/11
  26. Grizzly Hollow welcomes their first litter, born to Borden and Jaysyek.
  27. 13/05/11
  28. The wolves of Midnight Plateau welcome two pups but pack leader Amélie, Alexander's mate, has mysteriously disappeared. In the wake of her absence the mountainside is invaded by a disgruntled mountain lion. In attempt to save his newborn children, Alexander risks his life and both he and the cougar plummet from the heights of Mount Dire. The pack is disbanded while Angier and Vlarindara become temporary guardians to the orphaned pups.
  29. 18/05/11
  30. The next generation of Tainns are born to Indru and Corinna of Swift River.
  31. 18/05/11
  32. Tensions run high as the members of Grizzly Hollow try to maintain order. Vlarindara attempts to regain entry into the pack and is met at the borders by Kiche, who holds a grudge against her from a previous encounter. As victor of the match Kiche successfully drives her away.
  33. 31/05/11
  34. After days of grieving and deciding what to do, Angier and Vlarindara bring the pups of Midnight Plateau to Grizzly Hollow to ensure their survival.
  35. 05/07/11
  36. Prosper, one of the five Grizzly Hollow pups, goes missing and ends up on Swift River territory. He is returned back to Cedarwood Forest on one other occasion but soon vanishes altogether on a supposed third escapade.
  37. 14/07/11
  38. One of Grizzly Hollow's leaders, Borden, goes missing.
  39. 17/07/11
  40. Vlarindara returns to Grizzly Hollow after disappearing once more, striving to obtain her former rank as Second; Elettra manages to keep her position and Vlarindara suddenly disappears again.
  41. 20/07/11
  42. Indru disappears from Swift River, and in turn, the other members of the pack slowly disperse. Corinna is left to raise three whelps by herself.
  43. 28/07/11
  44. Relic Lore celebrates its first birthday.
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Year two.

29th July 2011 — 28th July 2012

  1. 18/08/11
  2. Ruiko visits Swift River to welcome his nephews and niece to the world when he comes across a ragged Corinna. Realizing the leader has been abandoned by her pack and family, the male swears to temporarily join the pack and help the pack regain its strength and raise the pups. Triell makes his return, while Kinis and Volkan follow Ruiko.
  3. 24/08/11
  4. Indru of Swift River returns injured to his pack to meet with a weary and angered Corinna, finding out the hardships she had gone through since his disappearance. Marsh returns as well, taking his place as Second.
  5. 09/09/11
  6. With Indru's homecoming, the Swift River wolves band together once again upon the announcement of a pack meeting. Introductions are made and bonds are reforged as the pack agrees to help raise the pups and brace themselves for the changing of the seasons… though tension still brews between Corinna and Borlla.
  7. 10/09/11
  8. Having Borden and her son gone for over two months Jaysyek meets up with Raigo and Elettra to decide the fate of Grizzly Hollow. With four mouths to feed in addition to their own and one other pack member, they settle upon their best interest to do whatever is possible and opt to prepare for winter.
  9. 22/09/11
  10. Grizzly Hollow’s numbers begin to re-build as old members Kiche and Aisling return to the pack.. but something seems different about them.
  11. 05/11/11
  12. Sometime after Prosper's body is discovered, Theo of Grizzly Hollow falls victim to a rattlesnake after attempting to protect his sister, Trisden, on one of her adventures.
  13. 09/11/11
  14. Borden returns to Grizzly Hollow after an exhaustive search for his first-born son, Prosper. He turns up empty-handed and very much unlike the leader he used to be. Jaysyek lets him back into the pack as their lowest.
  15. 13/11/11
  16. Once more Vlarindara attempts to return to Grizzly Hollow, and when denied, challenges Jaysyek. Being wakened from a life alone, Vlarindara loses and flees.
  17. 03/01/12
  18. After Ruiko found himself a mate sharing his dream of a pack, he, Kinis and Volkan take their leave of Swift River. A few days later, Copper Rock Creek is founded near the Secluded Spring.
  19. 10/02/12
  20. One of Swift River's leaders, Indru, goes missing.
  21. 26/02/12
  22. Jaysyek calls a meeting for the wolves of Grizzly Hollow, and announces that Kade is to lead beside her.
  23. 18/03/12
  24. After sudden, intense rains, the river running through Swift River lands floods the Grove, nearly taking young Kisla with it. The old den is destroyed, but in the end everyone makes it through the ordeal alive.
  25. 26/03/12
  26. Rhysis and Naira of Swift River flee once it becomes clear that she has conceived from their breeding a few days prior. However, their retreat is not unnoticed, as Corinna and Ice take up the chase and damn their former pack mates. Later it becomes clear that they took Athena with them as well. With the male half of Swift River's leadership gone and Corinna declining Ice's offer to sire this year's pups, it looks like the pack's only hope of a litter lies in Indru returning. A few days later, the Swift River renegades establish a new pack in the mountains: Poison Path.
  27. 30/03/12
  28. After ascending in rank within Grizzly Hollow time and again over the past few weeks, Borden finally rises to face Kade in order to reclaim his leadership. A deal is struck; Borden vows to become the faithful, steadfast leader he once was and more as Kade is granted his previous role as a pack Guardian.
  29. 10/04/12
  30. Battered but alive, Indru returns to Swift River after a landslide trapped him on the other side of the mountains.
  31. 14/05/12
  32. After Poison Path wolves trespass on Swift River lands on more than one occasion, Marsh gets a piece of one to keep as proof of the transgressions. After driving Vafri out, Marsh and Cali summon the rest of the pack to shed some light on others about what has happened. Swift River and Poison Path are declared as adversaries.
  33. 16/05/12
  34. Ruiko and Aeylen of Copper Rock Creek become proud parents to their first litter — Mirren, Nios, and Vaeta.
  35. 17/05/12
  36. In Grizzly Hollow, Borden and Jaysyek greet their second litter of four: Renier, Ryvet, Taima, and Calla.
  37. 24/05/12
  38. On a night when the stars are falling, Naira gives birth to Poison Path's future — Adonis, Belladonna, Datura and Lilly. Shortly after both parents and two of the cubs disappear.
  39. 25/05/12
  40. Swift River's second litter born to Corinna and IndruAiyana, Torrel, and Rissacomes into the world on a cloudless summer morning.
  41. 28/05/12
  42. On the mountain, it becomes known that some of their members trespassed on Swift River territory. This however is overshadowed by a greater concern, when Athena realizes that Rhysis and Naira are missing. Athena calls a pack meeting to assess their situation, and rises up as the new leader of Poison Path with Kegan by her side.
  43. 11/06/12
  44. Tlarx of Poison Path challenges the current male leader, Kegan, and wins his place to rule by his mate Athena's side.
  45. 19/06/12
  46. Elettra left Grizzly Hollow earlier in the spring and sought shelter in the Drooping Willows, but it was not until much later that she found the male Koda to help her reach her dreams. He steps up to lead beside her, and after a few weeks of searching they find a suitable den. Calling out to the world, they name themselves Willow Ridge.
  47. 28/07/12
  48. Relic Lore celebrates its second birthday.
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Year three.

29th July 2012 — 28th July 2013.

  1. 30/08/12
  2. One day it becomes clear that Swift River's leader, Indru, has disappeared without a word, taking Rihael and young Torrel with him. Heart-broken, Corinna searches the mountain for him but comes back empty-handed. Marsh steps up to lead the pack.
  3. 04/09/12
  4. The shadow of a wolf falls across the Poison Path border, a faint, familiar scent lingering on the ground. Just a little later, Athena unexpectedly runs into her old leader on the mountainside, accepting her back into the pack.
  5. 23/09/12
  6. A patrol of Swift River wolves unexpectedly runs across an old enemy, Rhysis, in the Wildwood, though he seems to have forgotten who they are...
  7. 10/10/12
  8. Ravaged by memories of heartache and loss, Ruiko and Aeylen take their three children and leave Relic Lore. Nina calls the remnants of the pack to a meeting, but as no one is willing to step up and lead, Copper Rock Creek disbands.
  9. 04/12/12
  10. A stranger, Fleetfoot, abducts Swift River's Rissa and takes her east. About a day later, Aiyana returns with the news. A search party consisting of Ice, Jessie and Fenru sets out to the north, tracking her her east, across the mountains. Descending in a forest they find the thing which they feared the most: Rissa's mangled body. It is beyond doubt that something bad has come to haunt Relic Lore...
  11. 30/12/12
  12. As Tlarx disappears from Poison Path, Ash steps up to lead.
  13. 01/01/13
  14. A mysterious group of wolves gather at the Underground Sea in Riddle Heighs.
  15. 03/01/13
  16. Discontent to remain under her former Second's rule, Naira brings her new-found friends to Poison Path's doorstep and demands her children, Belladonna and Datura, to be handed back to her. Swift River's Triell is there, attempting to act as a mediator, and eventually Naira gets to leave with her children. They head up to the Mountain of Dire, and sing to the skies of Nomad's Pass.
  17. 04/01/13
  18. Troubled by the many dead critters and animals fleeing west, Grizzly Hollow's leader Borden brings his brother Angier on a search into the Wildwood to find its cause. Instead they find Ice from Swift River, who is wondering about the same thing.
  19. 04/01/13
  20. One of the mysterious new wolves in Relic Lore has left a disturbing present in the Wildwood.
  21. 05/01/13
  22. Destin and Sibyl, two wolves from Grizzly Hollow, find a rabid fox hiding out in a cave. More animals across the Lore keep dying from the sickness, which seems to have come from the east.
  23. 06/01/13
  24. After having agreed to abandon Relic Lore, Jaysyek and Borden of Grizzly Hollow call their pups together and lets them know the plans. Shortly thereafter, the wayward Taima disappears together with a stranger who promised her a kingdom.
  25. 08/01/13
  26. Since her old pack disbanded, Nina was never quite satisfied with things. Earlier in the winter she asked her friend, Sloane, to act as her co-leader in an upcoming pack, as her own mate, Koda, ruled by Elettra's side in Willow Ridge, and Sloane's own girl, Narimé, was not yet old enough to start a family of her own. Gathering her old friends, and some news ones, she and Sloane finally make their claim on a piece of forest in the Thicket of Secrets, becoming known as the Secret Woodlands.
  27. 13/01/13
  28. The lone wolf Anne has a run-in with a somewhat deranged wolf from the east. As the stranger loses his patience and attacks her, she becomes the first wolf in the west to contract the deadly disease.
  29. 22/01/13
  30. Willow Ridge's member Kanosak also runs afoul the demented stranger, Slimtail from Aniwaya Woods, and in a struggle witnessed by Kiche he, too, gets bitten. Knowing it to be bad, Kiche returns home to tell Elettra the bad news. She calls her pack together to let them know of the danger.
  31. 27/01/13
  32. The return of a former member, Ren, sparks a challenge for leadership between the current leader of Swift River, Marsh, and his trusted friend, Ice, who manages to wrestle the position from him.
  33. 09/02/13
  34. Kanosak of Willow Ridge frightens the Nomad's Pass pup Datura straight into the arms of the devil himself: Slyscar.
  35. 26/02/13
  36. With spring approaching, the leaders of Secret Woodlands feel the need to settle their own hierarchy at a pack meeting. Nina's mate, Koda, has come to the pack, and as none object he rises to lead beside her, demoting Sloane.
  37. 01/03/13
  38. After having sent messengers to all packs, Elettra of Willow Ridge does something previously unheard of: she calls the packs together to hold a meeting and discuss the threat from the east. As they all share what they know regarding the rogue wolves and the disease Swift River's Ice urges them all to war, and declare that those who wish to hunt the murderous easterners down gather at the Bramble Falls in two days time.
  39. 02/03/13
  40. Because of Elettra having forbidden other wolves but her to breed in Willow Ridge, the subordinates Shade and Rosealia elope.
  41. 04/03/13
  42. From all over they come to risk their lives, gathering under Ice's command at the Bramble Falls. Unbeknownst to them, the loner Cisco is already fighting the disease-ridden Slimtail, sacrificing his own life for theirs. As the wolves of the Lore come to Aniwaya's home turf the two remaining members, Fleetfoot and Slyscar, reveal themselves. Despite their ferocity, they stand no chance against the sheer numbers of the united packs, and are slain.
  43. 13/03/13
  44. Sloane, formerly leader of Secret Woodlands, and his mate Narime have finally gathered the courage and followers needed to start their own pack. Seeking out the sheltered caverns which she once fell into they create their legacy: Whisper Caverns.
  45. 23/03/13
  46. The two abducted children, Datura and Taima, find themselves lost together in a strange forest, and wander aimlessly trying to figure things out.
  47. 23/03/13
  48. Grizzly Hollow's former leader, Borden, returns after relocating his family, to look for his missing daughter. Having spent more than two weeks away, the pact he made with his former Second, Kade, goes into effect, and the black wolf steps up as the new leader of the Hollow together with his mate, Ava.
  49. 05/04/13
  50. Worried about their missing child Datura, Naira and Mapplethorpe of Nomad's Pass search for them in Red Fern Forest. Finding a trail, Mapplethorpe follows them further and further south.
  51. 06/04/13
  52. Following a previous conversation, Ice and Corinna of Swift River summon their pack to declare that they will be moving away from all the heartache in the Sacred Grove. Many days later, after a long journey across the Serpent, a new legacy is formed in the Spectral Woods: Oak Tree Bend.
  53. 15/04/13
  54. Finally, after ten days on the move, Mapplethorpe comes across Taima, and questions her about Datura's whereabouts. After making Thorpe swear an oath of loyalty to her she calls for Datura, and the three of them return home to Nomad's Pass.
  55. 15/04/13
  56. Wishing to break away from their past, Kade and Ava call the remnants of Grizzly Hollow to a meeting, announcing their intent to leave. Followed by Destin, Maksim and Sibyl they later claim a portion of the Secret Falls known as Darkwater Rapids.
  57. 28/04/13
  58. Phineas came to understand earlier in spring that Elettra of Willow Ridge would not return his affections. Instead, he turned to his newly-made friend Borlla, and found her of a similar dream. They bred and gathered wolves, eventually traveling across the Serpent and finding their home: Magnolia Glen.
  59. 01/05/13
  60. As Rhysis goes missing from Nomad's Pass, Naira promotes Mapplethorpe in his stead.
  61. 02/05/13
  62. Naira gives birth to two girls, Aponi and Nova, up in Nomad's Pass. But who is the father – Rhysis, or Triell?
  63. 03/05/13
  64. Far away from her homeland of Nomad's Pass, Sagacity gives birth in secret to a single child, sired by Rhysis.
  65. 04/05/13
  66. Deep in the night, Ava brings forth the four children of Kade and Darkwater Rapids: Mace, Rowan, Quil and Cinder.
  67. 04/05/13
  68. Nina and Koda greet the first pups of Secret WoodlandsAshton, Tacoma and Danica.
  69. 06/05/13
  70. Ashanti of Secret Woodlands gives birth to a single child: Bane, sired by Slyscar.
  71. 07/05/13
  72. Rosealia gives birth to Karpos and Adsila on the other side of the mountains. The father, Shade, is reunited with them, together with one of his new recruits, Capella.
  73. 08/05/13
  74. Elettra of Willow Ridge gives birth to three pups – Asriel, Skoll, and Morganna – on a dark night. Oddly enough, their father is the low-ranked Kiche.
  75. 12/05/13
  76. Earlier in spring, Athena of Poison Path fell for the stranger Eden. However, he disappeared before he had the chance to meet his own cubs, Elliot and Aphrodite. Ash raises them instead.
  77. 14/05/13
  78. Sagacity returns to Nomad's Pass with her bastard child in tow, and lies to Naira and Mapplethorpe about who he is. They accept the story and the cub, and he is named Mercy.
  79. 14/05/13
  80. Three children, by the names of Malia, Titan, and Yuka, are born to Narime and {Sloan} in Whisper Caverns.
  81. 16/05/13
  82. Magnolia Glen greets its first generation one sunny day in the form of Kyros and Hypatia. Phineas and Borlla are the proud parents.
  83. 26/05/13
  84. Corinna brings her third litter, and Oak Tree Bend and Ice's first, into the world – two boys, Serach and Sceral.
  85. 12/06/13
  86. Dissatisfied with Guiness as the male leader of Willow Ridge, Angier challenges him for the position – and wins.
  87. 13/06/13
  88. As the wolves of Oak Tree Bend are greeting their pups for the first time, Triell returns bearing news of Marsh's demise – news which breaks Ice's heart and causes him to flee the scene, and sometime later, the packlands too. Triell steps up to lead in his place.
  89. 27/06/13
  90. After a hard summer, and being ousted of their erstwhile location by Oak Tree Bend's Fenru, the wolves led by Shade finally find their own home, and call themselves Pitch Pine Trail.
  91. 15/07/13
  92. Finding one of Poison Path's children on the mountain, Naira of Nomad's Pass sees her chance for revenge, intending to lead the girl onto enemity territory – but she founds the Sacred Grove abandoned and Swift River gone. As Aphrodite falls asleep, Naira abandons her. However, Tokino of Whisper Caverns finds her, and brings her home.
  93. 28/07/13
  94. Relic Lore celebrates its third birthday.
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Year four.

29th July 2013 — 28th July 2014.

  1. 05/08/13
  3. Anastasia had previously led Pitch Pine Trail, but when their Second, Spectre, asks for the position, she steps down and hands it over.
  5. 06/08/13
  7. On a whim, Shade abandons Pitch Pine Trail and travels west over the mountains. Elettra of Willow Ridge finds him near the Lagoon and gravely wounds him, leaving him knowing he will die. A few days later, after having made his way back home, he passes away, and Spectre steps down in mourning. Anastasia becomes leader once more, together with Ace.
  9. 10/08/13
  11. Athena abandons Poison Path to search for her missing child, Aphrodite. The trail leads to Whisper Caverns. Exhausted, Athena collapses, but the pack takes her in and cares for her. Following the departure of their leader, Poison Path slowly crumbles and disbands, and what happens to the other pup, Elliot, remains unknown. Aphrodite is later kidnapped by an unnamed stranger.
  13. 15/08/13
  15. Following Koda's absence from Secret Woodlands, Hollow steps up in his place.
  17. 15/09/13
  19. Tacoma, one of Secret Woodlands's cubs, dies from a tragic fall.
  21. 22/09/13
  23. One foggy night Magnolia Glen's leader, Borlla, is climbing mountains when she slips and takes a bad fall. She is brought home, but is den-bound, and Lucero steps up to lead in her stead.
  25. 01/10/13
  27. Feeling like Pitch Pine Trail is no longer her home, Anastasia declares to the pack that she and Lachesis are leaving, and later they join Maksim at Darkwater Rapids. Silver steps up to lead in her place. Shortly thereafter, the pack disbands.
  29. 02/10/13
  31. Following the disappearance of Kade and Ava, Maksim has stepped up to lead Darkwater Rapids. When a flash flood drives them out of their territory, he leads them back west, back across the mountains. Nearly a month later they find their home close to where they began, calling themselves Cut Rock River.
  33. 09/10/13
  35. Narime abandons her pack, Whisper Caverns, to travel east.
  37. 06/11/13
  39. One of Whisper Cavern's pups, Titan, gets lost in the forest, but is found by Maksim, who takes him home to Cut Rock River.
  41. 19/11/13
  43. Minka calls Whisper Caverns to a meeting. With Narime still over the mountains she decides to step up as the pack's leader, and also sheds light on the fact that Titan has been missing for some time.
  45. 26/11/13
  47. Intending to simply make a peace bargain with the new pack, Minka of Whisper Caverns travels north to Maksim and Cut Rock River. They make an alliance, and their missing boy Titan, who had been staying with Maksim, comes home with them.
  49. 01/12/13
  51. For the survival of the pack, Naira and Mapplethorpe of Nomads Pass – successfully – lead their members through their territory and down the Mountain in attempt to beat the onslaught of an impending blizzard that threatens to hold them captive on the sierra. They, with a few other rogue wolves, eventually break free to cross into the eastern tree line of Ghastly Woods.
  53. 14/12/13
  55. After traveling for nearly two weeks, Naira and Mapplethorpe come to a halt upon a battlement of snow-covered rocks deep within the Ghastly Woods. Here, the Nomads Pass pack rebuilds itself as the wolves of Hollowheart Keep.
  57. 16/12/13
  59. Some innocent winter play between cubs goes horribly awry... Malia and Titan from Whisper Caverns are playing with Asriel from Willow Ridge when the unthinkable happens – Malia falls through the ice and dies, with only Asriel as a witness.
  61. 17/12/13
  63. Opportunistic and desperate as the winter firms its grip on them, Sagacity runs off the loner Frost and calls Hollowheart Keep to a hunt, as a family of deer has been spotted.
  65. 20/12/13
  67. With Sloane missing, the newly accepted male Ash steps up as leader of Whisper Caverns.
  69. 23/12/13
  71. Secret Woodlands finds one of its members, Liam, frozen to death in the snows.
  73. 30/12/13
  75. A howl for Magnolia Glen's leader Lucero turns out to be Borlla's challenges for leadership; Borlla comes out victorious, and reclaims her place by Phineas's side.
  77. 31/12/13
  79. Starved by the harsh winter Semananti, previously of Willow Ridge, isn't strong enough to stave off the infection in her wounds. She passes away on the pack's borders.
  81. 08/01/14
  83. Winter claims another victim: Narcissa, a Scout from Willow Ridge.
  85. 11/01/14
  87. Weakened by the harsh winter, Oak Tree Bend's matriarch Corinna succumbs to the cold, leaving her sons without their mother and the pack without a female lead.
  89. 31/01/14
  91. Tragedy strikes Magnolia Glen as one of their cubs, Kyros, goes missing. He's later found dead in the snows, claimed by the severe winter.
  93. 20/02/14
  95. Tension is brewing in Whisper Caverns as Minka tells Narime of her plans to leave with Tokino, and hopefully Inali too. Ash overhears the conversation and is not pleased. It only helps to fuel Minka's desire to leave.
  97. 24/02/14
  99. Minka calls Whisper Caverns to a meeting, intending to announce her plans for departure in spring. Ash does his best to disrespect and discredit her.
  101. 02/03/14
  103. To further assert himself as the leader of Whisper Caverns, and to undermine Minka, Ash calls for his mate, Namara, and breeds with her – with permission from Narime, but certainly not from Minka.
  105. 16/03/14
  107. Troubled by illness and an ache in her back Skana goes for a walk through Willow Ridge – but it ends unexpectedly in her death, caused by kidney failure.
  109. 20/03/14
  111. A late blizzard separates Hollow from Secret Woodlands, leaving Miccah to take his place.
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Year five.

29th July 2014 — 28th July 2015.

  1. Jul. 29th
  3. Tensions run high when the wolves of Cut Rock River discover one of their own, Orren, has been discovered by Narimé and Namid of Whisper Caverns.
  5. FEB 7 2015
  7. It would seem that the old grudge between Willow Ridge and Grizzly Hollow still remains when Borden's son, Rook comes to collect his puppy love Quil Attaya Lyall from Elettra's lands.
  9. MAR 3 '15
  11. Aponi, the long lost princess of Nomads Pass and Hollowheart Keep, returns to the Mountain of Dire with a scheme. She calls upon Phineas Argyris and pleads for admittance into his pack, Silent Moon Plateau.
  13. Apr. 26, 2015
  15. test one-liner with link.
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